imperial vs stormcloak beliefs
He's also got issues with the Dunmer inside his city, causing Windhelm to become a racist mess. The same goes for the next chart. Liberals and centrists were most likely to be Imperials, while conservatives and libertarians were most likely to be Stormcloaks. With that explained, let us look at how one’s side in the civil war matched up with their political views. Much like sparing Elisef. The Empire is still worshipping Talos, some of them more open than others, and a lot of the Stormcloak leaders are themselves previous Empire supporters.

In total, there were 374 participants in the study. Just don't expect them to give a tossed pie about the state you'll be living in once the war's over. Galmar makes a big ruckus about how you "don't need to be a Nord to fight for Skyrim," but one look at Windhelm's Gray Quarter puts that statement into context nicely. But if given the option, I would definitely choose Sheogorath's side My army of Golden Saints, Dark Seducers and Clown pits shall conquer all! I just think that a unified Tamriel would do the world better than having it divided. The Emperor's decision to withdraw from the Imperial City in 4E 174 was bloodily vindicated. The leading reason for the groups was, indeed, the general view that both sides were bad. Even then, they're only able to contain this rebellion due to the talents of General Tullius. But for a "greater good" I went for the empire even if it was not my 1st choice. The most common ones were: Some of these terms are clear-cut, while others are attempts to summarize what were often nuanced opinions. If you see the true playout after the civil war, siding with the Stormcloaks could very well result in freedom for those in Tamriel from the Empire. During the winter of 4E 174-175, the Thalmor seem to have believed that the war in Cyrodiil was all but over. As it is, the Empire can barely afford to hold them at bay. But what if we put it through the lens of not picking the right side, but instead choosing the lesser of two evils? As Imperial you stand at a barrier just outside Whiterun and fight a few waves of enemies. OH I so wish YOU could become the emperor, and do some changes. RELATED: Skyrim: 10 Weird Mistakes They Never Patched Out. I have played both sides on different characters. Humans are called "mortal" even though they seem to be immortal souls? Each side is guilty of oppression to a degree, and each side is also responsible for doing some good in Skyrim to a degree. So to have more fun and see more skin i joined the Stormcloaks. What people seem to often forget is that Skyrim is home to other races including the empire and they make up a huge percentage of the population. *hooaah*. As mentioned above' date=' i'm half wondering if they will make Elisef the High Queen after all in some DLC. In this, the Thalmor certainly achieved one of their long-term goals by sowing lasting bitterness between Hammerfell and the Empire. The Thalmor aren’t particularly nice, so this is something to be aware of before choosing. And with the end of the DB storyline, the last half a century, and so forth i'm betting on falling or being re-founded. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. A lot of the flack Ulfric gets is also just flat out wrong. Acceptance of the treaty, at the very least, gives them time to consolidate and rebuild their forces to a point where they could successfully resist further incursions. Non-political motives such as role-playing or anger over the attempted execution by the Empire at the start of the game took a back seat to questions of individual rights and national security. Bosmer - The Wood Elven land of Valenwood is a member of the Aldmeri Dominion. If Talos is real, then he is a real enemy of the Thalmor. On my first run I played as a dunmer and was too tempted to choose Strom for one thing : the reminder of the "Morrowind" rebels. With the obvious exception of “none of the above,” conservatives were the lowest, with only 82.1% taking a side, while liberals were the most partial, at 89.7%. Americans and non-Americans were about equally likely to be neutral. The book "The Talos Mistake" was either written to appease the Aldmeri Dominion or it was written by an anti-Talos person. The Imperial Empire vs. the Stormcloaks Which side? wheras Ulfrics speech felt like a pretty epic setup for future events.

One good example is provided by Jarl Balgruuf's Imperial steward, Proventus, when describes the Nordic lore surrounding the Dragonborn as nonsense. I do not like Ulfric, Legate Rikki should have been allowed to live in Skyrim after the Battle for Solitude, Ulfric manipulated her honor to force her to choose death in battle. Your email address will not be published. Do I have the right to voice whatever I want? But of course, Ulfric had to go and strike against the Empire, because all he wants is power. How people that side with the Empire is the majority and how the Stormcloaks supporters are a minority. re: The Imperial Empire vs. the Stormcloaks Which side?

Then it asked what the person’s political alignment was, with the options of “Conservative (right-wing),” “Liberal (left-wing),” “Libertarian,” “Centrist,” and “None of the above.” The last two questions concerned the person’s country of residence and age. Libertarians and centrists were most likely to accuse the Imperials of being puppets of the Thalmor or too easily influenced by them. (Back with a more improved essay than last time). People who identified as “none of the above” politically who are neutral in the war will be considered true neutrals. Ulfric is a good warrior; but he has a hell of a political mind too. A look at the qualitative data on motivations shows that liberal Imperials were mostly motivated by a strictly political impulse: opposition to the perceived racism of the Stormcloaks. This would open up another flank for the Thalmor to assault Hammerfell, and it's geographically much closer to their end goal, which appears to be the Adamantine Tower. We have certainly seen the likes of slavery, unjust treatment, and flat inequality in other parts of Tamriel before, but the state of Windhelm's Dunmer population is rather telling concerning the limits of their tolerance. Sure the Stormcloaks are only trying to defend their rights but sometimes submitting is just the smartest option. It's like choosing between two shitheads and going for the less shitty dude.

The thing that makes the Empire appear as weak in Skyrim is that they've been carefully orchestrated to appear as such by the Dominion's forces directly interfering with their affairs and rousing general discord within their populace, both on political and religious grounds.

The Empire has attempted to reestablish Talos worship once before (see: Markarth Incident), but only failed to do so thanks to the direct interference of the Thalmor. You were put in a cart with them and if you remember correctly the person who decided that you should be beheaded was the unnamed Imperial Captain which stands next to Hadvar while they acquire the names of the Stormcloak prisoners. As they walk past you they’ll typically say something demeaning, such as calling you “rebel scum”. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine.

It felt very much like 'just another day in the Legion'. “Background: Ulfric first came to our attention during the First War Against the Empire, when he was taken as a prisoner of war during the campaign for the White-Gold Tower. As a Stormcloak you attack and invade Whiterun in an epic, and pretty emotionally tearing way (these people are likely familiar to you; the Jarl having been a good ally if you dd the MQ first). In fact, if the Dark Brotherhood questline is to be taken as canon, the Emperor himself has been recently assassinated. We need to break it down. So far, the 'battles' for the Imperial faction seem a whole lot less epic than the Stormcloak side. Overall, most groups took a side. Fox. Since you are dragonborn afterall in most of the generations the emperor was always a dragonborn. This was an exception and if the high command of the empire had its way the Stormcloaks would be brought to Cyrodill to be executed while you would just pay a fine or go to jail for trying to cross the border. But it’s a heck of a lot better than the Stormcloaks, the short-sighted race purists who want the simple satisfaction of being ‘independent’ while allowing the Thalmor to continue growing stronger. It is true that the Dominion sacked the Imperial City and caused damage.

This one's abundantly obvious, considering that it's a direct contributor to the reasoning behind the Stormcloak rebellion. This includes the outlawing of Talos Worship. Conservatives were most likely to take an extreme position (strong Imperial or strong Stormcloak) and were the only group with a majority of extremists at 55.4%. All Men and Mer Owe Talos more then they know. The Imperials don’t seem like they want Talos worship prohibited, but they are willing to do whatever so the elves don’t kill them all. The Emperor encouraged them in their belief that he was preparing to surrender; meanwhile, he gathered his forces to retake the Imperial City. Gaming Exploits is a team of passionate gamers, They did well amiking it a lose-lose situation, with an even worse loss if you DON'T choose. Keep scrolling to join us as we pick apart each faction and make a case against them. Cold wars would be a diplomatic option for empires that border you. Beth slapped this together. Fittingly for a grey-grey choices onry game, I also had no problem with his killing of the High King. First of all, we must discuss how the study was done. Admittedly, most of these are based on the lore and what you feel morally obligated to do, but that’s because it doesn’t massively affect any of the in-game experience. OR, somehow, a vague expilination or left-field/unforseen event will make sure that the Thalmor are defeated no matter what. Americans were slightly more likely (about 5%) to be Stormcloaks than non-Americans. As my first character was an imperial, I went with the Empire. This did not make centrists the most neutral, however. You can, in fact, get your revenge on the Imperial Captain who ordered your execution by following Ralof into the keep where you will fight two imperials upon arrival, one of them being that captain and your revenge has been cleared. Why would they? Normally, neither faction is very attractive to me. Speaking of the Thalmor, i'd love if it was possible to join them on my high elf (I disagree that they are going on a genocide rampage based on belief from the mythic age btw, they look more like they are set on conquering and enslaving everyone to me). RELATED: Skyrim: 5 Awesome Locations Players Can't Go (And 5 Quests We Can't Believe Were Cut). An attempt by the Aldmeri to break out of the city to the south was blocked by the unbreakable shield wall of General Jonna's battered legions. A Stormcloak win would be very good for that, as the Dominion would have a much weaker and more divided rival to deal with. Conversely, liberals were 1.14 times more likely to be Imperials than centrists, 1.82 times more likely than conservatives, and 3.25 tim… Second, it asked each respondent to give a brief explanation of why they made their choice (for some qualitative data).

But in the end it's a short term victory. The Empire isn’t perfect.

This could definitely be seen as some type of racism… It’s certainly not helped that you often see them attempting to bully other races out of Skyrim. I've been quite harsh on the ba On one end you have racial persecution, and on the other, you have religious persecution. The Stormcloaks believe that the Empire betrayed Skyrim by signing the agreement that ended the Great War. I don't think they would launch an all-out attack at Skyrim. When you enter the game, Ulfric Stormcloak has recently killed the King and you are in a cart with him, Ralof, and Lokir ready to be beheaded. Daguy, April 13, 2012 in Skyrim General Discussion. A Stormcloak victory is also to be avoided, however, so even indirect aid to the Stormcloaks must be carefully managed.”. I was thinking of joining them on my second playthrough now I'm an elf, but It doesn't feel right yet. You can certainly argue that fighting for the rights of the Nordic members of Skyrim is a morally-sound adventure. No more than a band of rebels.


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