lost lands 4 walkthrough

Once you have returned to the halfling settlement, click on the pulley system to the left and insert the Wooden Gear. Place the Easel and the mirror in front of the blanket to the right. Congratulations! Place the FLASK OF LAKE WATER (B); receive a POTION FLASK. Collect the Shovel, which is located next to the Magical Blue Orb. Take the BLACKTHORN BERRIES and BLACKTHORN TWIG (F). Solution: Ex4-Ix2-G-I-Gx5-F-G-F-G-F-Gx2-F-Hx5-G-Fx4-Jx2. As the champion of the Lost Lands…

Take the TONGS (X), select the wrench (Y), and remove a blade (Z). Place the RAG on the GLASS; receive the HANDMADE MIRROR. Retrieve the Boreskin, the Ram, and you use your Knife to cut the rope. Place the GOLDEN CLAW CASTING (V). Use the Glove in order to connect the Crystal. It can be used to open a box which reveals an Amulet. Place the Tower Figurine onto the shelf on the right of the room. Use the ENCHANTED HORSESHOE GLOVE for a CHAIN-MAIL FISH (Y). Click on the blanket to retrieve the Lantern Potion Recipe. Remove soil twice; take the DYNAMITE (Y).

Give the LEATHER ROLL and SUNGLASSES (H); receive a SLIDING BOLT KEY. Place the piece of wood (B). Place the STONE CROWN (Z), STONE BOOK (A), and STONE SICKLE (B); take the SKULL (purple). Take STONE 3/5 (W). You can use the Scissors to cut the Angel Figurine free from the net. Rotate the Discs in the correct positions to solve the puzzle. Find all of the items and complete the puzzle to collect the Stone Chip. Open the drawer, move the cloth; take the FULL OIL CAN (P) and CANDLE (Q). Collect the Phoenix Feather and return to the tower. Maaron hands you a Rune so that you can teleport between locations. Hidden-object puzzles are referred to as HOPs. Take (Q), then place the PIECE OF PATTERN (R). Place the WOODEN CUBE and take the FIGURINE (D). You have returned the realm to safety and stopped the Four Horsemen.

Take the BUCKET (I). Use the FISH and SHARP KNIFE (N); receive the MOLLUSK. Welcome to the Lost Lands 4 The Wanderer Walkthrough & Guide, we will help you solve every puzzle, mystery, secret and Chapter available in the game, Part 1 At Home – Lost Lands 4 The Wanderer.

Replace the bush with the YOUNG ROSE BUSH; use the BLESSED WATER. Use the Oil Can to lubricate the Rusty Crank. This is the official guide for Lost Lands: The Wanderer. Take (G), then place the STEERING WHEEL (H). Click on the carpet in front of the fireplace and remove the nails with the Hammer. You will then be transported to a new location. The evil Four Horseman have returned to destroy the Lost Lands! Place the CANDLE (P); receive the LIT CANDLE. Speak to the blacksmith (Z); receive a METAL SAW. Give the CHAIN-MAIL FISH (Z). This guide does not show screenshots of the HOPs, however, it is mentioned when a HOP is available and the inventory item collected. Talk to the Captain (R); receive the KEY. Click on the mechanism gear and then retrieve the Lever. Once you have found everything, you will recieve a Weight. Place the Lens into the telescope and return to the Fire’s Dwelling. Use the METAL BRUSH (L); receive a FLASK OF SOOT. Place the PHOENIX FEATHER and POWDER OF FLYING (M). Your inventory is located at the bottom of the screen. Place the Stone of Fire into the statue to the right and return to Maaron’s Cottage. Insert both Triangle Pieces into the box to reveal a Stopcock. Take the LOCK PICK and note (K); receive the RECIPE. Place the BRACKETS (D). Öffne die Klappe. A short video will play, and then Maaron will appear. Pull out the tree (N) and bag (O); open the bag.

Select 2x (F). Place the Handle under the trap door below and click on it. Avoid Lost Lands 4 (free to play) hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. Place, then select SOLIDUS'S CURSED KNUCKLES (D). Retrieve the ladder and position it onto the wall. Once you collect the item, a short clip will play. Place the FLASK FOR BLACK PAINT (K). Luckily, a hero has arisen to save the realm from destruction, and that hero is you! Add the FISHING NET for a GLUE-COVERED NET. Use your Knife to cut the Leather Sack free from the pull handle. Place the HALF-ECLIPSE TILE and FULL-ECLIPSE TILE (A).

Lost Lands – The Four Horsemen – Pattern Fragment. Remove the cap, place the FULL JERRY CAN and replace the cap (I). Place the SAPPHIRE SYMBOL (H); take the KEY (I). Once you have completed the minigame, click on the Ship’s Wheel. Retrieve the Gear from the base of the statue. Slide the drawer in, then out. Throw the meat to the hungry wolf, retrieve the Step and the Trough. Uncover and take the SCRAPER (T). Go forward. Use the BLACKSMITH'S PINCERS (R) for a NIPPER WITH A CAST. Lost Lands 4 (free to play) tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. Receive STONE FEATHERS 5/6. Place the Rune into the rock to the left.

Then take the long club, remove 3 items and turn left. Receive a CAMERA. Place the Medallion into the head of the statue. Use the WHALE OIL and enter the correct code (B). We've got you covered with complete gaming instructions, paired with our beautifully marked custom screenshots, so you'll never have to wander the lost lands in frustration, looking for a way out of your current predicament. Use the TURNING POTION (R); you receive the KEY. Use the FISHING NET (L); select the net and take the FISH and SNOWFLAKE (M). Remove dirt; place the ALCOHOL-SOAKED CLOTH (orange). Click on the Box near the top left of the boat. Remove the blanket and play the HOP (L); receive the BLUNT KNIFE. Move the carpet.

Take Manuscripts 22/28 (E). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use the SPOON for a BOILED EGG. https://www.mejoress.com/en/lost-lands-4-the-wanderer-walkthrough-guide Attach the Flywheel to the mechanism and click on it. Open the compartment (W); use the BRUSH (X). Retrieve the Leather, Rope, and Two Steps. Lost Lands – The Four Horsemen – Monk Figurines. Combine the HOOK'S BLADE and HAMMER for a HOOK (Inventory). Also, give the Boar Skin to the centaur as well. Our Lost Lands The Four Horsemen Walkthrough will provide the backup you're going to need as you attempt to track down and face these nefarious horsemen who are searching for the key that will allow them to control parallel worlds! Take the 'METRONOME' TILE and TWEEZERS (M). Click on the Corkscrew and the Bowl in order to add them to your inventory.

Move to the next area, and collect the mechanism Gear and Brush.

Place the WEIGHT (K) to acquire the HANDLE. Create arrows using Leather and Feathers. For more great tips and tricks, visit our blog!


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