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[1] By 1964, dredge and fill operations had increased the size of Johnston Island to 596 acres (241 ha) from its original 46 acres (19 ha), increased the size of Sand Island from 10 to 22 acres (4.0 to 8.9 ha), and added two new islands, North and East, of 25 and 18 acres (10.1 and 7.3 ha) respectively.[2]. Eighteen Thor launches in support of the Program 437 Alternate Payload (AP) mission took place from Johnston Atoll's Launch emplacements. Johnston Atoll is a 2.8 km² atoll in the North Pacific Ocean at 16°45′ N 169°30′ W, about one-third of the way from Hawai'i to the Marshall Islands. [40], Satellite and Missile Observation System Project (SAMOS-E) or "E-6" was a relatively short-lived series of United States visual reconnaissance satellites in the early 1960s. Eighteen more suborbital Thor launches took place from Johnston Island during the 1964–1975 period in support of Program 437. The team camped in a bunker that was previously used as a fallout shelter and office. Launch Emplacement 2, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 20:29. Aloha Airlines also made weekly scheduled flights to the island carrying civilian and military personnel; in the 1990s there were flights almost daily, and some days saw up to 3 arrivals. [10], The Guano Islands Act, enacted on August 18, 1856, was federal legislation passed by the U.S. Congress that enabled citizens of the United States to take possession of islands containing guano deposits. These carried scientific instruments and telemetry equipment, either in support of the nuclear bomb tests, or in experimental antisatellite technology. [25] In 1999, host-management responsibility transferred from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency once again to the Air Force until the Air Force mission ended in 2004 and the base was closed.[24]. The collected radioactive soil and other debris was buried in a landfill created within the former LE-1 area from June 2002 through November 11, 2002. The same day, the atoll was declared part of the domain of King Kamehameha IV. Program 437 turned the PGM-17 Thor into an operational anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon system, a capability that was kept top secret even after it was deployed. All of the chemical weapons once stored on Johnston Island were demilitarized and the agents incinerated at JACADS with the process completing in 2000 followed by the destruction of legacy hazardous waste material associated with chemical weapon storage and cleanup. The last flight out for official personnel was June 15, 2004. North Island (Akau) and East Island (Hikina) are artificial islands formed from coral dredging. In addition, it produced one atmospheric nuclear explosion, "Tightrope.". It pumped enough radiation into the Van Allen belts to destroy or damage seven satellites in orbit. Large pieces of the plutonium contaminated missile including pieces of the warhead, booster rocket, engine, re-entry vehicle and missile parts fell back on Johnston Island. After its closure, it briefly operated as Johnston Atoll Airport, until its closure in 2005. Following WWII, Johnston Atoll Airport was used commercially by Continental Air Micronesia, touching down between Honolulu and Majuro.

[6] However, he did not name or lay claim to the area, which the local tribes referred to as "iwi poʻo mokupuni". According to reputable license plate collectors, a number of "Johnston Atoll license plates" were created as souvenirs, and have even been sold online to collectors, but they were not officially issued. Johnston Island was also used as the launch site of 124 sounding rockets going up as high as 1,158 kilometers (720 miles). Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! [1] The atoll, which is located on a coral reef platform, has four islands. According to Project SHAD veteran Jack Alderson who commanded the Army tugs, area three at Johnston Atoll was located at the most downwind part of the island and consisted of an collapsible Nissen hut to be used for weapons preparation and some communications.[51]. Small releases of chemical weapon components from JACADS were cited by the EPA. However, on January 6, 2009, under authority of section 2 of the Antiquities Act, the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument was established by President George W. Bush to administer and protect Johnston Island along with six other Pacific islands.

Multiple studies of the Johnston Atoll environment and ecology have been conducted and the atoll is likely the most studied island in the Pacific.[18].

Part of the lagoon was dredged and the excavated material was used to make a parking area connected by a 2,000-foot (610 m) causeway to Sand Island. The lagoon was again dredged in 1963–1964 and used to expand Johnston Island from 220 acres (89 ha) to 625 acres (253 ha) recontaminating additional portions of the island. [54] The remainder of the chemical weapons was a small number of World War II era weapons shipped from the Solomon Islands. The crazy ants are particularly destructive to the native wildlife, and needed to be eradicated. It created a very brief fireball visible over a wide area, plus bright artificial auroras visible in Hawaii for several minutes. [11] By 1858, Johnston Atoll was claimed by both the United States and the Kingdom of Hawaii. Afterward, the Johnston Island launch complex was heavily damaged and contaminated with plutonium. The troops scrubbed down the revetments and launch pad, carted away debris and removed the top layer of coral around the contaminated launch pad. Those activities left the area environmentally contaminated, and remediation and monitoring continue. After its closure, it briefly operated as Johnston Atoll Airport, until its closure in 2005. The proposed sale did not include running water, electricity, or activation of the closed runway. SAMOS was also known by the unclassified terms Program 101 and Program 201. Following V-J Day on August 14, 1945, Johnston Atoll saw the flow of men and aircraft that had been coming from the mainland into the Pacific turn around.

One conducted August 1, 1958 was codenamed "Hardtack Teak" and one conducted August 12, 1958 was codenamed "Orange." The building remains standing but was gutted entirely in 2004, during an asbestos abatement project. In 1990, two full-time U.S. However, the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown on January 17, 1893.

The USCG was granted permission to install a LORAN A and C station on Sand Island to be staffed by U.S. Coast Guard personnel through June 30, 1992. of Sept. 1796, at midnight, in company with the sch. [23][62] The Pluto Yard is on the site of the LE1 where the 1962 missile explosion occurred and also where a highly contaminated loading ramp was buried that was made for loading plutonium contaminated debris onto small boats that was dumped at sea. Safeguard C was the basis for maintaining Johnston Atoll as a "ready to test" above-ground nuclear testing site should atmospheric nuclear testing ever be deemed to be necessary again. [46], In the lead up to biological warfare testing in the Pacific under Project 112 and Project SHAD, a new virus was discovered during the Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program by teams from the Smithsonian's Division of Birds aboard a U.S Army tugboat involved in the program.

The ground floor has a side building attached which served as a facility for decontamination that contained three long snaking corridors and 55 shower heads one could walk through during decontamination.


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