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These range from material cultural practices like magüey hammock-weaving; toponymy and retention of Native words; foodways and staple crops like yuca; and the continued application of Native agronomical and piscatorial technologies and knowledge. 2016;50(6):560-570. doi: 10.1159/000450655.

However, Native influences are identifiable in various traditions that commune with Taíno spirits, as in 21 Divisions, that adopted and ritualistically use endemic flora and foods sacred to Taíno, as in Lukumí, and that use mediumship for ancestral communion and healing, as in espiritismo del cordon (Cordon Spiritism). Caries Res. Palacios C, Lopez M, Ortiz AP, Correa MC. In: Osteoporosis: Etiology, Diagnosis, and treatment.

Hauppauge, NY. Palacios C. The Role of Nutrients in Bone Health, from A to Z. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 2006; 46(8):621-8. Dr. Cristina Palacios is an associate professor in the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition.

Women and girls of Concilio Taíno Guatu-ma-cu a Borikén do an areíto (ceremonial dance and song) in Puerto Rico’s Susúa forest, April 2018. doi: 10.15226/jnhfs.2016.00171. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. “If a Taíno is following a Christian path,” he states, “that tradition includes all kinds of foreign elements that don’t have to do with us historically….

Review. Validation and reproducibility of a semi-quantitative FFQ as a measure of dietary intake in adults from Puerto Rico. Christina Marie González (decolonizing Borikua/Puerto Rican) is a PhD candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, with concentrations in Native American and Indigenous Studies and Museum Studies. In addition, she is a consultant for the World Health Organization in Vitamin D and for the Pan-American Health Organization in infant nutrition. You tell her or him why you need it.” Later as an adult, Hernández came to identify these family practices as reflecting an inherited Indigenous value system, especially when learning from his Native North American friends of similar traditional plant ceremonies they practiced in their communities. Non-medical use of prescription drugs and its association with socio-demographic characteristics, dietary pattern, and perceived academic load and stress in college students in Puerto Rico. Association between Type, Amount, and Pattern of Carbohydrate Consumption with Dental Caries in 12-Year-Olds in Puerto Rico. "Reviews: Cristina Córdova", Kate Dobbs Ariail, American Craft, September/August 2006. Photo by Christina M. González. Artesanía Guillén, a shop and studio in Yamasá, Dominican Republic, displays the renowned craftsmanship of “los Hermanos Guillén” (the Guillén Brothers), who specialize in reproductions of pre-Columbian Taíno cultural and religious materials.

Georgia State University, Visiting Artist, June,2009. Associate Professor, Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, Bone and Body Composition, Obesity Prevention. Religion has been deeply embedded in the colonial enterprise and experience, and so, for many Taíno, it is a fundamental focus of decolonization efforts.

Little did they know how imminent a threat this was and in what form it would take. Is vitamin D deficiency a major global public health problem? "Creadora de enigmas", El Nuevo Dia, 14 de diciembre del 2007.

"Umbral de lo surreal", Mariana García Benítez,Arq.i.tec 3.4, junio/2009.

Palacios C and Weaver CM. New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, "Figure Drawing", Instructor, Alfred, NY, January- May 2000. Photo by Christina M. González. On the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, Cacique Gypsy Córdova (right) of the cultural-religious community Yukayeke Taíno a Borikén conducts a healing ceremony in July 2018 using rolled tobacco, the salvia plant, and incensed resin of the endemic tabonuco tree (Dacryodes excels). 2017 Apr;117(4):526-535.e9.

Ancestral lands and geographical features therein nourish Taíno and provide a deep sense of belonging and vitality of body and soul, a relationship that Miguel Sagué believes should ideally inform one’s religious identity and practice. 2017 Nov;62:56-60. doi: 10.1016/j.cct.2017.08.011. Physical environment, diet quality, and body weight in a group of 12-year-old children from four public schools in Puerto Rico. Many in the movement call upon embodied memories of traditions and values disseminated across generations, often by family matriarchs, which espoused mindful relations in a world where all things have life, from plants, stones, rivers, forests, caves, sun and moon, to deceased relatives and disincarnate beings inhabiting their islands. Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Maria unexpectedly appeared. 2013, XVIII 804p. 2011 May;27(5):520-5. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2010.02.011.

Diet, Pre-pregnancy BMI, and Gestational Weight Gain in Puerto Rican Women.

2007 Sep;26(3):199-204.

2015 Apr;1(1):5-11. doi: 10.17140/DROJ-1-102.

NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, NY, M.F.A. One of the many ways Taíno have survived, however, is through words like hurakan (hurricane). Association of the DASH dietary pattern with insulin resistance and diabetes in US Hispanic/Latino adults: results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL). Use of supplements in Puerto Rican older adults residing in an elderly project.

Palacios C and Anglero I. Puerto Rican guidelines on diet and food quality. Ríos JL, Betancourt J, Pagán I, Fabián C, Cruz SY, González AM, González MJ, Rivera-Soto WT, Palacios C. Betancourt J, Ríos JL, Pagán I, Fabián C, González AM, Cruz SY, González MJ, Rivera WT, Palacios C. González AM, Cruz SY, Ríos JL, Pagán I, Fabián C, Betancourt J, Rivera-Soto WT, González MJ, Palacios C. Cruz SY, Fabián C, Pagán I, Ríos JL, González AM, Betancourt J, González MJ, Rivera-Soto WT, Palacios C. Fabián C, Pagán I, Ríos JL, Betancourt J, Cruz SY, González AM, Palacios C, González MJ, Rivera-Soto WT. Photos by Christina M. González. Micronutrient Intake and the Contribution of Dietary Supplements in Hispanic Infants. Palacios C. Nutritional treatment in osteoporosis. Nutrition and health: guidelines for dental practitioners. Bonjour JP, Guéguen L, Heaney RP, Palacios C, Shearer J & Weaver CM. Association between calcium intake and colorectal neoplasia in Puerto Rican Hispanics.

Recognitions include a USA Artist Fellowship, an American Crafts Council Emerging Artist Grant, a North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship, a Virginia Groot Foundation Recognition Grant and several International Association of Art Critics Awards. Cool huh! Curr Nutr Rep. 2012 Dec;1(4):215-221. doi: 10.1007/s13668-012-0024-0. In 2002 she entered a three year artists residency program at Penland School of Crafts where she later served on the board of trustees from 2006 to 2010. Sleep Duration, Sedentary Behaviors, and Physical Activity across Weight Status in Hispanic Toddlers’ Participants of the WIC Program. Our physical geography is part of our spiritual geography.” As founder of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle, Sagué trains new generations of bohitiu (shaman-healers) and behike (ceremonial leaders) according to a reconstructed Taíno mysticism that reflects this relationship to Caribbean geographies, stories and elements.

Racial differences in skeletal calcium retention in adolescent girls with varied controlled calcium intakes. Lopez-Cepero A, Torres R, Elias A, Rosal MC, Palacios C. Palacios C, Daniel CR, Tirado-Gómez M, Gonzalez-Mercado V, Vallejo L, Lozada J, Ortiz A, Hughes DC, Basen-Engquist K. J Immigr Minor Health. Alfred University.

You’re not outside of it…. University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Visiting Artist Fellow, January, 2009. 2016 Nov;164:148-155. doi: 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2016.02.008. You pick it this way, at this time of the day so that you don’t hurt it. Actualización en Nutrición Vol. Lifestyle modification intervention for overweight and obese Hispanic pregnant women: development, implementation, lessons learned and future applications. Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy: Updated meta-analysis on maternal outcomes. Social environment factors, diet quality, and body weight in 12-year-old children from four public schools in Puerto Rico. There, Taíno received prophetic visions and warnings, and consulted with ancestral beings on matters such as warfare, healing and harvesting. Development and Evaluation of a Nutritional Smartphone Application for Making Smart and Healthy Choices in Grocery Shopping. MAGAZINE OF SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN, “Prepárate, mi gente. Cristina Córdova: Entre Tierra, Isabel P. Sanz De Arellano López ,Imágen, mayo /2009. I tilted my head attentively towards the man in trance. Springer.

Whatever becomes of Taíno resurgence moving forward, its survived and rekindled spiritual expressions point to a desired and needed world where: the future is ancestral; the future is ancient; the future is Atabey.

Validation and reproducibility of a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire for use in Puerto Rican children. López D, Torres M, Vélez J, Grullon J, Negrón E, Pérez CM, Palacios C. Healthc Inform Res. Irma swept across the Caribbean, devastating isles like the Virgin Islands and Saint Martin, sending Florida into a state of emergency and leaving more than a million people in Puerto Rico’s northern coast without power, and some without homes. These reconnections are not only healing and enriching for Taíno, but for Atabey as well. 2015 Apr;35(4):287-93. doi: 10.1016/j.nutres.2015.02.001. "Cristina Córdova: Mujeres Santas y Renacimientos", Jorge Rodriguez, El Vocero, 2001. This forest is a significant site for the community, and is where they hold an annual naming ceremony that is open to the public. "The Figure in Clay", Suzanne Tourtillot, Lark Books, 2005. Prophetic dreaming, clairvoyant or clairaudient phenomena and relationships with india/o spirits have propelled many people towards an urgent reconnection with neglected ancestors and forgotten traditions. It also includes a regeneration of ancestral rural lifeways that diminished through migration, urbanization and economic restructuring, which is especially salient for Puerto Ricans. “The Spanish never recorded the preparation and yet these people know exactly how to make it.” Within the Taíno movement, cohoba is being slowly and carefully re-introduced as a ceremonial medicine, building on comparative research on related medicines in South America like the yopo. Director Kevin Gover will offer a welcome. Breastfeeding practices, timing of introduction of complementary beverages and foods and weight status in infants and toddlers participants of a WIC clinic in Puerto Rico. ... Puerto Rico and held the reception at Candelero Resort in 2003, Willie had popped the question a year earlier in the middle school homeroom they once shared.


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