is glen holt still alive

“It was terrible to lose so much in the fire, but we’ve started again, and most importantly, we’re together and she’s happy,” Glen says. From the mid 1960's to the 1970's he became one of the most successful harness horse drivers in the state of California starting out on the county fairs circuit, then on to Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Bay Meadows, Los Alamitos and Cal Expo.

It was so painful to watch her decline to such a helpless state like Annette.

“So was I.”. You’re receiving limited access to They lived around the corner from me in Sherman Oaks but I respected their privacy and never went to their home. She ultimately appeared in a number of Disney TV series, starred in several motion pictures, and launched a successful recording career. Remember to sign in or join D23 today to enjoy endless Disney magic. My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to meet both him and Annette at Disneyworld. At one point, she and teen idol Paul Anka became an item and he wrote both "Puppy Love" and "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" with her in mind.

From the obituary I find Glen was quite a guy. RIP with your Lovely wife. It came about when "Television's Singing Troubadour, Jimmie Jackson" arranged for her to be given the designation of the "Sweetheart of the San Fernando Valley Mayors" at the May 2, 1957, grand opening of his new Tambour restaurant (tambour is African for "Drum") in Tarzana. RIP Glen. I went through a similar experience with my first wife who developed a severe case of Vasculitis which took her life after a 4 year struggle.

As her primary caretaker, Glen and his entire life revolve around Annette.

Her home suffered major fire damage and wheelchair-bound Annette and her husband were hospitalized and treated for smoke inhalation.

“You hear about many heroes in this world,” she says, “but rarely do you come upon one in your own life. Her legions of fans have adored her for nearly six decades, and her husband of 25 years, Glen Holt, couldn’t be more devoted.

Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one.

and I hope the foundation will continue to look for a cure..God bless Glen for his kindness and may he Rest In Peace. “It was about 7 o’clock in the morning when one of our caregivers woke me and told me that she smelled smoke,” Glen says. Jackson called together some of his old friends and former guests from his Hollywood television show, "Memory Lane" who were now "Honorary" mayors of various small towns in the San Fernando Valley. When she was cast in her first beach movie.

Annette Joanne Funicello achieved teenage popularity starting in October 1955 after she debuted as a Mouseketeer. Glen is definitely the hero in mine, and I thank God for him every day.”, As original Mouseketeer Don Grady recently remarked, “Who doesn’t love Annette?

With the help of devoted husband Glen Holt, Annette Funicello’s life continues to be filled with warmth, happiness, and love. Both are do greatly missed. Glen D. HoltFebruary 12, 2018 - December 19, 1930. Annette's MS and Glenn's unfailing support and love for the beautiful Annette. His career in the sport spanned 50 years and one of the highlights was being the leading driver at the 1971 Cal Expo meeting. While on the force he taught pistol shooting and became an expert sharpshooter. Glen was such a wonderful husband and caregiver, a true angel. Mr. Holt had a love of horses from the time he was a child. We spoke as Annette was inside and told him I w as a close friend and former FC President and met all of her lovely family 1 He was very protective of her privacy for sure 1 Ed Held ~~` sho buz ! Anyway, I can say I have a clear idea of how Glenn felt during his ordeal but I went through it for only 4 years. Share Glen's life story with friends and family. God bless Glen for all his efforts to help Annette and others who suffer with M.S.

In 1950 he married Helen Rose from Shafter and together they raised 4 children.

"And when she was diagnosed and started all this stuff about MS, I told her, 'Well, I'll take care of you, honey, and I'll do everything I can do. “She’d tell me that she just couldn’t walk very well on the beach,” Glen explains. Receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1993, Annette was eventually wheelchair-ridden and went into complete seclusion.Following a tragic March 2011 incident in which their Los Angeles house burnt to the ground and both Annette and husband Glen were hospitalized with smoke inhalation, the couple moved to Bakersfield, California. Im glad whoever made that film availablefor us to see. In 1986 he married Annette Funicello and was a faithful husband and caregiver to her until her passing in 2013. By the time he was in eighth grade, when the family settled in Shafter, Calif., he had attended 13 schools. Annette still resided in her first house several miles from where she grew up. I'm sad to learn of Glen's passing. Another old friend, Mickey Mouse, surprised the pair at the reception and had the second dance with the new bride.


“She had a horse that she boarded at Hollywood Park Racetrack where my horses ran. Bill Hafker, Other Works While on the force he taught pistol shooting and became an expert sharpshooter. May your soul rest easy great uncle Glen. The Disney Studio soon became deluged with thousands of pieces of mail for Annette, offering all kinds of ideas for treatments and words of love and support. The first movie, aptly titled Beach Party (1963) starred Robert Cummings and Dorothy Malone as the older generation who explore the younger set represented by Annette (as "Dee Dee") and her love interest Frankie Avalon (as "Frankie"). But she phased out her career in favor of family.She and Gilardi divorced in 1983. Letters continue to arrive from fans all over the world. He was an actor, known for, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story, Shocking Annette Funicello Video: Star's True Condition Revealed Months Before Her Death, Characters Featured In Empire And Premiere's Best Characters Lists.

He was the first trainer in California to have a swimming pool built for training horses and he was frequently sought out to train and race horses from stables across the country, Canada, France, New Zealand and Australia. “We just have a great connection of the heart.”, Shelley also values the time she shares with Annette and marvels at Glen’s devotion. By the run-through in 1958 of The Mickey Mouse Club (1955) in which she appeared in her own multi-segmented series entitled "Annette", she had become the most popular Mousketeer of them all and the only one kept under contract by Walt Disney after he canceled the show. He faithfully continued his work to raise money for research along with the help of his good friend Dave Mason. What a kind soul that was Annette husband and so caring towards her.

The "teenage" couple (actually she was 20 and he 23) proved so popular in this that they were whisked into a number of sand-and-surf romps (Muscle Beach Party (1964), Bikini Beach (1964), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)) that showcased the actors engaging in harmless fun while singing and dancing in the sand, and falling into silly slapstick.After the surfing craze died out in 1965, Annette married Jack Gilardi, Paul Anka's agent, and became the mother of his three children -- Gina, Jack Jr. and Jason. Horseman

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It was just amazing that there is someone in the world like him him.

He was an actor, known for A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story (1995), Fame, Fortune and Romance (1986) and Biography (1987). They tied the knot in 1986—and he told CTV W5, "I don't regret it by one iota. Seeing him care for Annette, seeing how wonderful he was to her makes him a person you never forget.

The family requests memorial donations be made to the AFRFND at,, To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our. Covering the event was the "Valley News and Green Sheet"--now "The Valley News"--and the Los Angeles Times. Within a year into her second marriage, Annette was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. You could tell just by watching him how much he cared for her. She became the most famous spokesperson for the disease. “I didn’t want to frighten her, and I knew if I collapsed she would be helpless.” Fortunately, Glen was able to open the patio door and, with a surge of super strength, picked up Annette in the wheelchair and put her over the fence into a neighbor’s backyard. While Glen was at every performance helping his wife on to and off the stage, the one place he couldn’t be was onstage, and he needed Frankie to be her guardian. Such a sad loss but he is with Annette. The two became more and more friendly until an also-divorced Glen finally asked her out.

I want her to be able to be outside and feel the sunshine, breathe the air, and see people who still come up to her to say hello.”. Whenever anyone spoke of Annette, no last name was ever needed as everyone knew who you were talking about.The popular teenager became synonymous with wholesome entertainment and was borrowed by Danny Thomas in 1959 to play Gina, a foreign exchange student, on The Danny Thomas Show (1953) (aka "The Danny Thomas Show") and also that same year had a recurring role on the Disney television series Zorro (1957).

But hey, she will always be my favorite girl.”. Glen Holt was born on December 19, 1930 in Missouri, USA.

Her funeral was conducted in a private ceremony at Cherished Memories Memorial Chapel in Bakersfield, California. Glen Holt was born on December 19, 1930 in Missouri, USA. In 1986 he married Annette Funicello and was a faithful husband and caregiver to her until her passing in 2013. First let me extend my condolences to Glens family. I talked to so many doctors. I seen the wonderful care he gave to his wife.

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Had two brothers: Michael Funicello and Joey Funicello.

They were both amazing loving people.

Longtime horseman Glen Holt passed away Feb. 12 at age 87 in California.

I have a longtime friend who is battling this same form of the disease and now cannot communicate at all.

In October, Funicello's husband, Glen Holt, allowed Canada's CTV W5 News into their home to shed light on the toll that multiple sclerosis had taken on his wife after nearly 25 years. Annette Funicello, who died today at 70, had not been the bubbly, energetic entertainer that fans remembered her as for quite some time. Annette's life was filmed as a television movie with A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story (1995) co-starring her good friend, Shelley Fabares. 3, 2018.

Her three children are all married, and she’s even a grandma three times over.

He faithfully continued his work to raise money for research along with the help of his good friend Dave Mason.


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