how to install escape from tarkov on ssd

Yea, what's going on here? Link to post Share on other sites. should i move from asus p8z77-v lx to asus maximus iv extreme, Move internals on HP 690 Pavilion to new case. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you move folders the program may not be able to find them and may not work. Hello guys, just a quick question. My load time went from around 2 mins to around 50 secs to a min now, so worth doing. Hi, today I'm getting an SSD, my question is can I put it onto my SSD from my HDD by transferring, or will I have to uninstall and reinstall it onto my SSD? × The only way i believe that it's possible to do is uninstall the game and delete the remaining files after that go to there website and reinstall it and chose what device you want it saved to. You can post now and register later. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It would be better to reinstall battlefield to the SSD, that will not only move the folder but all the files for battlefield that may not be in that folder. You can post now and register later. Bro this game is only 4.5gb you do not need to transfer it to your ssd. Started 2 hours ago, By Radar / Wall hack still working just fine . × Move the game files to SSD, then open launcher and in settings change the directory to the new location. Wondering if anyone knows if there is an "easy and fast" way to transfer EFT to my SSD. What will happend if I move for exemple my Battlfield folder onto my new SSD, will it still work? uglyboy415 1 uglyboy415 1 Newbie; Member 1 7 posts; Posted January 5, 2019. Upload or insert images from URL. I've tried everything i cant to get to install to this fucking drive and nothing seems to work. Both myself and another player had the game installed on an SSD and were averaging 45fps on shoreline. 6.7k. Wondering if anyone knows if there is an "easy and fast" way to transfer EFT to my SSD. × So i've deleted and reinstalled the drive, but changed the letter and now the damn installer wont let me select a location to install the game..fuck my life, Alright thanks mate! I moved from an ASUS Motherboard to a Gigabyte Motherboard and everything seems to be exactly the same (no issues)--is this normal/correct? I saw a archived thread on this subreddit of someone successfully transferring the game to their SSD however they didn't really state how to do it. Assuming that you have set up correctly ntfs partition, try creating a folder on that drive and install the game into this folder.


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