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Join the community to add your comment. Earth was captured, terminated and then implanted into Gore. Playmaker refuted Lightning's words, explaining that Kolter knew he'd be blackmailed into fighting him, and he was the one that asked of Playmaker to fight this Duel to preserve justice. Changing his tactics, Shepherd's "Commandrone Double Sniper" gained a counter, then attacked Lightning directly. However, Lightning swore he would not be defeated by an inferior life form, while the Ignis should transcend humanity: the effect caused both of them to be knocked out in defeat.

The "Light Ignis" (光 (ひかり) のイグニス, Hikari no Igunisu), alternatively named Lightning (ライトニング, Raitoningu), is a character and the central antagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Varis avoided the defeat, as 4400 ATK "Magnus Dux" attacked "Borreload eXcharge Dragon", dropping Varis' LP to 600. Regardless, Lightning insulted Playmaker for not being able to protect Kolter, stating that made him void of hope. Both of them used their partners in some ways, but in the process caused their partners to move past their trauma of the Lost Incident, albeit differently: Ai intentionally influenced Yusaku to fight against the Knights of Hanoi and find the Cyberse Deck he created in order to protect him, but in the process, Yusaku was able to grow and move forward with his life. Lightning noted his persistence, as "Battledrone General" went to attack. The Light Ignis calls Ai the wisest of the Ignis, which was why he called on him to help rebuild Cyberse World and take over humanity. Ai turned grim, seeing how manipulative Lightning was, knowing he was supposed to be the leader of the Ignis. Lightning frowned, yet was silent, and Specter assumed he was correct. Kogami. Lightning examined the defense program that was supposed to protect them from such intruders, and found it didn't activate - someone supposedly sabotaged it. Shepherd boldly stated that he didn't make attacks that an AI can predict, but Lightning wondered if there were attacks they could not predict. Lightning also paid 1000 LP for the effect of "Segmentata", to have it, "Decurion" and "Centurion" returned to his deck. With 1400 ATK left, "Judgment Arrows" doubled "Magnus Dux's" ATK, but it was not enough to match the 3000 ATK "Borreload eXcharge Dragon", who destroyed it. Specter summoned "Sunseed Genius Loci" and "Sunseed Shadow", but remarked that he could not summon his Link Monsters. He encountered Lightning reading a data book, who asked him what he saw beyond despair. Advanced Search. As Windy pushed Soulburner into a corner, Lightning expected of him not to let his guard down. Outside the physical form, his body is made of yellow prism-like data and he has darker yellow eyes. Bohman takes Jin and Specter's data from Lightning. The two panicked, since they had no idea what the Ignis were. Lightning is the fifth Ignis to be terminated. Ai became shocked with these words, and asked the point of that. Cheating during the duel with Varis resulted in Jin forgetting his trauma. It was why he created Bohman, to make up for all their flaws. The "Estrangement Dragon" summoned another copy of itself, but on Lightning's field. Moreover, Lightning placed that monster as a Link Spell in his Spell & Trap Zone, and boldly stated he'd show Varis that he's the one walking down the path of doom. Lightning took the data about Jin Kolter from Bohman, who wanted their memories back. Press J to jump to the feed. card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Claiming he would unleash a divine punishment, Lightning used "Judgement Sword". Ai encountered Lightning's form inside Cyberse World, and was told of the future of the Ignis, that if Ai becomes the sole surviving Ignis, he would inevitably cause humanity's extinction.

[22], Specter was not done yet, for he tributed his thrasher to resurrect "Daphne", and used "Sunvine Shrine" to bring "Genius Loci", too.

As noted by Ai, Lightning's schemes were completely selfish, and ironically produced the exact result of him being the sole Ignis responsible for harming both Ignis and Humans that the simulations suggested. Specter became frustrated, as his "Thrasher" was destroyed, too, since it no longer was linked to a "Sunavalon" monster. He found it a shame that Varis was their enemy, whom Windy underestimated. However, in spite of all this, according to Bohman, for all his flaws he was the most human of the Ignis because of his unflinching will to survive and defy what the simulations destined him to become through any means necessary.

A flash of light appeared, stopping the Data Storm, and a guy appeared. As his Xyz Monster went to attack, Varis had "Borreload Dragon" decrease the ATK by 500.[3]. Already a deviant? Lightning's machinations establish him as one of the prime movers of the series after Dr. Kogami, having been the source of the Knights of Hanoi's war against the Ignis, SOL Technologies and Ai becoming an enemy of the human race. [21] Lightning admitted that he underestimated Specter, who broke his Extra Link. I’m so torn on Apollousa. Varis hesitated, while Lightning reminded that Varis once wanted to sacrifice everything to get rid of the Ignis, and tempted him to do so once more. Lightning at first didn't appear as ruthless to his partner to the extent Windy is as he decided to control Jin rather than outright destroy him for his goal. Lightning succeeded in returning "Judgment Arrows", which, upon leaving the field, destroyed most of Specter's monsters: "Daphne" and two "Melias". Playmaker questioned their goals, and was reminded of Ryoken, who told him the Ignis were coded to be humanity's successor. As a Light Ignis, Lightning is an AI with free will and has a degree of control over the Cyberse World and can create Cyberse monsters. Lightning also shows little to no remorse for his fellow Ignis. As Lightning touched his hand, Bohman absorbed him. He placed "Judgment Arrows", and had "Magnus Dux" attack. Lightning was proud of the card he made, "Judgment Arrows", and mocked Varis for being a monkey, as he unable to destroy it. Windy questioned this move, but Lightning told them humans formed bonds to make them stronger. In fact, that fact was not apparent yet, but Varis pointed out that Lightning was not made smart, unlike he currently was. To that, Varis chided Ai for neglecting his own duties. Shepherd demanded a fight, which Lightning promised to give him, but he'd have to bet his life, too; the loser would have to surrender the winner's data, and be turned into a form like Jin Kolter. He was told they needed components, through which they could act; they wanted humans to craft hardware for them, until they could become capable of doing that on their own.

This time, Specter, using "Genius Loci", Link Summoned a "Sunvine Thrasher" to the other Extra Monster Zone, and created an Extra Link of his own. [12], Lightning believed that if Ignis remained as they were, they'd become like humans: they'd eventually fight each other. Lightning was surprised, but was forced to give up his power, too, since it was lesser compared to others' powers combined. Varis smirked, as he didn't expect such an answer, thinking Ai was just following Lightning without any doubt. [2] Lightning ran simulations on how humanity would coexist with the Ignis. Lightning ignored him, and explained to Ai and Flame that he wished to solve problems in a peaceful way.

"Borreload eXcharge Dragon" attacked "Magnus Dux", and Varis used the Quick Effect of "Borreload Dragon" to reduce 500 ATK from "Magnus Dux". Do you think Lightning Storm is going to be printed in the TCG? Lightning also exclaimed he had more ways to deal with that card, and claimed Varis was wasting his time. possibly also battles of legend if past iterations of each set are anything to go off of. When Varis performed a Synchro Summon, Lightning noted that was an unexpected move, which annoyed Windy even more. .

When Ai seemed to be attached to humans, he and Windy don't hesitate to attempt to rewrite him. Lightning storm is safe for now as it got printed recently. Despite this, Varis' LP was halved by the attack. The same tactic was applied to "Battledrone Sergeant", and Lightning's LP was reduced to 1200. The luckiest Yugioh Booster Box opening on YouTube - Starlight Rare Lightning Storm - Duration: 6:17. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. He noticed The Shepherd scanning the network for his presence, and opened a portal, daring Shepherd to venture inside and challenge him. It is the fourth set in the OCG's 11th series, following Blazing Vortex. Lightning's personal belief is that the Ignis are humanity's successors meant to reign supreme with humans under their control, so he controls Jin to serve his own needs. Varis pointed out that its personality was changed. Varis pointed out that Lightning was evil, and should not even exist, and swore to annihilate him.

Using "Primi Ordines" and "Sica", he Link Summoned "Legatus Legionis", then tributed "Scutum" to Special Summon "Galea" from his GY. Bohman, however, noted that Lightning tricked everything and everyone just so he could live, and thought that made him more human than any of the Ignis. Lightning is the mastermind behind the destruction of the Cyberse World after imprisoning Aqua, corrupted Windy, created the two Artificial Intelligences Bohman and Harlin, stole Jin's consciousness, and infected Miyu Sugisaki and Dr. Kogami with two different computer viruses. He has an oval shaped head with two strands pointing in opposite directions. Since they learned Varis and Dr. Kogami tried to destroy them, the Ignis noted that humans had the potential to be their enemies. Required fields are marked *, 7% discount on shopping cart totals over $50, use coupon code, IGAS-EN067S Lightning Storm – Starlight Rare, Be the first to review “IGAS-EN067S Lightning Storm – Starlight Rare”. Lightning frowned, and took his turn. [19], Lightning went to prepare himself with "Armatos Lex", placing "Judgment Arrows" back into his Deck and taking back his "Armatos Legio Gradius". In fact, Lightning had it destroy to have "Legatus Legionis" apply the self-destruct effect to all of Shepherd's cards but "Fortressdrone Beehive", thus clearing his field.

He also lacks the empathy and kindness to humans and Ignis that is evident in Flame, Ai and Aqua since he lacked human instinct and only thought rationally. Declaring his pride as a bounty hunter, Shepherd accepted the terms, which amused Lightning. Lightning was aware of the danger that tree posed, for three times if Specter took damage, he could summon a "Sunvine" monster and reverse the damage, and Specter added he could also negate attacks. Specter was amused that he managed to anger Lightning, who claimed his Extra Link was fragile. Thus, they planned to make a base and put humans into their control. Pictures may show 1st edition but are actually unlimited edition.

Specter remarked that Lightning was going all out, but Lightning, despite having no cards in his hand, continued on. Thus, Lightning decided to make a finishing move to end Varis. As the title suggests I’ve got a play set of Lightning storm, a copy or Apollousa and I:P. What are everyone’s thoughts on any reprints for these cards in the near future? Apollousa and IP have a good shot at a reprint this year though so they might be worth selling (especially if you don't really need them), but no one really knows for sure. Lightning was vary of Specter's monsters, and was why he took these premeasures to seal away his Link Monsters. Windy summoned a Data Storm to absorb Ai, but the latter still wished to find a peaceful way to resolve this, as did Playmaker. Destroy all Spells and Traps your opponent controls.You can only activate 1 "Lightning Storm…

Suddenly, Playmaker and Bohman arrived, which made Varis glad, since he could expose the Light Ignis' crimes to them.


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