kubota l2501 r4 tires

Terms subject to change. Unfortunately this product is not available for online purchase, however our sales team is here to help.

Versatile for any job, durable for years to come. We upgraded from a BX2370 with no weight to the L3901 with ballast and the difference when plowing snow and knocking over banks this winter was significant. 24 HP, 60" deck.

14.6 HP.

You can buy it with 0%  financing for up to 60 months* with approved credit. Better coverage of windrows and better handling of dry hay. Like Davis Tractor Company on Facebook! Kubota L2501 Tires: Standard tires (ag): Front: 5-15.

Engineered to meet your every need. } Tires & Wheels. Kubota L2501 4WD-HST 25HP/ 19 PTO, w/loader, priced with R1 Ag tires, pin on bucket, and fluid. 21.5 HP, 42" deck. After my first year I took it to my dealer for the one year service and had the tire filled with beet juice. Streamlined transportation, ample suspension and guaranteed results. Breaking new ground never felt this good. 21.5 HP, 42" deck. Best-in-class performance capabilities.

Simplified operation, refined results. Designed and built with you – and the environment – in mind. 25.5 HP, 60" deck. Are you looking for a tractor that can handle more work with less hassle? With the power to tackle a wide range of jobs, Kubota's New L2501 combines robust performance and user-friendly features in one easy-to-operate compact tractor. 5.5 HP, 21" deck. R1 or R4 tires for L2501 with loader and backhoe?

19.3 HP, 48"-54" deck. Big performance in a compact frame. After all, you’re the ruler of your kingdom. Kubota Talk . If you go with an R-1, then you have more traction, but more vibration on hard surfaces. Bring simplicity and versatility to even the toughest jobs. Next, we’re giving you a new, heavy duty, Land Pride RCR1260 Rotary Cutter.

20.9 HP. Craftsmanship you can trust and power you can feel. 104.4 HP. 25 HP, 54" deck. Lawn care never felt this good. Its owner is solely responsible for the website's content, offerings and level of security. Low on Profile but High on Performance. None L2501; Transmission type HST; Drive wheels 4WD; Engine; Type Direct injection, Vertical, Water-Cooled 4 cycle diesel; Engine gross power HP (kW) 24.8 (18.5) Engine net power ** HP (kW) 23.9 (17.8) PTO power HP (kW) 19.0 (14.2) Number of cylinders/aspiration; Bore and stroke in. You're continuing to another website that Kubota Tractor Corporation doesn't own or operate. Rear: 11.2-24 (4WD) Industrial front: 27x8.50-15 (4WD) Industrial rear: 15-19.5 (4WD) Dimensions: 2WD Gear Weight: 2425 lbs [1099 kg] 4WD Gear Weight: 2601 lbs [1179 kg] 4WD Hydro Weight: 2623 lbs [1189 kg] Wheelbase: 63.3 inches [160 cm] 2WD Length: 110.6 inches [280 cm] 4WD Length: 106.3 inches … 62.0 - 108.0 HP. (opens in new window), Cast Steel Transmission and Rear End Housing.

Adding front and rear remotes, Rear turf tires, is there a down side to running front ag tires on a 4x4.

Excellent control, excellent cut.

30.8 HP, 60" deck. Multiple methods of operation, fantastic results. 24.8 HP, 60"-72" deck. My B2350 rears were filled when ordered with Rim Guard (beet juice). Comfortable, nimble and ready to help unlock your full potential. © Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2020. The L01 Series Operator’s Station features: Kubota L2501 4WD HST Tractor w/ Front End Loader/Grill Guard. Vineyard and orchard spreading operations. Made of a harder composite compound, these tires resist wear on asphalt, concrete and gravel much better than their counterparts. Fast and productive, perfect for maximizing your efficiency. 24.8 HP, 60"-70" deck.

#default-btn-00a4f1a490d0ffb768bb5aa8e8a6c5cb > i { EFI powered and agile to assist you in residential and commercial settings. I'm very nervous on anything resembling an incline. (mm) 3.4 × 4.0 (87 × 102.4) Total Displacment cu. Add $500 for R4 tires, or add $500 for QA bucket. Being wider, they offer a larger surface area, which spreads the overall pounds per square inch. 26 HP, 52" deck.

40.4 HP. 57.9 - 133.0 HP. 15-19.5 R4 Trac Ldr 3.6"offset Rear tires.

20.9 - 62.0 HP. The product used is Bio-Ballast. 36.9 HP, 60"-70" deck. Mine also arrived filled. 20 HP, 42" deck. I also own property with plenty of terrain.

First, you get a new Kubota L2501DT Tractor with 25 horsepower and four-wheel drive. Landscape and hardscape with grace and ease. Kubota is the top selling compact tractor brand in the USA – and has been for over a decade. 25 HP, 60" deck.

92.5 - 105.6 HP. 24.8 HP. So comfortable, so fun to drive, you’ll find excuses to take it for a spin. Cash Price: $20,990.00 with 1.99% for 60 Months, #default-btn-00a4f1a490d0ffb768bb5aa8e8a6c5cb.ico-right-side > i { Kubota’s most versatile utility vehicle yet! Say goodbye to operator fatigue, especially after long hours on the job. Offer expires 12/31/2020. Catching this late, agree with others, don't do it. 24 HP, 54" deck. 22 HP, 48" deck. Cover large swaths and maneuver with ease. Pricing may exclude any added parts, accessories or installation unless otherwise noted. 47.6 HP.

With a network of dealers all over the world, Titan is a global brand that original equipment manufacturers and operators can count on for durable products and quality service. 74986. Tough job? 23.5 HP, 54" deck. 64 HP. This tire also uses a large, shallow tread that effectively cleans dirt and mud off to improve traction and pulling power. You can buy the entire package for ONLY $20,990 cash. 10.3 HP. 24.8 HP, 60"-72" deck. Compact, reliable and ready to give you the results you’re looking for. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. #default-btn-00a4f1a490d0ffb768bb5aa8e8a6c5cb * { 23.5 HP, 48" deck.

Price $1,400.00. M7 Series and M8 Series.

Simplified transport, dominant conditioning. 25.5 HP, 48" deck. 128.0 - 168.0 HP. Example: 84 monthly payments of $11.90 per $1,000 financed.

Rise above the competition. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Narrow enough to work between vines – powerful enough to be M Series. #default-btn-071d1dfb96c2ac5d0b673e8a5da5764d * {

Meet your new favorite piece of equipment: Kubota's Standard L Series takes power and performance to new heights. } Unlock your lawn’s full potential. Challenging conditions?

Much better tractor. Who says you can’t have a little fun while mowing? Rear: 11.2-24 (2WD) Front: 7.2-16.

Example: 84 monthly payments of $11.90 per $1,000 financed. It would be interesting to know how the tractor behaved before they were filled. Example amount based on sales price of $15,645.

Big job or small, you’ll be covering ground in no time at all. 24.8 HP. 14.5 HP, 36" deck.

Much more stable and much more usable. 20% Down, 0% A.P.R. 26 HP, 61" deck. 19 HP, 36" deck. Practical, versatile and ready to crown you king of the job site. l2501hst, 5ft. ... as well the R4 tires can be used in a multitude of applications, not just industrial work. A perfect cut and nothing less. Either fill out this simple request form below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible, or call our sales center for immediate assistance: 800-451-5240.


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