how to identify alabama pottery
(from. The use of the word "Royal" before a company name tends to be used after 1850. Companies using a dry foot include most of the Ohio companies and some Stangl of New Jersey. Designs come from the potter's imagination or his beliefs. Initial auction evaluations are complimentary. You can hire a specialist to help you identify the mark. It is usually very heavy, almost the weight of stoneware.

this has got me stumped any idea who this is? The Limoges Gout de Ville mark features two circles with a crown and the word "Limoges" in the center. Yellow clay was primarily from Ohio, so most of the Ohio potteries used yellow clay.

Specialists are available at auction houses or through appraisal services. It later came to be called Buffalo China and was acquired by Oneida before the brand was shuttered in 2013. Welcome to The Marks Project,, A Dictionary of American Ceramics, 1946-present.Our website includes marks (stamps, chops and/or signatures, etc.)

Once you’ve seen enough examples of an artist’s work, you start to recognize similar pieces. One question I am asked most about Sand Mountain Pottery is How Do You Identify It.I loaded these pictures as a study of Sand Mountain Pieces.I have tried to show an example of quite a few things.I hope this helps.Danny We are Always Buying Alabama Pottery.If You have pottery for sale Contact Us Another option is to search online for similar marks. If the piece of pottery or porcelain you have has a mark on it, you can identify it in several ways. Once the clay color has been examined, the weight of the pot has been considered, and it has been determined to likely be an American pottery, then a cursory glance at the glaze may help with certain identification. The American Bison is prominent in the mark throughout its various renditions by the brand. Most Vontury is marked, but the name is difficult to read unless you know what it should be.

Hi Shelly, For an evaluation or more information on your vase you can either submit an auction evaluation form or email

Note: the Grueby vase pictured has a thick glaze in a unique green color, characteristic of that specific pottery.

Please submit your evaluation/appraisal request with images of the item if possible to our Appraisals Department here: Some Hawaii pieces are also white clay, like this Hawaiian pitcher on the left. Check the clay color to identify vintage or antique American pottery. Alamo and Gilmer often have a completely unglazed bottom, while Camark and Niloak may have just a dry foot. Noella, As time passed, we learned a great deal about the potters that lived in and passed through Alabama. A good example is this McCoy vase with a mottled glaze (right). Maybe you thought they were emptying the contents or dusting the shop!

Small vessels used to test a new glaze or firing technique are rare and fun to find. © 2020 Peach State Archaeological Society. Hi I recently bought two pieces of pottery at goodwill. If you can provide photos – here is the link to the appraisals form on our website: Thank you! It may also give some insight into why some people pick up pottery and check out the bottom. The base tells us a lot, the pottery mark, the artists cipher, the clay color, and the glaze thickness. with pastels, predominated the next 15 years or so. What was His special plan and purpose? How can I send you photos? Just a glance at the foot shows the numbers on this McCoy or Brush pot (left). I will send pics through the evaluation form. Jugtown is often red clay, and there are some North Carolina potters who used red clay. it is a blue pouring pitcher i suppose.

I think that being experienced in each of those fields will help you find pottery that you will love for years. Notice how the glaze looks incomplete. not sure if its new or old, I got it from an estate sale. For more information, see the book (affiliate link) ALAMO POTTERY: A History of Alamo Pottery and its Offspring, Gilmer Pottery by N.P. The stoneware tradition runs deep across our state. Here is the link to submit your pictures to our Appraisals Department: Drip glazes were also common in Fulper, Stangl, and Zanesville pottery. VanBriggle did some of these, too, but most of the VanBriggle pottery is marked and not difficult to identify. Have you ever wondered why some people turn every piece of pottery over and look at the bottom?

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You can train your eye to recognize nuances of glaze, decoration, and form by viewing pieces at galleries, studios, museums, and auction previews.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Some Dryden has a flat unglazed bottom, and that, along with the sandy clay helps identify older Dryden, even if the mark is not readable. How to identify collectable and vintage pottery dogs made in the USA.

There are some contemporary studio potters making glazes with large crystal formations in the glaze – but these early production works were small crystals.

I A SMALL PEICES OF POTTERY CANT FIND ANYTHING ON THE MARKING. Designs come from the potter's imagination or his beliefs.

There are many types, all with different designs or no design at all.

Pottery is an amazing artifact. They are beautiful but there is no mark I can find.

she came across a nice set of pottery at an auction and the markings on it say: Burton Bariloche Argentina…the glaze looks almost metallic. Vontury of New Jersey was also high-fired pottery, and much of the Vontury is done in pastels with impressionistic nature scenes.

Stilt marks (left) may look like damage at first, but are a good distinguishing feature.

It is signed mcintosh on the bottom. Initial evaluations are complimentary. The shape, glazing and markings of the "foot" or base surface of the piece which makes contact with a supporting surface (ie – table or shelf) can be as revealing as the color and texture of the clay. Feb 1, 2016 - Explore Joe Crump's board "Sand Mountain Pottery", followed by 578 people on Pinterest. This pottery vessel was made in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 20th century by Grueby Pottery. This is where books about pottery marks will come in handy. Note the bars across this Royal Copley planter (left) from the manufacturing process. Some common marks include the studio where the piece was made, the potter who crafted the piece, and the signature of the artist who decorated it. Robinson-Ransbottom, Blue Ridge, Purinton, Watt all made some yellowware with a clear glaze over the yellow clay. Information and help identifying American pottery bird figurines by the maker, the marks, clay colors, types and styles of figurines. Notice the three flaws on this Metlox pitcher (right), indicative of firing pins.

In the early years, there was little historical information available to pottery collectors. This Heath bowl is clearly marked, but notice the clay color on the unglazed ring. Note the difference, though. Some American potteries went back to shiny glazes in the late 1930s and 1950s, and through the 1960s for many of the companies.

Tips and tricks on how to shop for American pottery and how to get the best value for your time.

They are both by the same artist. --------Click on the surface treatment that most resembles your find-----------. If we have additional information on the pottery mark or piece, you can click the image to open that section. While this may not always produce an accurate identification of your pottery, you can use it as a starting point for further research into the mark on your pottery or porcelain piece. Robinson-Ransbottom was mostly yellow clay. Nemadji has a distinctive look, done almost in mission style like the swirl clay potters. Several companies used stilts for glazing pottery, and the bottom will be glazed over completely with three small marks for the stilts. I would love to send a photo of the bottom to learn the artist .. was a thrift find it looks like and M and a W and there is number but I am sure anyone that knows pottery could help me, help pottery expert! Three square numbers on a white pottery bottom may be Alamo Pottery, made in San Antonio, Texas from about 1946-1952, or it may be Gilmer, another Texas pottery in business for much longer. I’m trying to find out any information. Amazing blog! Heath used a sandy clay for much of its dinnerware lines. Any pottery that has been soaked in water may be beige, too, so beware of dirty bottoms! If you examine a pot like the sandy jug (left), you can quickly recognize the clay and maple leaf. By the late 1800s, potters were scattered across the state, many with local styles and glazes that allow present-day collectors and historians identify their wares. The faces are unglazed red clay and pretty detailed.

They aren't dusting the shop, or emptying the spiders (or crickets in Texas).

The Grueby vessels form (size and shape) is attributed to George Prentiss Kendrick with the artist mark for Julia Bradley. Hello, I have found a beautiful pitcher vase it is 14” tall iit is wrapped with people almost like Savage Land Civilization only markings I have is on the bottom is N. Perron 8-15-69.

On the bottom is a raised applied mark with crown and shield, flanked by birds, resting on two discs, I believe there is a B on the shield.

Hull and Shawnee are a cream color with a pink tint to the clay. Then, identify the piece by style, glaze, or some other identifier. Many are like much of the pottery we find, broken and discarded by the world, but there is still hope.

Take a look at the Watt Pottery yellowware bowl (left). "Marks can also date the piece," Slavid says. I appraise valuable objects almost every single day, and I’m often asked how I identify a piece so quickly. POTTERY TYPES OF ALABAMA -----Click on the surface treatment that most resembles your find-----Pottery is an amazing artifact.


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