iwabe est kawaki
As Naruto's battle against Delta continues, Kawaki informs Boruto about the power of Delta's laser beam and how individuals with regenerative abilities cannot regenerate from the attack.

As they fight, Kawaki shoots an energy blast at Boruto to test his seal and the latter absorbs it. Vessel Or something like this one? When Kawaki's arm reactivated, they realized Naruo was alive. I saw some speculation that Kawaki is actually Iwabe and Denki, due to a Kara experiment. Orochimaru, Ōtsutsuki Clan First of all "Rod"...Iwabe's Rod has that white shit around it which i cant describe cuz my english skills suck. Evil-doer I really don't see a reason for him to turn on his own village of all places. kawaki is the child of naruto and sasuke, remember the big clash sasuke and naruto had that destroyed their arms? Boruto kuga dianggap telah mengenal Kawaku sejak lama dari percakapan yang mereka lakukan di episode pertama tersebut.

Sasuke Uchiha | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. White Zetsu | he clashed with Boruto after fighting over the bathroom Naruto was using. Kakashi-Sensei's True Face! Konohamaru's team brings Kawaki to the Hidden Leaf Village to make him recuperate from over-exhausting himself. Realizing that Naruto could not defeat Jigen, Kawaki begged Jigen to just take him and leave and confirmed that Jigen is too strong for Naruto but Naruto refused to allow it and Jigen decides to fight Naruto in an alternate space-time by teleporting both of them out of world that they were in. "full control of earth style jutsu" thats such a reach theyre all genin. Zabuza Momochi | Haku | Delta appears in front of everyone and reminds Kawaki about her punishments to him. Alias Also, if we are assuming that Kawaki is supposed to be a friend from Boruto's childhood, and that he is currently in the show, there really isn't any other candidates for Kawaki (Denki can barely walk on water). Zaku Abumi | Akahoshi | Iwabee Yuino (結乃イワベエ Yuino Iwabee) est un genin de Konoha. Kawaki have a conversation with Naruto about ninjas, comradeship and the original purpose of chakra as a way of being able to connect with people. Kawaki uses his enhanced hand to scare the child but Naruto stops him from attacking the child. Kawaki is close to fixing up the vase until he tries to find the last piece. Muku | Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2. Naruto firmly tells Kawaki that he is hear to watch him and that he is also here to protect the village. Kandachi |

There has been a new big bad introduced into Boruto and he goes by the name of Kawaki. Demonic Statue of the Outer Path | In his battle against Delta, Naruto tells her that Kawaki is considered his child and that he will not allow her to harm him. Kara, Non-canon He is a part of the Kara organization and like Boruto Uzumaki he was given a powerful seal that grants him a lot of power. With his power, he was able to defeat and kill Garō. Furido | Ishidate | its not like a sharp blade is under it. Fodder team member gets in the way and gets hurt and he gets punished for it. Hidan | Amachi | Origin

is it possible he is a descendent of Hashirama Senju?? As Sarada asks Kawaki what is wrong, Kawaki is overcome with shock and horror at the realization that Naruto lost to and was likely killed by Jigen.

Boruto came home to meet Kawaki as his new housemate.

Suigetsu Hōzuki | Boruto calls Kawaki his brother after their conversation and leaves. Boruto appears and tells him he wants to know about the seal he got, Kawaki suggest that they spar to get a better understanding of the seals. Gengo | I also dont think their's a jutsu for changing the eyecolours (without being in an actual "state" His eyes look normal and there is noooo evidence of him being in some mode like Boruto for example. The kama seal in Kawaki's hand acts up and begins to expand until a portal appears for Jigen to appear in front of him.

Mōryō | Unable to provide a prosthetic arm, Naruto opts to give him an arm that has his chakra to replace Kawaki's arm. Tak hanya Denki, banyak juga yang menduga jika Kawaki merupakan Iwabe… Itachi Uchiha | Kawaki, Naruto, and Sarada gets to Ino's flower shop where he was to pick the vase. Years later, Kawaki shows a much darker personality, to the point he is willing to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village to tell Boruto that the age of ninja is over. He also uses full control freely Earth Style in the same way that Hashirama uses full control Wood Style freely, and Earth Style is actually half of Wood Stlye, which is a mixture of Earth and Water.

As Kawaki tries to find the last piece, he walks up to a sleeping Naruto. When Ino tries to put the flowers into the vase, he got a vision of his traumatic mistreatment from Jigen and drops the vase on the floor breaking it.

Amado | even though he is High Chunin/Jonin level. As Kawaki rebukes him, he is powerless as Jigen twists his arm and continues to degrade Naruto and Konoha as he says Naruto only cares for the peace of Konoha and expresses his desire to cut off the prosthetic and once they return to Kara, fix up his right arm. Suigetsu Hōzuki |

Nega Naruto | Sumire Kakei | When Boro attacked them, Boruto was possessed by his Karma, and killed Boro. Mui | Just about every arc of the show has Iwabee having problems with how things are run. kawaki being a fusion of denki and iwabe would be like a repeat of the tobi=obito debacle, i hope kawaki will be a different character and beside that why would kara target denki out of all the people? Thats not it.

Eventually, Kawaki began to warm up to others, even becoming interested in learning Ninjutsu and other forms of entertainment in Konoha, along with coming to admire Naruto's selflessness and ability to rise up despite having similar backgrounds to his own.


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