list of philadelphia school superintendents

[88] In 2009–10, the Philadelphia School District received $20,512,350 to provide preschool to 2,406 children. [28][27], "Holding students and their parents and teachers hostage in an effort to gain additional funding is certainly bold but not very wise", commented Representative Dwight Evans, Democratic chair of the House Appropriations Committee and prime architect of the takeover bill. The second case, a civil rights suit filed in Federal District Court, by the district, the city, and other interested parties, contended that the state's funding practices discriminated against school districts with large numbers of non-White students; the School District of Philadelphia was a key complainant in this case. As of 2007 the company had not delivered the promised improvements. 2 on the list is the head of the Philadelphia City School District, which numbers about 200,000 students. All Pennsylvania school districts also receive additional funding from the state through several other funding allocations, including Reimbursement of Charter School Expenditures; Special Education Funding; Secondary Career & Technical Education Subsidy; PA Accountability Grants – $47,495 to Camp Hill in 2010; and Educational Assistance Program Funding., "To Help the Kids, Parents Go Back to School", "Philadelphia School District Considers Selling Million Dollar Art Collection for Cash", "Philadelphia School District Payroll report 2012-2013", "New arguments in legal battle over teacher work rules; PDE and SRC press urgency", "Philadelphia School District Teacher Union Employment Contract 2010", "2009–10 Selected Data – 2009–2010 Total Expenditures per ADM", "Total and current expenditures per pupil in fall enrollment in public elementary and secondary education, by function and state or jurisdiction: 2006–07", "Montgomery County lawmaker proposes using Pa. horse racing funds for education", "Pennsylvania Education funding by Local School District", "SB1466 of 2012 General Fund Appropriation", "Basic Education Funding 2011–2012 Fiscal Year", "PA Basic Education Funding-Printout2 2010–2011", "Funding Allocations by district 2009–10", "Governor's Budget Proposal 2009 Pennsylvania Department of Education Budget Proposal 2009", "Accountability Block Grant Mid Year report", "Applicants of PA Pre-K Counts for FY 2008–2009", "Governor Rendell Announces Grants for 'Pre-K Counts' Early Childhood Initiative", "Pennsylvania PreK Counts End of Year Report 2009-10", "Pre-K Counts Report on Program Operations For Fiscal Year 2011–12", "What Exactly Is 'High-Quality' Preschool? [17], Enrollment in the city's charter schools was 60,774 students (December 2013). Called Science: It's Elementary, the program was a hands on instruction approach for elementary science classes that develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills. [24] An analysis determined that increased district spending was limited by a state system which relies heavily on property taxes for local school funding. Pennsylvania's top-paid public school administrator makes almost $320,000 a year to oversee a district with less than 8,000 students. District opened two manual training high schools ; Superintendents. This was a $78,225,094 increase over 2008–2009 BEF. "Blacks in Philadelphia." The median male superintendent earned $65.91 for every student in his district. We have three schools: Philadelphia Elementary, grades pre-kindergarten through six; Philadelphia Middle School, grades seven and eight; and Philadelphia High School, grades nine through twelve. The district used the funding to provide Full Day kindergarten and preschool funding.

Beginning in 2004–2005, the state launched the Accountability Block Grant school funding. Philadelphia School District will receive $12,101,631 in Ready to Learn Grant dollars in addition to State Basic Education funding, Special Education funding, Accountability Block Grant funding, PreK Counts funding, reimbursement for Social Security payments for employees and other state grants which the district must apply to receive. Which counties have the highest percentage of female superintendents? That’s according to a PA Post analysis of salary records for the leaders of 490 Pennsylvania school districts. We also excluded superintendents if their salary was listed at $12,000 or below, or the job wasn’t listed as their primary assignment. This amount increased up to $12,085 by the year 2008.[78][79]. This program has provided $2 billion to Pennsylvania's school districts. UNITE HERE, the union which represented the laid off workers, helped organize a hunger strike. [92] In 2013, Pennsylvania was awarded a $51.7 million federal grant to fund early learning programs. Rank: 4.

Superintendents and administrators receive a benefit package commensurate with that offered to the district's teachers' union. In 1967, high school students demonstrated in front of the Board of Education building, demanding better treatment, especially for African-American students, and better funding. [75], In 2008–2009 school year, the state Basic Education Funding to the Philadelphia School District was $932,606,246. But if you include those leaders in the analysis, the total results are similar. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community, and particularly our parents, for working hand-in-hand with us to provide our students with the best education possible.


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