jumping spiders in arizona
Providing EFFECTIVE Pest Control in Greater Phoenix for spiders SCORPIONS & all general pests. As with all widow spiders, only the females are classified as poisonous. Approximately eighty percent (80%) of the species belong to ten different families. natives of Arizona, though they do not belong to the category of spiders. They are mostly associated with the Southwest desert.

In general, they’re small and hairy, with better vision than other spiders. Researchers at New Mexico State University maintain a database of the spiders of the arid Southwest that includes the desert areas of West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The common names of some of these spider families sound familiar to most people because they are present year round in many yards. Welcome to Arizona spiders. The picture at the top of the page shows a yellow version of the common Western Spotted Orbweaver. Just know that jumping spiders are under the family of spiders known as “Salticidae”. Reproduction in part or whole without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. The extended appendages up front are pedipalps, not legs.

Fortunately Brown Recluse spiders do not want to engage with humans, and bites from them almost always happen by accident when a spider is hiding in clothes or shoes left around and put on without checking. All rights reserved. Camel and sun spiders belonging to the Arachnida class are Note the violin looking pattern on the thorax as a key identification clue. Like many spider surveys, the checklist shows the most common species. Most of the 5,000 species of jumping spiders live in tropical areas, but about 300 live in the United States. And within the family of Salticidae, there are over hundreds of genus or types of jumping spiders. However, as a baseline for comparison, it’s fair to estimate the presence of approximately one thousand species in the state. The light color of the abdomen helps with the identification of the Desert Blonde Tarantula, an Arizona specialty. Jumping Spiders get their name from the way they JUMP to catch prey, and get around like tiny ACROBATS!

Also known as golden jumping spiders, the arachnids are less than a half-inch long and can be found throughout the United States and Central America. It is important to remember that spiders seen in Arizona are not bound by the territorial lines decided on by humans, therefore their distribution is subject to change. © Copyright 2020 Arizona Department of Transportation, State of Arizona.

Orbweavers are present, including the Western Spotted Orbweaver and the Arabesque Orbweaver in the final picture. When not hunting, the spiders construct tent-like homes in crevices where they sleep at night and hibernate in the winter. There are no records of serious harm to humans resulting from tarantula bites. The images on this website are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Emerald jumping spiders (Paraphidippus aurantius) are flashy, and they flaunt it — the iridescent scales on their bodies make them especially shiny, which shows as they forage on low shrubs in sunny areas.

The state of Arizona has 27 spider species, three of them known for their venomous bite, being potentially dangerous to humans. Copying and downloading images from this site is strictly prohibited. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The state of Arizona has 27 spider species, three of them known for their venomous bite, being potentially dangerous to humans. Their circular, flat webs are a common site. When the spiders jump, they anchor themselves with a strand of silk, which they can use to keep themselves from falling and climb back to their original spot if they miss their prey. Spiders found in Arizona include 27 unique species from confirmed sightings by contributing members of Spider ID. Of course the other twenty percent of Arizona spiders draw attention because they either tend to be common house spiders and yard spiders or they tend to be the big, scary and sometimes poisonous spiders that cause many a person to fear all spiders in general. The green Spider ID button compliments this introduction to Arizona spiders by providing pictures and descriptions of many of the more common and recognizable spiders presented in the list. Sometimes the Solifugids can be mistaken for spiders or scorpions, hence the nicknames Camel spiders and windscorpions. By Molly Bilker | Photo by Bruce D. Taubert. For individuals brave enough to peek at them in their cobwebs, they can be identified by the presence of hourglass marking on the bottom of the abdomen. For example, the bottom of lawn chairs that are not occupied or moved for long periods of time might make a nice place for a web. The classification of spiders are pretty complex since there are over 1000 types of spiders and maybe more. Some tarantulas have a wider range and extend throughout much of the Southwest.

It’s evident in their eyes — four big eyes on their flat faces and four smaller eyes on the tops of their heads, giving them a 360-degree view. Approximately 30 species of the traditional tarantula genus, Aphonopelma are documented.

Commonly called the tigers of the spider world, jumping spiders stalk their prey like cats, launching themselves onto other insects from a distance and grasping them in their jaws. As a benefit to their global perspective, these spiders can also turn the fronts of their bodies more than 45 degrees to look around. For example, the Grande Canyon has a different Tarantula spider species and Recluse spider species than would be found in the Sonoran Desert in the south of the state. Usually they only present a potential danger when they take up residence around the yard around sheds or objects not often disturbed by human activity. Like mammals, jumping spiders have singular eyes, which they can move to look around and change focus. © 2020 (Spider Identifications).

The hot to mild climate, depending on the season, suggests that they are present year round in many areas of the state. When looking at the checklist it is important to note that some of the entries denote a spider genus only, and no actual species is provided. Arizona also hosts a variety of tarantulas, although the exact number of species is subject to a wide range because of the limited amount of research on the topic. Arizona Highways 2039 W Lewis Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009 602.712.2200. By Molly Bilker | Photo by Bruce D. Taubert Emerald jumping spiders (Paraphidippus aurantius) are flashy, and they flaunt it — the iridescent scales on their bodies make them especially shiny, which shows as they forage on low shrubs in sunny areas. Other spider families such as the Sheetweb Spiders and Meshweb spiders are very small and often go unnoticed except for the presence of their webs. The top picture, for example, shows one of the Brown Recluse spider species that is common in the Southern part of the state near the Tucson area. Jumping spiders in Phoenix AZ valley areas …

Best known as tropical and subtropical species, Huntsman spiders can also be found in the desert Southwest year round.


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