izuna and sasuke
There are many things that I hate, and there aren't a lot of things that I like.

The available characters are Izuna, Shisui, Itachi, Sasuke, Obito and Madara. It also allows the user to use all of the six paths techniques, a series ofninjutsu unique to the Rinnegan user.

Hashirama and Madara meet at the river and dream of a better future. Most night shifts are fairly quiet, though when the wards go off in the library, Izuna hurries to the scene hoping that there's only a student setting off an explosion by accident or something. Kakashi-Sensei's True Face! Izuna often competed with his brother as training.

“You will not be allowed to hide your face here, Sharingan-thief.”-Kakashi gets misplaced in time and taken in by the Uchiha clan, thanks to the mysterious one-armed man, Sasuke. Once his sight becomes clear again, he can use Izanagi once more.Izuna possesses the Mangekyō Sharingan, which increased his already great power, and enabled him to use his most powerful techniques. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 16. Izuna Uchiha (うちはイズナ, Uchiha Izuna) was a shinobi of the Uchiha clan. Many think the boys have no place in the Clan, in the world.The boys are determined to prove otherwise – if they have no place in the world, they will carve a place for themselves, no matter what. And yes, I've written sports for them too! If you're bored by now, then you also don't want to hear that I write for ESPN on the PR side of things. i think?? Team 7 is a little more functional?

He bore a striking resemblance to Sasuke Uchiha. Eighty years prior to the start of the series, Izuna and his older brother were said to be equals as the most gifted members of the Uchiha clan, and they usually competed with each other every day in order to get stronger. To the medical ninja, whoever seeks this out is calling death to themselves and as Sasuke notes her prowess in training, Sakura can sense Sarada is rapidly approaching that point. Izuna's a security guard for Konoha - a university that deals with magic, for the most part. Gotta See! Kakashi looked at Sasuke. As the younger brother of Madara Uchiha, who was the strongest of the clan, Izuna himself was said to have been equal to his brother in every way. Sasuke is undoubtedly the greatest user of dojutsu in the series. With the ability to turn his own body into a genjutsu, Ibitsu is capable of negating any injury he should receive from an opponent. They are obviously related uchiha to uchiha. As the parents discuss the need for this apparently unnecessary upgrade in a time of peace and science, Sarada becomes even angrier. The Rinnegan is characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a light purple iris and sclera.

Instead, he finds the Head Librarian who he's never met and a creature breathing fire. They said he was a soldier, that he should be proud to fight for his clan. [3] As a child growing up during the war-torn era, Izuna once accompanied his father on a mission to kill Hashirama Senju, whom Madara — albeit unknowingly — had been meeting. Dude's got a fricken' statue at the Valley of the End and co-founded the Village. This attack, however, was deflected by his brother Madara who had intervened between the two sides along with Hashirama. Izuna being mortally wounded by Tobirama. When he comes out of the coffin, Madara gives him Shisui sharingan and Obito's Sharingan.It allowed the user to control the mind of the target to the point where even the one it was being used on wasn't aware of it themselves.


Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Itachi Uchiha suggested that his eyes had been taken by force; however, Madara insisted that Izuna had willingly given up his eyes for the good of his brother and the whole clan, seeing that Madara needed to remain strong to protect the clan from its growing number of enemies. In the anime, Izuna showed proficient skill in Fire Release, able to perform his clan's signature Great Fireball Technique with enough power to disperse a Water Dragon Bullet Technique.


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