leningrad tsoi lyrics english
The car was completely demolished to the point that one of its tires was never found. (Chechen), Deutsch (Norwegian Nynorsk), Livvinkarjala However, in an interview, aired on soviet TV shortly after his death, Tsoi claims that his songs often have been misinterpreted in the public and that he usually avoids political intentions in his poetry. [6] For some time Tsoi studied at a nearby school in Frunze Street, where his mother worked.[7]. (Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography)), буряад (Indonesian), français

He was and remains himself. Able to cause hurt against my own willLike a soccer ball flying across the pitchFrom player to player, from goal to goal -Mom, dad, I don’t want flights like that! You’ll realize what you’re casting off - but it’ll be too late, I see that you’re pitying yourself - well alright, onwards, be brave now After Kino appeared and performed in the 1987 Soviet film Assa, the band's popularity sparked, triggering a period referred to as "Kinomania", and leading to Tsoi's leading role in the 1988 Kazakh new wave art film The Needle. (Dutch), Кыргызча

from солнце: sun • день, дня: day • ослепительный: blinding, dazzling • сон: dream; sleep • группа: group • кровь, и: blood • группа крови: blood type • рукав, a: sleeve • порядковый: adj. This album first showed Tsoi's willingness to approach political topics in his music, something not too many other artists were willing to do. Such menial jobs were often taken by artists of various sorts whose work was not officially sanctioned; in those days, a rock musician like Tsoi could not sell his music through the state-run recording monopoly, nor could he hold concerts at official venues; so, he could not support himself through his music, and so might be inclined to take a job that, while low-paying, would give him enough to get by, while leaving him the free time to write songs.

Kino was beginning to gain a following. (Chuvash), Esperanto 62,000 fans filled the stands to celebrate the triumph of the USSR's most successful rock group. In the diverse Soviet republics, fans translated his originally Russian lyrics into their native languages as well. (Azerbaijani), تۆرکجه

Tsoi moved to Latvia with another member of Kino, Yuri Kasparyan to work on Kino's next album. (Tajik), нохчийн honest discussion of the pros and cons, with a narrator who seems as conflicted

Tsoi began writing songs at the age of 17.

The remaining members of Kino finished and released the Black Album in December. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and has a huge following in the countries of the former Soviet Union even today, as of 2007. There’s things that are an order higher, you hear  However, rock music was not popular with the government, and rock bands received little to no funding and were given little exposure by the media. music genres - not an obvious combination by any means, but one that has worked (Mongolian), norsk nynorsk They were one. 'cinema, film', IPA: ) was a Soviet rock band formed in Leningrad in 1982 and the most popular and influential Soviet band in history.

He kept his old job in the boiler room of an apartment building, this surprised many people. (Romanian), български (Moskva, po kom zvonyat tvoi kolokola? Tsoi said that he enjoyed the work and he also needed the money to support the band, as they still received no government support and their albums were copied and passed around the nation via magnitizdat free of charge.

Any discussion of Kino must inevitably begin and end with the creator, writer and lead singer of the band, a man who was once called the "last hero of Russian rock" and a "legend".

(Georgian), қазақша

(Portuguese), 中文 What will happen to the monument of rock legends?

Tsoi's mother, Valentina Vasilyevna, was a teacher and his father, Robert Maximovich, was an engineer.

Victor's father was born in the Kazakh SSR to parents living in exile due to Stalin's 1937 Deportation of Koreans. The release of their 7th album Blood Type (Russian: Ãðóïïà êðîâè/Gruppa Krovi) triggered what was then called "Kinomania". (Upper Sorbian), тоҷикӣ [citation needed]. During a similar performance in Leningrad on the occasion of Andrei Tropillo's anniversary, Tsoi and Rybin first met Boris Grebenshchikov.


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