lewin's change theory nursing essay

When the behaviors and thoughts of the organization of interest have been successfully transformed, the organization is deemed ready for change. Align these steps to your selected change model or strategy. Nursing Essay

When the restraining factors are dealt with, the group undergoing the process is in a better position to accept the change that is desired. According to Miller et al.

Coch and French (1948) concluded that “rate of recovery when learning a new task is directly proportional to the amount of participation”. Moreover, an organization is at a state of equilibrium if the impact of driving forces equals to that of restraining forces. This paper reports on a change from 6.5 days to 4 days reduction in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients’ length of stay (LOS) in a Tertiary Care University Hospital.

Kurt Lewin’s change theory- regarding patient education upon discharge about disease processes to prevent readmission and empower patients Introduction Planned change is necessary for nursing practice and can help achieve the desired outcomes, but implementing changes is also challenging and there is a need to consider the factors that influence change. The target group requires a well-organized transition in a bid to create a trust that will help in a smooth transition to the new methods. ICU is a consolidated area of a hospital where patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries receive round the clock specialized medical and nursing care. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Focus on Kurt Lewin’s change theory, and contrast it with other classic change …

Fakhry et al (1996) found that “70% of patients with stay longer than 2 weeks reported less than 50% functional recovery”. To prepare: Review Chapter 8 in the course text.

Think about how the change would align with the organization’s mission, vision, and values as well as relevant professional standards. While the changed practice may work initially, it is always important to take a step back and revisit the practice in question later. We are the best nursing essays writing service providing expert help. The last step in the process is the refreeze. The first change theory is Lewin’s Change Theory. How all these are managed with patient flow and activities?

In operation, Lewin explained that the model considers three concepts that are the driving force, restraining force, and the equilibrium.

Huber (2006) shared that “the first stage is cognitive exposure to the change idea, diagnosis of the problem, and work to generate alternative solutions. However, the restraining factors make the process of change difficult and act against the driving forces. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? In a bid to convince the target population, analysis has to be done on the previous practices to bring out the setbacks associated with the previous method and how the proposed method will overcome the said challenges. We provide you with a FREE plagiarism report for all your papers, All our papers are of high quality. Change is inevitable for the reason that it ingrained human lives, core processes and system reforms.

She said she was a “go with the flow” kind of person and just adapted to things as they needed it (V. Mouser, personal communication, 2019). Lewin’s Change Theory in Nursing Informatics. A new method should be able to remain operational until a change is necessary.

Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you. Select one issue as a focal point for this assignment, and consider a change that could be made to address the issue. Monitoring on shift bases by charge nurses and nursing supervisors. The second stage in Lewin’s Theory is the change.

The forces propelling change ought to be stronger than the resistant forces for there to be an effective transition into the second phase of the model (Manchester et al., 2014). Company Registration No: 4964706.

https://bizfluent.com/about-5544426-change-theories-nursing.html. Identify a change model or strategy to guide your planning for implementing the change. This stage is when the new process becomes a standard of practice (Currentnursing.com, 2011).

Driving and restraining forces were studied (Appendix ). Generally, Lewin’s Change Theory is crucial in explaining the process of change in nursing informatics. (2003), “…the total number of hospitals, hospital beds, and inpatient days decreased during the years 1985 to 2000, the number of critical care beds and days in critical care increased dramatically during the same period…”.

Day by day many changes have been observed in health care; associated with disease processes explicitly from prevention to rehabilitation, health care norms and nomenclature, infra structures modifications, policy matters, reengineering and system transformation. Hence to a major extent the daily communication strategy worked out very well and the team was successful to bring about this change. The first theory , the Lewinian Approach, is a Human Relations theory . The personal and professional characteristics, interpersonal competency all these aspects are dependent to an outcome of change.

However, the advancements in information technology change every day and necessitate a well-organized system of change to take care of the fast-changing field.

Both of these theory’s are widely used in nursing and both require nurses that want the change or who are willing to make the change. Furthermore, in several studies (cited in Ryan et al 1997, Wong et al 1999) the mortality of patients with ICU admissions lasting 14 days or longer was estimated to be nearly 50%. Therefore, the incoming personnel should be oriented into the new methods to avoid mishaps that might cost the organizations.

Don't use plagiarised sources.Get your custom essay just from $11/page The application of Lewin’s Change Theory in nursing informatics happens due to the operation of various forces. Sister Callista Roy – nursing theorist. She also understands that the roles change often throughout one’s lifetime and that the nursing care provided needs to adapt or change along with it. Electronic storage has more benefits to an organization that has been struggling to management paperwork, and change is the only option available. Establishing a solid framework for planning and implementing change is a wise move, as it provides a foundation for the extensive coordination that will be needed to successfully facilitate the change. Explain who would be involved in initiating and managing this change. Lewin’s Theory consists of three stages – Unfreezing, change, and refreeze. However, technology has brought in the mail service and mobile phones to replace the letter system.

We don’t share any information with third parties. then it was based on explanation of reason for a change so that individuals understand it. Lewin’s change model. Paper details: Review the following nursing scenario from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: A 60-year-old female is admitted to the ward with a 2-day history of severe left lower abdominal pain and leukocytosis.

There are models available to address organizational change, system revolution, and human transformations which address many other aspects of successful implementation of reforms. All work is written to order. Batras, D., Duff, C., & Smith, B. J.

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The first change theory is Lewin’s Change Theory. For example, convincing a nurse that an electronic method of storage is safer than the traditional filing system is crucial in making the nurse accept the new method. Most traditional practices are based on a lack of the ability to move to new methods and the beliefs that are aimed at protecting the company from the risks that may come with the movement to new practices. This is the step most people would find difficult. An example of practices that may fall under the unfreezing stage is where a documentation system is replaced with an electronic storage system. Lewin’s Theory consists of three stages – Unfreezing, change, and refreeze.

Therefore Heller & Arozullah (2001) identified four key factors for successful program development and achievement and those were: “aligning the program with the strategic goals of the organization; obtaining active senior leadership commitment, including allocated resources; securing the appropriate infrastructure to facilitate integration of recommended actions into daily practice; and setting up systematic communications with all involved stakeholders” (p551).

All you need to do is fill out a short form and submit an order. Increasing the driving factors helps in addressing the challenges of more restraining forces, which may shift the equilibrium towards an undesired direction. Change agent interpersonal competency and expertise (knowledgeable) of the given task was outstanding and hence the monitoring feedback on timely basis -to ensure that all team members is on same wave length wa carried out in a very sposticated manner. The unfreezing stage involves finding ways to overcome such resistance and conformity and introducing the mentality of change to such a group. The term “Nursing Informatics” has been in existence for over four decades, and change is inevitable. (2016). The establishment of support mechanisms is always essential in ensuring that the personnel do not get stranded between transiting from the old methods to the new methods. The hospital already has hourly rounding but she just introduced new paperwork that has to be signed every hour. Secondly, the stage involves decreasing the restraining forces, which are challenging when driving a group towards the desired direction of change. According to Hoda (2008) “length of stay (LOS) may be influenced by the availability of appropriate high dependency units to discharge patients”. Different components of health care depends on one another for assembling such changes in order to produce work like from providers to payers, hospitals to suppliers, education to regulatory bodies and research to professional associations; all these are interlinked to perform function.

Let our team of experienced PhD and MD writers take care of your papers. Daily check at unit and divisional level by bed management coordinator and ICU team. Human relations, 69(1), 33-60. For example, a company may be formed under the belief that, underpaying workers improves productivity by saving on costs. The change was embedded with systemic assessment, planning and implementing standardized strategies for all ICU long stay patients and finally evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of ICU bed utilization with multidisciplinary team approach.


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