hydraulic jack repair
Then I returned the reservoir cap. You should be able to pull the ram up and push it down with your hand. Then I could wrestle the seal onto the ram the rest of the way. I replaced an O-ring with a nearly identical O-ring that was just a little different, and suddenly the nail gun worked just fine.

Use shop rags to wipe down the cylinders thoroughly before you open any.

Once the cylinder is clean, you'll need to put need to pour new fluid in with the aid of a funnel. Insert a magnetic tool and pull out the cone-shaped plug. Owning and using a hydraulic jack is often a necessity.

Removing it does not give access to any removable parts. It did not leak down that I could see. This usually involves opening the manual release valve and then manually prying the jacks up. Just to reiterate, the purpose of the overload/safety valve is when in the event that your jack reaches its PSI limit, the hydraulic jack …

When my improvised screwdriver fit the screw and its slot, I tapped on the bolt's head to be certain it had fully seated in the slot. I do not remember many details from rebuilding this jack eight years afterward. I soon realized that my workbench and vise were not equal to the task, either. I first had to develop those in my mind. First photo--The hole for the check valves has a copper sealing washer inside it. I could probably have removed the old seal without dismantling the plunger, but the threaded pin, nut, washer, and seal would have been retracted about 1 inch into the plunger body, and it would have been difficult to pry the seal out of the plunger body without compressing the spring in the plunger. I found quite a bit of dirt inside mine. The third photo shows the parts for the safety overload valve in the order in which they are inserted. If you do not have access to hydraulic fluid, you can use 5W-30 motor oil as a substitute, but you should replace it with the correct substance as quickly as possible. In order to make that work, I planted my foot against the end of the frame that is not shown in the photo. I bought a short bolt 5/8 inch in diameter. See the right text box. Clean it off with a rag to make sure there isn't any dirt on it.

He bought it new during the 1970s. Rebuilding this jack was much more difficult than simply replacing a few "O" rings, and it required more than the very few hours some say are required for rebuilding a jack. This improvised solution cost me $1.65 for the bolt and a few minutes of time. The hole from which it came is visible behind the magnet tool. Something brass would be ideal. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. Occasionally I pumped the yoke for the handle. 3 months ago There will be some oil that runs out onto the work surface. I have an 8 year old Central Hydraulics 1-1/2 ton aluminum jack (Harbor Fre... OK so I heard you can substitute motor oil to top off you jack fluid if you... i got a 8 ton bottle jack that was in the garage for a while. Hah, what are the odds that I would find someone that rebuilt the same jack that I have. I pumped the yoke between five and ten times to remove any air lock in the check valves. Check the opening of the cylinder with a caliper and use the seal that most closely matches it. Also, extra balls are included in my kit. It would not loosen. The jack's release valve was open. Anytime you are going to be working on, or maintaining, your hydraulic floor jack, it must be clean before starting. There is one thing I learned that is worth knowing. I will discuss how tight to tighten the locking nut after treating how to install the spring assembly onto the plunger body. I am retired with a car that gets about all of its service at the dealership.

Sometimes there was residue where oil dried out. 11 months ago

This is a another video that shows how to dismantle a bottle jack unit. Some are of neoprene molded to special shapes. See the left text box. I found some parts were not as easy to remove as I expected from videos and other helps that I linked earlier in this Instructable, and I had to make several special tools. Although my jack has the Fleet name, it was actually made by someone else. Two large screws are below them. Very very good posting on rebuild of floor jack.Will be helpful with much detail for anyone wanting to complete a jack rebuild Thanks for all your suggestions, KneeWalker, 8 months ago On this jack a pin both holds the end of the spring and secures the block in the photo to the top end of the ram. The cylinder would normally be removed for a rebuild. I ground a rough profile by sight. suggestions. These systems typically have a manual override that will allow you to retract the jacks in order to get your rig to a repair shop. In the photo you can also see the paperwork that came with the parts kit. The ram nut simply pulls off of the top end of the ram. Push the plunger down and let the spring cause it to return. Fortunately, I have a welder and was able to do that without too much difficulty.

The dirt had not entered the jack from the outside, but appeared to be residue that had formed from changes in the oil.

I made a mistake by unscrewing the relieve valve (by simply turning the handle counter-clockwise) with the u-joint, and now I cannot seem to threaded it back in. Copyright©

Wear safety glasses! I did notice some oil at the bottom of the cylinder appears dirty. The one on the right is recessed so far that it is not visible. Insert the screw plug. A wooden popsicle stick cut off square makes a good tool for removing oil residue without scratching the steel. There is a very helpful link at the e-How page that takes you to a set of photos and some useful notes on critical stages for doing work on a low price imported hydraulic floor jack. They are easy to repair and it can save you $150 - $200. I wonder if the little metal seal fell off or if it is displaced inside preventing the threads to engage. The pointed end goes in first. There is one on each side of the jack frame. Some of it was in places that seemed to hold the dirty oil in that particular place. When it is time for reassembly, I will turn the screw gently until it bottoms out, then I will back it off 1 3/4 turns. Third photo--Clean the ram nut. Reply The reservoir cap appears to be open, but actually has a small felt filter inside it. Get a shallow cardboard box with no holes in the bottom or a large pan and work inside of either one. As the handle is pumped, the cylinders press the pressurized hydraulic fluid, giving the force necessary to lift the vehicle. I am looking for some suggestions as to how best to raise my vehicle by abo... Water Leaking from where main pipe goes into basement floor. Loosen the nuts on the axle for the lift arm considerably, but do not remove them. That meant spreading the frame from one side and then the other back and forth until the yoke's pins are free of the frame.Fourth photo--A universal joint twists to open and close the release valve. The lift arm no longer rises when the handle is pumped up and down. All rights reserved. I did this several times until I could no longer feel anything gritty with my fingertips. Did you make this project? Any tips will be appreciated? In this video I show you how to fix a few common problems with your hydraulic floor jack. I found Blackhawk Parts and ordered parts on-line. The third photo shows how this special tool is used. on Step 19. The procedure is to place the jack over a large pan, remove the filler plug, turn the jack on its side and let it drain. One works, but the other does not. I will also watch for signs of leakage. I decided not to open the parts kit until I was certain the parts it contains match what I see on my jack as I dismantle it. Same part number that dates to 1975, I bought new at a NAPA store in Danbury, Ct.

I tried the largest screwdriver I had (3/8 inch wide blade) with a wrench on its square shank.

On the bottle jack unit in one of the videos it was easy to work the plunger in order to extract more of the oil.

There is no good way to remove it. Both holes have a large screw inside them. I left the jack in this position for a few minutes. The second photo shows the bottle jack unit's body, but inverted so it was easier to hold while operating the camera. on Step 12. Videos sometimes disappear from the Internet. First photo--Insert the wire mesh oil filter into the hole from which it came.Second photo--Clean the tank shell, both on the edges that mate to make a seal and inside. for part names, etc. That is a fairly typical price for a rebuild kit. Tamp the parts down with a small screwdriver so they settle down as far as possible in their hole. It is made from steel wire about 1/8 inch in diameter. I can easily understand why many suggest a person ought simply buy a cheap jack and replace it with another when it fails. The screw for the check valves is quite tight. Several times I feared I had ruined a vital part on my jack, or was about to do so, simply because I was without knowledge and experience related to rebuilding a floor jack. Removing the main nut was a chore - I needed to bolt it to a section of I-beam then use a 3/4" drive socket on a breaker bar with a 4 foot cheater bar.


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