how to reset maelstrom arena

The healing sigil puts a potent HoT on you which will help you to outheal the bleed DoT, and the speed sigil makes avoiding the blades easier while also increasing your resource recovery. They are not particularly difficult, this round serves as a warm up for you so you can get the hang of the Hoarvor/Obelisk mechanic. Maelstrom Arena: Perfect Run – Complete Maelstrom Arena on veteran difficulty without dying or leaving the arena. The Lamia Queen will slowly slide towards you, place your AoEs and dots on her. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We'll give you the ins and outs of how to enter, what to expect, what you can win, and how you can land on the leaderboards. First wave consists of two archers. Their main attack is a frontal cone steam attack and a front swipe that are easy to avoid. Huntsman Heartfinder: Archer with strong ranged attacks. The Boss fight of this round will have all three stones intact again and all three have to be destroyed before the boss can be damaged.

They will position themselves on the little switches you can see there. Keep your distance as much as possible and block or avoid his heavy attack.

He will also throw a green poison on you, if he hits you with this, you will get a poison DoT on you and will also be snared.

Her main attacks include sending shock AOE against you, spawning a shock AOE on your feet that can be deadly and you should avoid, a spit attack and spawning Spider Daedra that slow you down. To enter the Maelstrom Arena, simply travel to Orsinium and navigate to the arena's POI icon on the map. A healer, a fire Atronach and the miniboss will appear already. This only works with melee monsters, as ranged monsters can still use their abilities.

Plowing through the normal mobs are only going to give you a false sense of accomplishment that will only increase your frustration that vet is so utterly impossible. At the end of the round another Flesh Atronach will spawn along with a Spiderkith Enervator mage. Spider Swarm: From time to time, a strange sound will start and a swarm of little red glowing Spiderlings will appear and chase you.

Staggering Stomp: He stomps on the ground and sends out stone shockwaves in several directions.

Keeping your distance is vital and kiting him the easiest way to win.

Don’t get too close to him when he does that, if those AoEs hit you, you will die.

Get close to him and remain under his shield for the duration of the scream. Don’t stand too close to him so you don’t get hit by two of them at once. If you go near them, they explode poisoning you. If he gets three it is practically game over since he can use his Ultimate skill. You should move as far as possible and continue damaging it while also avoiding the fire AOE that is dropping down at you. Make sure to kill any Fire Mage or healer first if they spawn during these fights.

After a short while, Maxus will spawn an add which will attack you as well, combined with the black ground he conjures and the boss’ ranged attacks this is a lot of incoming damage. Been working my way through Maelstrom and being on a low leveled character, I would like to reset the arena and start over. Always block his heavy attacks or else the stun will kill you. I've tried relogging, and leaving the arena proper but neither has worked. Two Fire Atronachs and a Dremora Caitiff appear.

Warding Stones: At the end of every round, a mini boss will spawn and one of the broken Warding Stones will become intact again. Place your ground AoEs on both the stone and the boss, quickly grab the axe sigil and destroy the stone so the boss gets stunned. Note: Turning off auto-cast in the settings can help you aim the grenade more carefully. If you managed to uncover four of the obelisks in the previous round, grab the axe sigil, pull the spawning Hoarvor to the last obelisk and stun the boss. If you manage to remove the spiderwebs from all the obelisks so they are uncovered at the same time, they will all glow golden and all enemies in the arena get stunned for 10 seconds.

Round 1 Boss – Angirgoth : A melee enemy, using strong Dual Wield attacks that will also transform into a Werewolf after a while.

I recommend having at least 300 Champion Points before you try out the veteran Maelstrom Arena. Outheal the small fireballs he shoots at you and dodge his heavy claw attacks. Your goal should be to get three ghosts and use the Spectral Explosion to stun and finish him. What is kiting exactly? He also has a poison cone attack that is easily avoided. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If you have your Ultimate ready, this is the moment to use it.

Kill the Heartfinder first, but beware of the Frostbiter’s wrecking blow ability. Immediately dodgeroll to avoid their first set of light attacks. You must have access to the Orsinium DLC to be able to compete. At the end of round 2, you will encounter the Queen’s Champion who is accompanied by two Lamia. An easy approach to this fight is to destroy two Warding Stones (take your time with this and charge your ultimate if it’s not ready yet) and then kite the boss until the first Kyngald appears. From time to time a poison AOE will appear and deal damage to you if you stand on it as well as a healing AOE for your enemies that will restore some of their health. This boss can be a real pain for inexperienced players. Took me 1 hour and 45 minutes. Lightning strikes down at you periodically.

Keep moving out of the appearing AoEs if this happens, it’s easily avoidable. Maelstrom Arena Champion – Complete Maelstrom Arena on normal difficulty, Maelstrom Arena Conqueror – Complete Maelstrom Arena on veteran difficulty. You must rush and get to them first to “collect” them. While in that status you cannot deal damage but can use heavy attacks at them to restore resources. The entrance to the Maelstrom Arena is located physically at the Northeast part of Wrothgar. Lamia: Red Lamias are ranged adds and summon spectral adds, green Lamia are melee adds. At 60% of the boss’ health, adds will spawn again. The boss will usually either cast his growing “Necrotic Blast” AoE attack or summon an exploding lich crystal from the ground now, make sure to get out of those AoE as they will most likely oneshot you. Try killing the two spheres from range. If you stun the boss before bringing her down to 50%, the Lurcher will spawn once the stun wears off. Block, outheal them or use your shield to avoid being damaged. If you get close to them, they will explode in a large AoE. Beware of the larger dwarven spheres though, their shockwave attacks deal insane damage and stun you. If you get hit by it at the same time as a lightning strike hits you, you will most likely die. Take the shield sigil if the stun wears off and the boss is not dead yet or the Lurcher only spawns now.

You can run beneath him and damage him while he makes his way around the arena. If you have a hard time dealing with them, consider taking the Sigil of Defense if several of them spawn.

Kill them fast or interrupt that move to survive.

Yes I switched to normal. Seems really clunky! The first wall will be moving slowly but the next ones will be faster.

Now, you can use the shield sigil. After that, three additional Dremora appear, once they are dead, the Xivilai Ravager will spawn.

To do this you will have to stun her with the obelisks.

The fact that you have to deal with every other add while fighting him makes things harder. Focus on the Dremora before dealing with the Shalks. Boss mechanics: Put down your ground based AoEs before the boss spawns and start damaging him right away. Sigils are basically buffs that are focusing on a specific aspect of your character, last 30 seconds and can help you overcome harder enemies, more challenging parts of the Arena.

He will then summon a Crematorial Guard that will start atttacking you while the Boss is light and heavy attacking. Focus the Firecaster down before then killing the Shalk. One of the mechanics that will always be present in every round during your VMA runs, is Sigils. The scream attack has a duration of 10 seconds and you can damage the boss during that time. Kill the accompanying Feral Argonian as well. After that time is up, the stones will get repaired again and you have to repeat the process of destroying them. If you manage to catch three ghosts, the “Spectral Explosion” synergy will pop up. Heavy Attack: Voriak Solkyn shoots a single skull at you; will knock you down and stun you if not blocked or dodged. I highly recommend using good potions, they cost you quite a bit but it will make progress faster. If only one obelisk is uncovered, it can happen that it isn’t glowing when the swarm appears and you will die. Thank you for your answer.

Kotheid, the last mini boss before the Final Boss fight of the stage can be somewhat dangerous because of his Two Handed weapon special attack that can knockback you and the fire ring around him. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

You don’t want to run over to him; it’ll make the rest of the fight easier if he comes towards you so he gets closer to the first Centurion. There, he will begin to smash the platform with his fists. Enemy Priority : The deadliest enemies during this stage are the Dremora Kyngald. Kill the spawning leimenid again. A Reddit community dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO developed by Zenimax Online. As always, focus on the healers first. Unique Mechanic : There are three Spinning Blades moving around the arena. Once you have collected three of them, use Spectral Explosion and stun everything in the area. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Enemy Priority : Troll Breakers should die as fast as possible. This combination can be deadly; if you manage to survive it, the bite will put a heavy bleed DoT on you. Their most dangerous attack is the shockwaves they send out, you absolutely want to avoid getting hit by them.

If you stand still for a couple moments lava will get shot at you. This time, he will be accompanied by a wasp. It is important to keep your distance and avoid his first attack. Halfway through the round, a Crematorial Guard will spawn together with a Dremora. Throughout the entire stage white and golden ghosts will be floating around. There they will start summoning a Bone Colossus that although not impossible to defeat will make your life harder.


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