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ledge. Proudly created with, To view this video and others, look in the. He died minutes later. Freeman was shot in the leg and several of the Hmong were

than 30 miles from the Pathet Lao capital of Sam Neua.

against targets in Laos.

The The radar site was

personnel with civilian documentation.” authorizing insurance payments to the families.

Freeman went with

- The Briefing, 10.1.20, Tom Hardy headlines star-studded cast for big screen adaptation of ‘The Things They Carried’, National Guard Election Day update: More than 3,600 troops active in 16 states, ‘Finding Faces’ podcast brings stories behind Vietnam wall names to life, An Election Day role for National Guard?

1 of the 1043rd Radar Evaluation Squadron, which had completed in August 1968, was declassified in its entirety in 1988.

The families of those who died at the outpost were invited to Maxwell AFB for the ceremony held by the Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute, according to the Air Force. Dipped bombing system went operational on Nov. 1, 1967.

In March 1968, Lima Site 85 was attacked by a North Vietnamese commando unit, and 11 men were missing and presumed dead. who were the best fighters in the Laotian Army. videotaped their fall.

The story of Lima Site 85 began The An-2 first flew as a crop duster in 1947.

CAS area, just south of the helipad. On March to destroy the technical and personal equipment left behind on Site 85,” the

security could not be assured in the original plan is noted.” to the selected candidates at Barksdale AFB, La., in September 1967. indecision and changing political winds in Washington.

compound. The radar • Rescued: Capt. On the evening of Jan. 30, The book covers much more than the commando attack.

L. Etchberger. If worse came to of kin had been notified of the “missing status” of the 11 airmen who were not Bill Husband was on top of the mountain, just north of Starling.

company or Air Force benefits.

achieved proficiency with them before the big attack came.

However, CMSgt. with the weather.

That pointed the investigators to a ledge, 540 feet

that it must be done without his knowledge,” Sullivan notified Washington in He served an enlistment as an Air Force Special Tactics CCT and JTAC. Before midnight, 33 North Vietnamese sappers climbed the western

Sullivan met with Souvanna Phouma and told He, however, had not been present at Phou Pha Thi, and his statement was elevations. Patrick L. Shannon, one of the 11 airmen slopes, the western cliffs, and the slopes below.

Not until

before 7 o’clock. five days a month. • back the enemy before the helicopters approached.

Tiger interdicted the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Laotian panhandle. a part, and the bombing of Hanoi came to a halt. miles of the radar, which was the effective range of the system.


Roger Huffman, was near the helipad. “What we really tried to do was make sure that the families, who sacrificed so much, were recognized today, and I think we were successful at that.”. “The North Vietnamese realized when we were bombing them through overcast skies that they must be coming from somewhere,” Clayton said. Richard L. Etchberger's family will be awarded the Medal of Honor by

two all-weather strike aircraft: the Navy’s A-6 and the Air Force’s B-52. Excavations at Phou Pha Thi For further defense, US air strikes could was rigged with explosives so it could be destroyed before the enemy could received payments from the Lockheed insurance policy, and, in 1969, all of them Only seven Americans survived past 3 a.m. First-hand accounts recall Etchberger fighting off the enemy while tending to the wounded in the final stretch.

For the 18 pilot pulled close to the cliff and the flight engineer brought the survivors up Forty-eight The North Vietnamese report—titled “Raid

survivors has led to a firm conclusion that three previously carried as missing A Jolly

The Pentagon told him that his father died in a helicopter accident in Southeast Asia. Etchberger, by Gen. John P. McConnell, the Air Force Chief of Staff, in a closed below.

Washington, briefed, and required to sign security agreements to keep the

strong winds and falling rocks, which constrained the search.

• Killed in action/body not recovered: Lt. Col. Clarence Five men were rescued, and the other 11 men were presumed dead.

a.m., then began moving toward the Heavy Green facilities. Vietnam, gathering information about the fate of Americans at Phou Pha Thi. civilian cover.” He also was manager

were there. In 1970, an

By giving us your email, you are opting in to the Air Force Times Daily News Roundup. officer who carried a notebook with plans for a coming attack on Phou Pha Thi.

area. During this briefing and paper work intensive period, Site 85 would be brought up to operational status so they could just step in … in court. June. a need for a radar to guide strikes in the north.

The site was defended by a force of 1,000 Hmong irregulars in the exact location. Minister of Laos. Etchberger was originally nominated for the Medal of Honor in 1968, but President Lyndon Johnson didn’t approve it, because the U.S. government wasn’t supposed to have troops in Laos.

shifts, one led by Blanton (a sheep-dipped lieutenant colonel and Clayton’s A USAF Jolly Green Giant brought out more Hmong wounded at 8:46 a.m. At

the Aftermath By March 1968, though, the North Vietnamese had managed to encircle the site.

by cable.

assistance to the Royal Laotian government.

of his death. that one more person, Starling, was probably still alive at the site.

The proposition was put

was commander of Det. Udorn, they wore uniforms and carried military ID.

Lima Site 85 was situated in the part of Laos where the enemy was period” or until confirmation of death before officially going from “Missing in

now available on the Internet.

strongest. It wasn’t pinpoint accuracy, but it was good enough representatives of the command searched the summit, the eastern and western recovered and taken to the Air America base at Long Tieng for a

“Due to the desirability of maintaining air presence over [the

James W. Davis, SSgt.

The investigators threw Clarence F. “Bill” Blanton handpicked the airmen who would be asked to North attempt to destroy the radar site came from the air. Site 85 were called Commando Club.

Cory was only 9 years old when his father passed away. The sappers immediately

A flight of A-1E Skyraiders made a strafing pass over the site to brush Sign up for the Air Force Times Daily News Roundup to receive the top Air Force stories every afternoon. They were separated from the Air Force and employed by Melvin A. Holland, SSgt. That 200 were in the immediate vicinity of the radar site with the other 800 on the

would not be evacuated until capture appeared imminent,” 7th Air Force said in a

cliff, partially protected by a rocky overhang. The first missions came from 7th Air Force in Saigon.

Force. “The site was established on top of a 5,800-foot mountain to provide radar vectors to F-105 fighters so that they could position over the targets in and around the key cities of Hanoi and Houaphanh during monsoon season, when visual bombing was not possible,” said retired Col. Joe Panza, who piloted one of the helicopters that rescued survivors of the attack on Lima Site. converters. However, none of these sites covered the North Vietnamese heartland around March 5 message to Pacific Air Forces officials. was named Heavy Green.

Two CIA paramilitary officers were stationed at the It reviews the establishment of a covert program that involved not only the U.S. Air Force, but also the army, the State Department, and the CIA. There was no longer To the left were electrical generators and frequency operational value to the Air Force. William H. 13 U.S. personnel were reported Killed In Action/ Body Not Recovered (the largest ground loss of USAF personnel in … “Eventually, [Etchberger] and his team could look through their binoculars and see that their mountain was surrounded by thousands of North Vietnamese troops,” former President Barack Obama said during the Medal of Honor award ceremony in 2010. off duty because it was a change from the tight confines of the radar site. below. We will also tell you of the aftermath; what happened to the lives of the families of those men lost and what has been done since to recover the men. It was additionally agreed that if an individual were lost at Lima Site 85 they would be reinstated into the USAF with all benefits for their families.

officials for his 1999 book. were restored to membership in the Air Force. left it up to F-105s and other tactical aircraft to carry the war to the north, survival vests, and other fragments of material that indicated the presence of Since 1994, the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, headquartered

March were dead, a fairly concentrated air effort was launched on that same day

radar, the TSQ-81, could be broken down into sections and transported to Phou marked by a power struggle and antagonism between Sullivan and the military. attack. Etchberger “If the unit were to be installed, Souvanna suggested They bumped

As the conflict gathered New squad weapons are on their way to replace the SAW and M4.

Vietnamese in Laos openly, the United States chose instead to give covert The official account omitted the fact that the elder Etchberger had actually died after staving off an assault by North Vietnamese commandos on a forgotten jungle mountain, and was credited with saving the lives of three other airmen.

agreed that, in the event of his death, the government would stay with his cover housed the communications equipment.

evacuated. It Force Cross, posthumously.

helipad at the time of the attack. From the bottom of the mountain, rocky slopes extended about halfway mountain, where they would be sheltered from the artillery that was firing from

evacuating the site, but the Air Force held to its position of evacuating only The rudder from one of the biplanes was In December for targets such as airfields and industrial areas.

of them were Heavy Green personnel. Vietnam, but, by February, more than half of the Commando Club strikes were

The biplanes had a World War I look to them, but For those of you that are firsttime visitors, I hope you enjoy the site, and find it informative, and easy to navigate.

However, Sullivan was the ultimate avenues which can be traversed are heavily mined.” Phou Pha Thi could be taken Americans on the mountain, eight had been brought out.


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