list of toponymic surnames

Niemec means ‘German’ in Polish which could mean that this surname migrated to Poland and refers to people who came from Germany. Maliszewski. var query =; Ever wondered about how Poland got its name? It is an ethnic name for ‘Russian’ and refers to people who migrated from Russia to Poland. This is a toponymic Polish family name referring to people belonging to any of the various places called Rutki in Poland. In this post, MomJunction shares a compilation of 100 Polish last names with their meanings, variants, and origin. Starek is derived from the word ‘stary’ meaning ‘old.’ This name originated as a nickname and later evolved into a surname. It originates from the name Kasper/Kacper, which originates from an ancient Persian word ‘Gizbar.’ Gizbar means a ‘treasurer.’. Furrows are grooves made in the soil with a plow before planting the seeds. Fabian was also the name of a popular 3rd century Pope. This category is for surnames that are derived from toponyms. This Polish surname is derived from the word ‘malina’ which means ‘raspberry.’ Malinowski could also be the toponymic family name of the people belonging to places whose name starts with ‘Malinów,’ which means ‘missing.’, Maly originated as a last name from the Polish word for ‘small.’. (previous page) A. Abberton (surname) Acland; Acton (surname) Adamthwaite; Adeney (surname) Adlington (surname) Adney; Adshead; Adwell (surname) Ainsworth (surname) Alderton (surname) Aldridge (surname) Alnwick (surname… Kedzierski is derived from ‘kedzior,’ which in Polish means a ‘lock of hair.’ Kedzierski is a nickname often given to ‘curly-haired’ people, and the word eventually evolved into a Polish surname. This last name refers to a ‘rock’ and denotes that the first bearer of this surname likely lived around a prominent rock. A toponymic last name for someone who belongs to any of the various places called Sokolow in Poland. Polish toponymic surnames have the influence of ‘ski’ ‘cki’ or ‘dzki’ meaning ‘of’ or ‘belong to.’ The usage of ‘ski’ or ‘cki’ is the most identifiable pattern of Polish family names. It is derived from the Polish word ‘maj,’ meaning the month of May.

} This last name refers to ‘parsnip,’ a root vegetable similar to carrot. This is a toponymic Polish surname referring to the name of the city called Krakow in Poland. Sharma. Abreu. This Polish toponymic last name is derived from the name of several towns named Zduny.

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This Polish surname is derived from the Latin word ‘Paulus,’ referring to ‘small’ or ‘little.’. Bartosz is the Polish form of Bartholomew, which refers to ‘Son of Talmai’ or ‘Son of Furrows.’ Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

It means ‘foreman’ or a ‘leader’ in Polish. any usage Danish Dutch English French German Irish Italian Jewish Norwegian Portuguese Scots Scottish Spanish Swedish Welsh Aquino – Spanish, Portuguese, Italian origin last name referring to someone from a place called Aquino. Paasikivi (surname) Paczkowski Padewski Padovano Pardo (surname) Poelman Poels Pokrajac Fabian is derived from the word ‘faba,’ which means a ‘bean’ in Latin. Flores – Meaning Flower.

One was to link the nobility to their places of origin and their feudal holdings and provide a marker of their status, while the other relates to the growth of the burgher class in the cities, partly via migration from the countryside.

The occupational surname means ‘fish,’ and refers to fisherman or sellers of fish. The Top 100 Names in England and Wales 1924. Jaskolki is itself derived from the word ‘Jaskolka,’ which means the bird swallow in Polish. 100% (1/1) For example, Maliszewski is a toponymic surname associated with one of the places in Poland … It originated from a nickname for a sly person since Lis refers to the animal ‘fox’ in Polish. There are, in fact, more than 45,000 British family names that have a distinct meaning and fascinating story attached to them.


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