is twilioquest legit
Sample applications that cover common use cases in a variety of languages.

Again, in a safe and controlled environment, make sure that they work as expected. I want to say it takes place in the fall, but they leave the competition materials open year round so that anyone can try it out, and it’s a great beginner way to ease into these competitions because it’s designed for high schoolers, but it gives you an idea of the types of challenges that you would face even in more complicated type of competitions. Have fun, learn Twilio, and play at your own pace while building the valuable experience you’ll need for your own communications applications.

I started participating in a Cyber Defense Competitions Club and started getting familiar with the types of tools and processes that are used by hackers and how I could apply those in a competition context. I think that almost any language can be helpful and even just understanding one language can help you understand how to interpret another one in some ways. [00:00:31] SY: Karen talks about getting into cybersecurity through forensic and security competitions, reliable and safe resources to learn how to hack and how to do it legally after this.

I want to better understand why certain things work the way that they do, why the tools behave the way that they do, and then of course, learning new things completely, new tools and processes to help me be a more effective penetration tester.

And then once you start getting into the assessment itself, it starts with a lot of research on the target. [00:03:41] KM: In Neopets, you can modify your profile or your pet’s profile, or even like this fully customizable pet page or a Guild page to basically look sleek and that’s what drove me to learn HTML and CSS because I wanted to have a fancy looking profile and I wanted to spruce up my pet’s pages. If you’re already managing a MongoDB deployment, Atlas has a live migration service so you can migrate it easily and with minimal downtime then get back to what matters. [00:08:30] KM: So you could set up a four loop that maybe takes a word list as its input and just loops through those and it attempts to run a command that is trying out those different passwords on whatever your target is. You can even earn a Twilio account credit if you complete the whole mission. I can’t remember the name right now, but if you really focus in on the shell code that was in that exploit and kind of reverse engineer it, you’ll see that it actually just recursively removes all of the files on the system that it’s run on. We don’t want to go to jail, any of that stuff. [00:11:22] KM: Basically, it’s ethical hacking. [00:11:12] SY: So you mentioned penetration test, and I know that’s a popular idea in security, and I’m not really sure I know what it is.

[00:28:13] With DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure, you’ll be able to build faster and scale easier from predictable pricing to flexible configurations, to world-class customer support. So I’m wondering, how do you legally try out some of these tools to do penetration testing and to do some of the other forensic cybersecurity stuff we talked about? I mean, I don’t feel like I got interested in coding beyond that until around high school. And there are a number of ways that you can do that, but I remember we had to use like specific tools to detect that the steganography existed and to extract the information from that picture as well as figure out how to get into this image of an Android phone, I believe, and try to see what was on there, see if there were any clues. What should I be using? [00:25:30] SY: And that’s exactly what I wanted to get into next. We also include Add-ons and integration-specific mission lines for you to explore. And on my most recent pen testing engagement, I kind of let those feelings go. Of course you are – go play now, and start filling that text editor.

(And don’t worry, you can change your digital representation after the game has started – just click the ‘Settings’ link any time in-game). Download and play TwilioQuest for free at

[00:02:44] SY: So let’s start at the beginning of your journey. There are a lot of them. Download, test drive, and tweak them yourself. This would require you to understand how some malicious code that you or your organization found is working and what is it doing. [00:05:50] SY: Okay. Glad to see they've gone public with this.

If you don’t have the right permissions, if you’re not doing it in the right environment, it can be harmful as well. And that’s a big one because it might be tempting when you see these hackers who are out there trying to get money or trying to be famous.

The new documentation experience from Twilio. You can deploy a fully managed MongoDB database in minutes with just a few clicks or API calls. [00:16:49] No one wants to manage databases if they can avoid it. You may unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in the digest email. Care less about the mistakes that we make and more about how we can learn from those mistakes. And if you stay ethical, then you don’t have to worry about paying an absurd amount of money or prison time if you’re caught when you’re caught.

If you need to access something more quickly, then sometimes you can take shortcuts to get that access, again, because an attacker would have so much more time, but you only have that small window. What is that? Like, “Oh, someone is trying to use hacking to benefit themselves and in some way maybe gain money.” I mean, any number of things, and it can be malicious. So you want to avoid things like that.

Karen, are you ready to fill in the blanks?

Always feel free to contact Twilio’s support, who are very well versed in the challenges you might face in-game. We have over 1,400 customizations for your base character – and you haven’t even started finding items yet! The direction that we’re going is machine learning can be used from both an attacker and a defender standpoint to carry out more smart, automated attacks or potentially detect malicious activity from the defender’s side. I’m really glad you cheated.

Like what are you doing to find that photo or figure out that scenario? I took some security classes that focused on tools like Wireshark, which is used to analyze network traffic and focus in on individual packets that contain data that’s being sent over the network. Thank you again for having me. [00:34:25] SY: So we mentioned a couple of times how important it is to do hacking, but do it legally, and we don’t want to knowingly or unknowingly end up breaking the wall and getting into trouble.

And in the context of ethical hacking, you’re trying to do it the right way, the safe way and make sure that that vulnerability is no longer there for the more malicious hackers. [00:02:04] When you need to focus on building, do you want to get bogged down by your database?


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