how to skin a rattlesnake
To do that you will likely need to head to your local fabric store. If after drying the flesh side of the hide feels a bit tacky you can use a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol to remove that tackiness. Put it down for a few minutes until it stops. Avoid placing any type of game including a snake in a plastic bag or other airtight container unless it will immediately be frozen. Tack the skin, scale-side out, to a plywood scrap slightly larger than the snakeskin, using upholstery tacks and a tack hammer. We leave them alone. The Tandy leather store has snakeskin tanning solution for about $20US, good for three or four snakeskins. You need to skin the rattlesnake before you can prepare it for eating. Sometimes a pair of pliers can be a great help. The various varieties of snakes in the US possess attractive skins. Bull snakes will just turn around and go the other direction when confronted by large animals. The skinless body will be trashing around like mad for about two hours. When doing the delicate job of skinning of a snake it is best to use a very small knife or even a razor blade.

But why did you kill the little snakey-poo? Bathroom or a silver plated bowl, every single article will get liven up with its use. In a few hours the Snaketan tanning solution will have soaked into the skin, signaling a need to reapply more of that formula. 6 years ago

Don't go too deep, or you'll get some foul-smelling poop on you. Did you make this project?

Before drying a rattlesnake tail, make sure no meat remains inside the tail. One person should be holding the 'meat' and the other person should be peeling.

While snake skin is used as an effective treatment material, decoration is also possible with it. is there a specific type of glycerin that works best or that you recommend? Tanning Rattlesnake Hide: Sorry for the late tutorial, but hey most of you should have some hides all ready to treat! Remove the snake skin from the tanning solution. Make sure you don't cut your hands, you don't want whatever lives inside a snake to get into your bloodstream. Unlike most animal hides, which require several weeks and a series of differing submersions, snake skin is fairly quick and easy to cure, or tan. Soak the snakeskin in it for 24 hours. How one couple built a 21st-century energy efficient home with high-tech equipment that was... by John Vastyan / spread your tanning formula onto your hide, be generous but don't drown it, just be sure all of it will get soaked up, the solution doesn't evaporate fast so dont worry about using too little, the whole hide should have an orange-ish tint. Once dried you should use a pair of scissors to trim the edges. Thank you. Overall, the snake was 42 inches long with 8 rattles. Sorry for the late tutorial, but hey most of you should have some hides all ready to treat! They will attack large animals, such as horses, alpacas, goats, dogs and people. The snake dead and uselessly tossed aside. Looking closely, I saw that it was, indeed, a rattlesnake. on Introduction. Are the ones frozen ten years worth trying to tan or do you think I'd be wasting my time. Cork board a mildy large one, that your skin will fit on (or a large piece of plywood if thats easier, but cork is better) 4. small plywood sheets 5. dishrags, even ones, not torn up 6. heavy stuff, just used as weights, could be rocks for all i care 7. tanning solution, this is the hard one but here it is on amazon, its also sold in cabelas, P.S. Don't go too deep, or you'll get some foul-smelling poop on you. He used a machete to chop off the head, and we decided to skin it.

let the hide soak it up over night, and if you like add some more and let it soak, but when you are satisfied get a wet rag and clean all of the extra solution off, its okay to get your hide wet, and it will get very flimsy and floppy. That means keeping the snake carcass out of the direct sun and as cool as possible. While the praying mantis hunts the cricket, the sparrow waits. Thank you. Prairie Rattlers are dangerous. Leather SD Card Holder / Nintendo Switch Card Holder. be sure to cut slowly and very straight! It kept wiggling around, and Pops would drop his end whenever it started moving quickly. I have some unskinned rattlesnakes that have been in the freezer for years (some 10 years!). lay out the basic shape with maybe 10-20 tack then when the shape is good, add more and more tacks, see pictures below for an easier description. Great tutorial. I told her that she could have it, if she went down there and chopped the head off and skinned it. It is quite weird to behold. be sure to keep the skin from folding before pressing it, 6 years ago Be very careful when slicing, the snake will begin to writhe more forcefully, expecially when you get towards the rattle end. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Great Instructable! Get in your car. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. But even though coming across one of the fanged menaces can be terrifying, I look at it these experiences as a unique way to add a snake skin trophy to the wall of my den. now that the hide is wet you need to dry it, lay some cloths over a large enough space for the hide to fit on, and lay it down on some flat clean rags, lays some more rags over the top (be sure your hide is straight and isnt wrinkled). you might be able to bring it back, but using such a dried out hide might not work for a wallet, if you really want to hydrate it use glycerin, you can buy a bottle for 5 or ten bucks at most pharmacies. :), Reply on Introduction, using the salt method will usually make a tougher but more brittle hide i use it if i will be making a hard object e.g. The Snake is a small sized animal in Red Dead Redemption 2. Just like any game you harvest, care must be taken in the field to ensure a good quality product in the end.

The incision is typically made down the center of the snake’s belly. Prairie rattlesnakes only do that when they feel like it.

Then carefully pull the skin free being very careful not to tear it.

on Introduction, I have had them frozen for up to a year, they should still be fine to tan. We also have lots of large bull snakes, who happen to eat rattlesnakes and other fun things, like jackrabbits, prairie dogs and mice. To do so a normal household stapler will would fine. I know ten years is a long time. "Pennywise... the Dancing Clown!" Sometimes I have even used rattler skins to make hatbands. Tip. for those who havent seen my work, im going to show you how to tan snake skin to use in craft projects, that can look amazing If you have a rattlesnake rattle that you wish to save, you must preserve it properly. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Carbon Express X-Force 350 Crossbow Is The Weapon You Need, The Best Bug Out Guns and Tips for When You’re Forced to Leave Home, Survival Cartridges: Versatile Ammo For Your Bug Out Arsenal, Forging Real Beaver Traps for Trapper Reenactors, The Helle Kletten Has 87 Years of Nordic Design in Its New Pocket Knife, The New Leatherman FREE Revolutionizes the Multitool Industry, Comprehensive Bug Out Bag List of Gear and Supplies, 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Waterborne Parasites This Summer, 10 Summer Gardening Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bounty, DIY Bidet: How to Make Your Own Bidet When Toilet Paper Is No More, Why Farming and Your Other Talents Are Important Fighting Coronavirus, VIDEO: Man Lives in His DIY Survival Cabin For a Year. Eventually we discovered why the rabbits had fled. Often this encounter leaves your nerves quite rattled. Oct 16, 2018, Stay in the know with the Real World Survivor newsletter, Event 201: The Pandemic Exercise That Tried to Warn Us About COVID-19, Coronavirus Facts: 8 Things Doctors Are Actually Saying About COVID-19, 4 Off-the-Beaten-Path Places to Look for Coronavirus Supplies, Shelter in Place: What It Actually Means for US Residents, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. After that a unique product called Snaketan is simply liberally painted on the hide and allowed to soak in. My father-in-law and I went out to see the snake. The skin and rattles will need to be cleaned, or it will start to decompose and stink. I fetched my .22 rifle and a fistful of ammunition. See that yuk? My youngest daughter then declared it was her snake. That means keeping the snake carcass out of the direct sun and as cool as possible.

Half the time, they will just strike without warning. They attack without warning.

Can the hides still be tanned? Pinning your hide is the most important step. Sweet bro i live around alot of trees so i vegetable tan my skins, 5 years ago there are tanning solutions like trapper j's that are about 20 dollars a bottle, its usually a mixture of glycerin sugar and alcohol, but you can buy straight 99% glycerin at pharmacy's for much cheaper, either one works, 11 Concrete Tips to Improve Your Watercolors. Other than hunting (not for sport, but for food), I leave animals alone, or I enjoy watching them doing their thing. Sealing off the air and circulation will substantially speed up the bacterial growth and decaying process. Thanks for this!! This means remove any remaining meat and fat from the skin. I'll try this next time! Wash the body and put it in a thick ZiplockTM bag. lay your hide out with the outside of the snake facing down, take some thumbtacks and line the sides of the hide with them, stretching the hide, and be sure to keep the scales straight, the way it dries is the way it stays. It is best to keep the skin as straight as possible. WATCH: Catch and Cook Survival, the Maine Wilderness Living Challenge, WATCH: These DIY Bushcraft Shelters are for Long-Term Survival, Our Coronavirus 2020 Guide: Updates, Information, and Tips to Stay Safe, various varieties of snakes in the US possess attractive skins, The Technology Behind an Energy Efficient Home and Farm. glycerin is what they use in lotions, however in lotions its only 5 to 10 percent glycerin buying it pure will really soak it up, What is the best method for preserving the head, i never use the heads, dont like the idea of not cleaning all the venom out on accident, ive seen lots of people encase them in acrylic though, 6 years ago My daughter ran in yelling about a snake, and everyone else ran around in circles yelling, "Snake!" Freeze live rattlesnakes after capture and bagging to avoid damaging their skins. Say I already used salt and have been storing it away in a closet for 5 years. First off, don't handle the head. 3) I then tack skin to a pine board with rattles at the top of board & flesh side facing outward, stretching skin slightly to keep skin taunt.

When properly cared for, they can make very beautiful conversation pieces. Pictures for Sad Children - An Artist's Implosion. But you can also choose to keep it in its natural stage and not use a backing. until I woke up. Another alternative would be to skin the snake and salt the hide down using non-iodized table or pickling salt.

The lucky person on the chopped end should use a sharp knife to slice from the chop point underneath the snake (along the belly), just under the skin. Grasp the body, one person on each end.

Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. You want to keep the rattles intact. From start to finish, a snake skin can be cured and ready for display or use in less than one week. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!


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