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I know that you did TM in Eaton Square, the same place as The Beatles. And it just resonated completely. We were very lucky. Not only because they helped explain what you could do with stereo and classical music, but because they expanded the musical vocabulary and the mind. That’s something that I don’t think anybody’s ever really achieved yet, but I’m sure they’re working on it. Sometimes less is more, and she just focuses on the exact parts. Do you have any favorite cover versions of your songs? Born in Swindon, England, Hayward learned ukulele as a kid before moving on to guitar. Yes. It was a great time for us, with the Isle of Wight Festival and all that kind of stuff going on. In his case it involved a holiday with wife Ann Marie, the French model he married in late 1970, a short break after his band’s work on 1972 album Seventh Sojourn – their last studio album before a six-year hiatus, released the year his daughter Doremi was born – becoming much more. But I get to do things in my solo show complemented by that way of doing it. That’s the only credit, I think, we can take. I probably was. She is NewsOK’s top blogger: Her 4-year-old entertainment news blog, BAM’s Blog, has notched more than 1... Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues cancels Oklahoma concerts due to illness, Oklahoma election 2020: Voters experiencing hour-long waits at OKC metro polling places, OKCFD: Don't be tempted to burn your broken tree limbs right now. There’s an honest answer, which is, I don’t know. Sometimes I’m just writing a story and that fits together and that seems to work. I’m not sure that I do. It’s a very good reason. Taranberk. But yes, I’d usually start with a couple of guitars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’m doing these songs as they were written, like the original demos I made, and hopefully some of the stories behind them are interesting. In the tradition of the songwriters of the mid-20th century, really, it doesn’t always have to be about me and about revealing something.

They were kind of grown up as well, they were a few years older than us. I think the closest we ever got to that was an album, To Our Children’s Children’s Children, which was really driven by Tony Clarke, our producer. “Then we followed that with an album that was completely obscure and self-absorbed, To Our Children’s Children’s Children, and got to a stage where we couldn’t play the songs on stage – the overdubbing was so impossible, so much, and overlaid.

your own Pins on Pinterest There are specific Moody Blues songs that really start in that sort of quiet way. Whose window was it? And to see him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was absolutely great, walking up there together. It was their idea. But every time I found a piece of equipment that I really loved, I would stick with it for a couple of years. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Do you remember the acoustics or the vibe of the place? It’s a very old thing, but it’s like a drug; once you’ve experienced that, it’s something you never want to give up. We recorded different things in Detroit and in Chicago. Do you know, I get more interest in that album now. It was a very disturbing time for young people. Still no word on any MBs activity for 2019! It’s like pantomime in the winter and summer shows for the summer. Hayward took to Facebook today to issue an apology to his fans: I can' tell you how sorry we are to have had to cancel some gigs on our tour. Do you ever, on retrospect say, “Hmm, maybe I should have held back?”.

What a magical part of the world. Can you tell me about playing with different strings? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. There are no drums on these, so the sound in the end would be quite different. He’s the one who found us. Was that a happy accident or something you set out to do?

Once again, my deepest apologies to all who bought tickets in OK - we will see you one day for a great show. JUSTIN HAYWARD: It’s a different consideration, I suppose, and I think that it just comes out of the guitar that way.

It was nothing deliberate, but I think after Mike left, we were attracted to producers that could really contribute to the sound. It was just a wonderful gift to us from Decca, who had that concept. The question I wanted to finish with was, you’ve been given answers to the universe through your explorations.

Taranberk. The microphones were placed at different places along that room, further and further away from the speakers. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I’ve collected so many little parts of things, I have to… Like we said at the beginning, I have to kind of put them together and to make some cohesive sense out of all of these small parts. Photo provided.

That was really lovely.”. So - I went to a voice doc. Did it make your own press conferences more interesting, being able to play with the press in a funny way?

But we were never in the studio with The Orchestra. I just didn’t think it was in us to jump on a kind of trend. And then I think it all came to a head really when he booked Lenny Bruce, who was then kind of censored by the magistrates or whoever the censorship person is. My deepest apologies - and know that we will be back one day to play - and that I will be back singing soon. I did the stage show for five or six years, starting around 2006, going to Australia and New Zealand, but then I stepped aside. Discover (and save!) There was just a quiet.

Sometimes it’s about what you can create if you have that power and that kind of money, but the rest of the time it’s… I’m very grateful, but that’s all. We had to haul everything across the golf course.

It was a deliberate attempt to try and pull back to something more real.”, “I hope so.

Tickets are available via Ticketline.co.uk, Ticketmaster.co.uk, or direct from the venues. There have been plenty of Moody Blues reunions over the years, and then there’s your solo career, including eight studio albums from 1975’s Blue Jays with bandmate John Lodge through to 2013’s Spirits of the Western Sky. In fact, it was the album that had the lowest chart placing of 13 studio LPs they released up to 1988, that tally including UK No.1s with On the Threshold of a Dream (1969), A Question of Balance (1970) and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971). What I’m able to do now, particularly with Karmen Gould, the flute player, I realize now it’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing.

I don’t know. The original version was recorded with the guys from 10cc. 26K 1,372. Yes, I feel a duty to do that to a song. There are bits around, it’s about collecting them and putting them into a format.

I wish I could say I had the idea, but we do what we’re offered. Part one – the first six months | writewyattuk, I wish Justin Hayward for The Moody Blues with come to Pittsburgh Pennisylvania I’ve been a big fan of his for a very long time, Pingback: Even Better with The Real Thing – in conversation with Chris Amoo | writewyattuk. Now I must not even try to sing until this has moved on - "I hope it won’t be very Long".

But Richard Burton did his pieces down in Ibiza somewhere.

What was it like to have all those toys? And it was a great time for me, being on Top of the Pops, and all that.”. The biggest contribution outside of that was always Mike Pinder and the way he did the Mellotron and the parts that he played, which was something. He gave them to me as a present one birthday, in the late ‘60s – the whole works of H.G. Get all the latest news, tour dates and official merchandise including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, music and more. They certainly take you in the same direction. That was their whole purpose in making Days of Future Passed. Platinum Member.

But there’s never been any kind of plan. Does it tend to just be you and a guitar when you write? Do you know, “Oh, the strings come in here, I’m going to get a heavy on the percussion here,” when you’re actually composing it? “Then there was Blue Jays and Songwriter, the album on which I really focused on writing and expressing what was in my heart.”.

I knew, and I can picture it now quite clearly, just by the way that they sang, just by the way that they put a song together, it was just so interesting. We then moved up the hill. “Nights in White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon” became instant radio staples. I still listen to that album now and again, sometimes in the car, which is probably not the greatest idea, to be honest. And nor did I. I don’t know how it’s done. Then they called me back a couple of days later to do another song, Eve of the War, which also had some success. I never thought I’d be a hundred and I never thought I’d be a million. There are lots of those songs that just don’t work in that context. I loved that.

I remember that, and the ’90s and the rest of them following that. It was something that he really wanted to do, and I’m glad that we were able to share that with him. I love the acoustic thing. But with Buddy, suddenly, you had something, “Hey, he’s part of a group, he’s writing the songs, he’s singing, he’s got those fantastic little guitar sound chords, and you could actually do that.” It’s why very few semi-pro groups in the early 1960s would ever attempt to Elvis things unless they had some guy out front. In truth, recording became so expensive in London and England. Oh, totally, I love being with the crew, I love the humor of being on the road with other people and musicians. Part one – the first six months | writewyattuk, Even Better with The Real Thing – in conversation with Chris Amoo | writewyattuk, Graphic twists on a compelling tale – back in touch with The Wedding Present’s David Gedge, Bea Kristi delivers her pandemic ‘Care’ package – back in touch with Beabadoobee, The further adventures of Nohope Cowherd – celebrating the return of Bradford, with Ewan Butler and Ian Hodgson, Exploring transcendental meditation lockdown blues – talking More Than Time with Carl Hunter, Staring at the Rude Boy, 40 years on – the Ray Gange interview, A passage to indie garage psych-punk rock’n’roll – introducing Ginnel, Forever, after and before – talking Folk Devils with Nick Clift, Searching for a love supreme – in conversation with Stone Foundation’s Neil Jones, Heaven and The Moons in his sights – the Andy Crofts interview.

And then I went back to the same theater company actually with the group from my hometown of Swindon, and we spent all the summer holidays with them in a theater in Jersey, which is one of the Channel Islands, and then at another place another holiday time.

Will The Moodies be going out again on tour? It came from the right place. I’m working on the road now, I’ll keep my little crew together – with Mike and Julie, my front of house guy and my guitar tech – and that suits me just fine.”. Those nights on tour, we’d do the gig, but then we’d also go to people’s apartments afterwards and have a turn on and just listen to music and talk. I was still in that mindset in those early Moody Blues years. “I think … it started for me with Blue Guitar, recorded when the Moodies were still together, when Decca didn’t want to release any solo thing. If I just work at it a bit more, I’ve got a whole song here.” And then when I put my mind to it, I can somehow finish. In the press release, you said “Juliette” just sort of fell out of you. “Yes, we were together only last weekend, with Graham (Edge) and Mike Pinder, as we were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”.

But we all of my generation owe them such a tremendous depth. Finally, for those who’ve missed out over the years and maybe just know the big hits, where should they start on the Justin Hayward back-catalogue? Do you ever sleep in? I loved every moment of that TN experience that we had, and I’m not sure it’s there anymore in London. The Moody Blues never followed trends, you didn’t go disco. We were just lucky that the arranger that they commissioned for it was Peter Knight, who was the best romantic string arranger I’ve ever known, really, and as a composer as well, right up there.


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