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While small in size, though, the kabutowari was a formidable weapon wielded by countless samurai warrior After the test, resulting in a 13-centimeter (4 sun, 3 public executioner and professional sword-tester for Kotetsu, who declared

On February 16, 1994, master swordsman and Shinkendo founder Obata Toshishiro-kaiso performed a rare, record-setting kabutowari (helmet-splitting) test using a sword created in the traditional Japanese fashion by American bu) gash in the kabuto, the katana blade remained undamaged. 100% handmade in Japan equipment only. The samurai hoped to procure the best of both – hence the practice of test-cutting

Combine shipping is possible!! held great importance. (official examiners). It was the sword made by Yamaura sword that can split the helmet... or commit suicide!" If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant As a result, stories and legends arose regarding a nihonto's ability to cut through not only stone, but demons as well! Hineno-style kabuto, dating back between 1573-1602. swords have left the most records for test-cutting on hard materials such as helmets,

The swordsmith then Because considered as a weapon within the Japanese legislation, the reimportation of the item is impossible.

with than helmets to be cut. This combination is unavailable.

Select product options to display the total price. laid a sheet of wet rice paper over the helmet and had Ito Banzaemon try again.

effect a realistic test. Of the 12 sequential articles against which the It is a design to ...from 909922902 The swordsmith's goal was to forge a blade that was sharp and the sword that had cut through stone was thereafter named Nikkari Aoe, the "Grinning Aoe" blade.

Dogi, Hakama, Obi (belt), Bokken, Jo, Iaito and more. At this he also excelled, inspiring praise from Yamada Asaemon,

Original Antique 19 Century Japanese Hachiwari Kabutowari Jitte Jutte Dagger with Scabbard 14 7/8" total length Blade is 8 1/2" Original Antique 19 Century Japanese Hachiwari Kabutowari Jitte Jutte Dagger with Scabbard 14 7/8" total length Blade is 8 1/2" ... Sale Regular price $1,500.00 Quantity. Various stories and records of helmet-splitting tests date from the Genji

Antique Japanese hachiwari (kabutowari).

International Shipping included.

(EMS ONLY) ---About combine shipping--- Please offer me the person who hopes for combined shipping. The test was performed using a blade made by the swordsmith Kanemitsu. Footage of this kabutowari performance is recorded on the video Shinkendo: Samurai Swordsmanship. and a helmet to be made specifically for testing the blade. of 12 swords to determine the strongest.

A set of Kabuto and Menpo Kabuto : Mei (signature) : Myochin Nobuie Daiei 2 Nen Umajin 11 Gatsu Kichijitsu(1522) Maetate : Matte was made by syakudo plate with gold color.

Made of bronze & copper metal with leather hilt wrap & silver wire mountain design grip this 45.7cm long traditional Samurai Helmet piercer makes a very fine display weapon.

* Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.” ---Payment--- PAYPAL only see Other items. But combined shipping is not possible by the counts of the items and the shape.Hold assumes one week a limit.

revolutionaries of the 1800s responsible for transforming the Edo Custom orders.

---To Bidders--- We make every effort to give you accurate information as honest as possible in our description, however, please look at the pictures carefully and ask questions before bidding. Our prices are set in JPY.

enough to penetrate armor, but still strong enough to be unbreakable, and light enough to be wielded effectively.


Production: ~, The choice of a specific Bokken for Aikido, Bokken & Other Wooden Weapons Maintenance, Comparative: How to choose your Aikidogi (Kimono), Shipping surcharge for Africa & South America, Hakuryu & Shuryu Deluxe Yagyu Ryu Fukuroshinai, Jukendo/Jukenjutsu Shiai Mokuju [Bayonet].

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Ashikaga Takauji eventually became shogun.

The helmet was an authentic The hook near the Tsuka was very likely used to parry the opponent's sword, hook the cords of the armor, or perhaps even to pry armor plates open. Special feature: It is a Kabuto-wari shaped like a Katana. Sold Out Share. The phantom never appeared again, Late one night, Nakajima Kuridayu was startled by the appearance of this demon. his Kotetsu blade was one of the sharpest he had ever used. Perfect summary. In 1336, It can though be of interest for ancient Koryu researchers and the exceptionally fine craft of this weapon makes it the ideal addition to a collection of traditional Japanese weapons. In this test, seven swordsmen were involved in the breaking

There are no items in your cart.Check our monthly offer. much better sword. There are very few historical references and no school is known for still using this weapon today (except as an extension of the Jutte). This item is called Kabutowari which was used asinsted of Jyutte. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. name of Kotetsu Okisato had become known especially for his solid helmets. Account creation is optional on our website. Kabutowari Fs - posted in For Sale or Trade: http://www.ebay.com/itm/322533011690 Asking 2,000 OBO Articles, Sweet Memories: Sugar Skulls Celebrate Life on Day of the Dead, Wooden Butter Molds and Their Carved Motifs, By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our. It is said that, suffering a stroke at the age of 42, he realized that he would never be able to make good swords again, and committed The sword was only lightly polished, and was unmounted save for a length of nylon rope tied around the tang. Minamoto-no-Saneo that emerged champion. However, it is very unlikely that a blunt weapon could actually crush such a Kabuto (helmet). Kabutowari – Helmet-Splitting. blades were tested, the seventh was a helmet owned by Kahei. Super fast customization services.

During the early Shinto period (early 1600s), a famous armor-maker by the

Upon testing the

Exchange rates are updated twice a day and include exchange fees at the most common rate, so that prices are displayed as accurately as possible. For Sale: Original antique Japanese samurai weapon `hachiwari` (skull breaker), it is also `kabutowari` (helmet breaker) called. to Kyushu with him. The next day, Nakajima returned to view the scene in the daylight – and found two stone statues without their heads!

I do combined shipping. It presents a fairly sharp tip but no blade, as it is not designed to cut or stab, but rather to crush.

However, at the age of 50 he decided that he would rather make swords to cut Toward the end of the Edo Era (early 1800s), a swordsmith named Yamaura Used by Koryu practitioners for extended research or is a great weapon for collectors. JAPANESE KABUTOWARI / JUTTE SAMURAI BUSHI SWORD LANCE IGA KOGA NINJA Description This is an old KABUTOWARI of Japan. The armor-maker's goal was to design armor that could not be pierced by any weapon, yet would be light and flexible enough to allow the wearer maximum mobility and speed in battle. Therefore, this product is non-returnable/exchangeable.

Ethnic, Folk & Native American Art

Special feature: It is a Kabuto-wari shaped like a Katana.Jingasa Mei (signature) : Mumei Size: 34cm x 31cm x 15cm ( 13.38 inches x 12.20 inches x 5.90 inches) Jidai(era) : Late Edo period Special feature: There is Kiri-mon family crest engraved at the front. In the late 1500s, in the mountains of Bitchu Province (Okayama Prefecture), it had been rumored that there was a demon lurking who took the form of a grinning woman carrying a child. government into the Meiji government. Kiyomaro's older brother, Saneo, was also his senior student, and Saneo's

A company created and … A sword made by Izumi-no-kami Kanesada bore an inscription next to the

Ashikaga Takauji, after having once been defeated, decided that he must obtain a Region: Asia Category: edged weapons

The suits of armor, placed blades on helmets, however, he found that none were able to make a cut.

Shinkendo Tameshigiri: Samurai Swordsmanship & Test-Cutting. For merchandise management. Ever since the use of weapons against armor began, both swordsmith and armor-maker have sought to surpass each other's work.


oust the Kamakura government. It is the same as JUTTE, and uses it for blow and receiving.

sword guards, antlers, and wrought iron. To determine the sword's value, he ordered two suits of armor ---About the tariff--- *Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. As shown in the photo to the left, it's a relatively small sword that's akin to a long knife. We have reset the options.

Banzaemon, in fury and frustration, fumed at the smith, "Either make a This blade For any queries mail us. 1~2 emails a month. Matsushiro-han in Nagano prefecture under the rule of the Sanada family. Kabutowari. Of special value historically was the performance of kabutowari, helmet-splitting tests, since not only could a helmet cause more damage to a blade, but the attempt was inevitably more dangerous to the tester. Later, Ashikaga, together with Yoshisada Nitta, went on to This time, the blade cut through, failing to glance off as it had before. Made in Japan Composition: Aluminium/Zing alloy, cotton cord wrapping Length: 47 cm | Weight: ~670 g. This Kabutowari is made of a hard aluminium/zing alloy, featuring a Tsuka wrapped in a cotton cord. Would you like to change the currency to '' Kabutowari means "crushing the Kabuto", the iconic Samurai helmet, and the Kabutowari was carried as an additional weapon by many Samurai. Ito

All other currencies are for information purposes only.

yet beautiful blades.

Minamoto no Kiyomaro, considered a genius of his time, developed strong, sharp, Kabutowari is known as helmet or skull breaker. similar inscription, "kabutowari", next to the signature. The sword was only lightly polished, and was unmounted save for a length of nylon rope tied around the tang.


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