how long husband and wife can live separately in islam
muslim wife’s rights to maintenance: husband’s duty to maintain a working wife in islamic law and the law in malaysia June 2012 DOI: 10.31436/iiumlj.v18i1.16 Someone please help. My husband don't answer any emails, texts and phone.

Evidence relating to the failed attempts of reconciliation 7. He and his parents are against me. In Islam, there is a three-month waiting period before the divorce is finalised. What are a wife’s responsibilities in the family. Wa Alaikumus Salam Sidra, Thanks for your comment!Usually married couples need to live with the husband’s parents for the first few years. It seems that you are trying to excercise a lot of patience and are trying to protect yourself both physically and emotionally in a situation that is to most degrees out of your control.

But this is his own duty. I don't have much to say apart from seeking clarification through the following questions:

battle of originality and modernism, battle of “Faith and Reason.”, the interpretation of these ayahs by scholars, The Historical Secrecy of the Life of Jesus [by Albert Schweitzer], كتاب السر التاريخى لحياة يسوع ، للمؤلف ألبرت شويتزر, © Copy rights 2020 . Marriage in Islam is a civil contract (nikah) between a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife. @SISTERZ Clearly yoiu have not been married before!, because if you did you could not possibly understand this women torment. May Allah(swt) make this challenge easier for you and also very rewarding. He is permitted to marry up to four wives only if he can treat them all well and equally.

Although I pray that you do not have to fight and that your husband treats you both equally.

A part of me always keeps telling me that he will come back to me if I were to leave but that is not why I dont want to divorce him. It is the right of every wife to have a home of her own according to the standards of her own social background. At the same time, I want her to see that she has every right to fight for her rights as a wife; so if her husband does end up taking a second wife she is treated equally. There are strict guidelines and any man who decides to take on more than one wife will be accountable for the way he treats them on the Day of Judgement. IslamicBoard is one of the leading Islamic discussion forum for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam or simply interact with Muslims from all over the world. Especially, if neither husband nor wife are thinking about an outright divorce at this stage, but want to take a 12 month-break from the relationship to decide their future with better clarity, whilst having peace of mind that they are legally separated with no pending complications. Were you informed about his intentions to add a wife to the family?

4. Most of these people commenting on here would comment mostly from an emotional possessive thought without thinking even once that Allah owns each one of us, not a woman. All rights reserved to, Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 17 Rabi' al-Awwal 1442, A non-practicing Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim man. If the husband provided her with a separate quarter in a large home, which has a separate lock, then she will not have a right to demand for a total separate house.” (Kasani, Bada’i al-Sana’i, Vol.4, P.23) In conclusion, it is the responsibility of the husband to provide the wife with shelter.


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