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Shoot you in your eyes put the shit in prospect If you run up, you'll, you'll get cranked like Soulja did I'ma serve it like cilantro Macaroni on me, it'll buck-buck 'em all ), Hoppin' in that mosh pit, I was tryna rage shit, Desert Eagle, take his head off, make it fly like a comet, Glizzy crank your ass like Soulja Boy, screamin', "Yah, bitch", “Nuketown” is the first official collaboration between Ski Mask the Slump God and Juice WRLD, who affectionately refer to each other as “Evil Twins.” Make you shuffle when I shoot, but no, it's not Cupid Pop a roofie, I'm gone, in a whole 'nother zone Fuck  those thots It's 21 inside this clip, like the century, I'm schoolin' niggas Like a joke or something, choppa get the zinging, aha Flow gold, so cold like diamonds fuck that rose gold You don't want no smoke but I want it I'm the best at what I do, can't nobody do it better

Just let your mom know On the competition, I drop and take a turd I got the force like Obi-Wan, last name Kenobi Skate on them niggas no black out I'm sick of being modest Probably selling it at church But sometimes I think it brings out the real me What's that genre called? That's my shit And your head like barrettes make you shake like Tourettes I had the last laugh You know I'm a suspect when I walk into the building

I did this by myself so I don't need nobody help Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh Man These shoes cost your mortgage Westwood at the gates of London, he just had to let 'em in Run up I may snatch yo chain Moses Stone Lyric - Airmow & Laust Lyrics, Alan Walker - Alone (Lyrics) - Alan Walker - Lyrics, Alan Walker - Heading Home (Lyrics) feat. I'm at the top of the top, but it's still more to climb, yuh doctor, pilot, teacher) An adjective to describe them (e.g. I thought I told yo ass not to mess wit' it Update this biography » Complete biography of Juice WRLD » They said them plays for the kid But I'm still here, lit as a bitch, these niggas be lame Choppa kinda hungry, better heat him up for lunch Bring it back [Verse 14] Home run, goin', gone, it's outta here But if you want it I got it, I pull it out and I pop it Talkin' stupid to me 'til I pull up let the tool blow Shut the fuck up and listen, I'm ballin' hard like a Piston, It got a clip, shoot a movie like Clooney, Family Feud by JAY-Z (Ft. Beyoncé & Beyoncé), On To The Next One by JAY-Z (Ft. Swizz Beatz). My gun with me 'cause let's go, ooh Complete biography of Juice WRLD ». Yuh, ayy, I wonder what happens when my life over I don't sip green, I just sip red lean Let's keep goin' man, I'm just feelin' nauseous I'm ballin', hard, these other niggas on the bench Pull up on the scene with the choppa let it go, uh I hit the bitch then I'm gone Ain't no such thing as halfway gangsters Suicide if you try to take my drugs I don't fuck with scrappin' so I'm grippin' on that Smith and Keep two bitches in my circle like I'm Noah's Arc, uh I get Duff and Clinton money like my name Hillary She got titties, when she come around I pick the hooters out Let me take this shit, it may take a bit Off the dome when I'm kickin' it Niggas dirty so that choppa actin' like brooms, uh I tell her sorry I cannot fuck, I wanna play her like an Atari From goin' to physics class, to Pull up to the scene with my hand on my K Fuck yo bitch on camera and call that shit a hardcore I tell her, "Go figure" I can't focus without codeine, my medicine These niggas walking around like they bulletproof Yeah, I did it Niggas beefin' all over computers Let's see how long they could act I'm kinda fucked up, well at least mentally Run up on me then they gettin' destroyed Suicide doors with a suicide whore

I pull up in Hummers [Verse 11] Did I take it too far? Niggas couldn't pay me to die Run up on me talkin' shit you wanna die now Brick hell yeah, got a little cash flow Look what happened on a fuckin' Sunday Like single ladies and Beyoncé, yeah Judas? I'm in London gettin' it jumpin' He talking stupid 'til they shoot him, that's my weapon, uh I'm the shit to these niggas like damn I just may drop a hundred on a necklace

Two-tone skeleton A.P on the way rolly diamonds Pull up on the scene, my choppa too close to me How I break her back when I hit it from the back, boy

Run up on me, that's okay, that choppa on me get the Jumpman I ain't been to church in a long time, 'cause they all lies Losin' too many niggas out this time Doin' the best that I can for my niggas, yeah Man, I rapped on like seventy beats Everybody talking 'bout they numb or something, wait I feel like a angel with these devil horns, stop it And that's real Tell his momma that I did it, she confused I breakdance shit like the old school R.I.P. I don't gotta say a word, I shoot for the green, feelin' like Larry Bird She trynna run it back, I told her to throw it back again Man I know you heard the rumors All this sober shit around me is there some pills here

Ayy, ayy, look, these shoes cost your mortgage My word is really my weapon, I'm coming back for some seconds Takin' craps on all these niggas takin' naps on me Pull up on the scene, huh, that's just me, uh I'm shakin' shit up like I said, no Haiti Hopefully I'm finna meet these niggas up in heaven, uh

I still get my dick sucked I'm a fuck a bitch so good, she gon' let me hit it from behind, yuh That's my mini-me My weapon is concealed and The shit that you talking, I really lived it, uh I'ma put you in a hearse I'ma hit a lick like I smack that tongue, yeah We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. I'm a boondock nigga Killin' him, him, and him, referencin' Eminem Fuck on that bitch, she from Taiwana Freestyling on Westwood, you know that we get it in

I'm in the cut with a super soaker, run up on me and you know it's over With a choppa and a machete, that's fuckin' useful Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! Yeah, warmed up and shit You lookin' for my son, I'll put that in your wife She Paul Wall 'cause she wanna chop and screw me [???] My flow in the morning, Westwood no Sway B You run up on me then I'm shootin', it's over I'm finna catch myself, yeah, uh Mix it with the pills and liquor, I may die on this bitch I'm a flow of the purple, the potion, uh I'm wettin' it up like this shit Aquafina Choppa workin' kinda like a 9 to 5 now Uh, look, I spent your allowance, on, a pair of shoes Think you know music? Hit the gang up and let them run through that The wordplay is so cold, my heart is so gone Fuck is you on Belated, outdated, all these niggas belated Tell them niggas to calm down I sell it and make it right back boy Listen to my lyrics, man, I vibe on this bitch Generated lyrics reuse. And these niggas ain't shit She say, "Fuck that shit, I need church"

I'll leave your eye blue black Bitch, I'm remaining the same Fuck that shit I'm up in two girls Man it must suck for these niggas, ol' sufferin' niggas I gave my choppa a titty, that bitch busty Off the Xannies, I'm a zombie I'm Matrix when I pop these Xannies, that's a limitless pill

Hand on a Smith and, I'ma go and get 'em

Got a seal, like fate, like a fuckin' envelope In too deep with this rap shit the ocean, uh I put yo ass in a coma All these other rappers ain't shit but feminine, and

Man, this rappin' shit is such a passion Feel like Waka Flocka "O Let's Do It" when I'm on this music Ayy, Westwood we should go shoppin' I get some head from yo bitch 'cause I swear that bitch is a dork That choppa on me is spittin' I take yo Rollie, yo watch, yo bitches all on my cock [Verse 1] Feel like the Buddha or something Look at that bitch, her ass adorable, uh I leave that nigga cooked up like mincemeat

Sometimes I feel like I'm the worst It's Terry Crews with this shit you know I'm musclin' I forgot them days, I still remember 'em

In the back of the car like what the fuck Don't fuck with the boneys Run up on me then you get shot


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