how to remove ac clutch pulley

As it wears, it loses its ability to properly engage the A/C compressor unit without slipping.

How to Replace the AC Compressor in a ... How to Replace the A/C Compressor in a ... How to Remove the A/C Compressor Clutch ... Do not remove any hoses or components until the system has been discharged by a certified mechanic (or by a failure of a component). Evacuate and recharge the system with the proper amount of R-134a refrigerant by the same certified mechanic that discharged the unit before you replaced clutch.

Any sort of schematic or information would be of great help.

Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

Insert the male threaded end of the compressor clutch removal tool into the female threaded end of the clutch.

Some people say once the bolt is removed, theirs came off rather easy.

If you can get the plate off, the pulley should be a piece of cake assuming you have a pulley puller small enough to take it off (if it's still on the car).

The air-conditioning system in your Ford is basically a circulation loop through which refrigerant is pumped by a compressor.

Loosen the mounting bolts with the box-end wrenches, and remove the bolts from the compressor clutch mounting bracket and lift the clutch out of the vehicle. Thread the removal tool into the compressor clutch until it becomes too difficult to turn by hand.

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Thanks #2 07-13-2008, 07:43 PM NissanTech. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, Set of English box-end wrenches, ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in size. Remove the drive serpentine belt from the compressor clutch pulley by taking the tension from the pulley using a breaker bar and compressing the torsion spring tensioner. The A/C compressor clutch in a Chevrolet Tahoe is an electromagnetically-actuated unit. By following the procedures below, you can remove and replace the A/C compressor clutch in your Ford vehicle at minimal cost. Location: California. The A/C compressor clutch must be removed with a special puller designed to uninstall it without damaging the A/C compressor. The A/C compressor clutch in a Chevrolet Tahoe is an electromagnetically-actuated unit.

I know I tried to pull the clutch plate off of the compressor using most any means prior to getting the recommended tool and had no luck at all.

The cold refrigerant now inside the coil has air blowing across the fins and tubes of the coil, thereby cooling the air, which is transferred into the car. As it wears, it loses its ability to properly …

Tighten the center screw with the 3/8-inch ratchet until the A/C compressor clutch completely separates from the compressor unit. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, "Haynes Repair Manual: Chevrolet & GMC Pick-Ups: 1988-1998;" Ken Freund and John Haynes; 1998. The chilled gas then flows from the compressor into an evaporator coil. The refrigerant is a combination of gas and liquid that becomes very cold as it is compressed and then expanded.

... 1995 cadillac: clutch from air conditioner compressor. Apply the parking brake and disconnect the negative battery terminal using a battery terminal wrench. If I remember, this is also where the snap ring is that has to be removed. How to remove AC clutch pulley? Compress the serpentine belt tensioner with the serpentine belt removal tool and slide the belt off of the A/C compressor pulley.

Always replace all O-rings with new ones that are specifically made for use with the new R-134a refrigerant. Replacement compressor clutches are available from auto parts stores and automotive dealers. Pour out the refrigerant oil into a graduated container so you know how much new oil to add to the new compressor.

If you have the compressor off, getting the pulley off with any pulley puller would be easy.

Plug the open fittings to prevent the accidental entry of dirt and moisture; quarter-inch rubber stoppers are a good fit for these connections.

Raise the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable terminal from the battery using a box-end wrench. Turn off the engine and place the SUV in park. Posts: 12,322 The information is in the "Air Condition System" Page 133 section of the service manual. Any sort of schematic or information would be of great help. Step 5 Disconnect the refrigerant lines from the compressor with the box-end wrenches. Age: 49.

It is designed to engage the A/C compressor shaft when it receives the proper amount of current from the powertrain control module.


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