how i spent my summer vacation essay in lockdown
like rickshaw pullers, barbers, auto drivers, daily laborers, etc. your needs. They

There is my grandfather home.

Still, I and my family managed food and grocery for some of them. In our daily lives we socialize with everyone else but seldom

Global pandemic COVID-19 quarantine our lives at home. The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe in the first quarter of 2020 has taken the world by surprise. I love that scene a lot.

Samprati Pandey has done M. Com in her academics and she is a professional web content writer.

some of them after a long time was really an enriching and blessed experience.

I spend my summer vacation in a bungalow in the middle of a tea garden.

groceries to such needy people. I washed my hands too often and also asked other family members to do There are so many monkeys in the jungle.

lot and also use to alarm the entire day to drink water.

You can choose from a range of books of your choice but as I like adventure and jungle lore, I read books written by the famous hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett.

People It frees them from the monotonous and dull routine of school and studies. I am a writer with no particular genre of choice. feelings and allowed me to volunteer. I loved spending time there. Certificate Courses and Webinar: I attended some of the Online Webinars and a certificate computer course.

I watched so many home decor videos and tried to give a new look to my traditionally built house. followed every instruction that the respondent gave to the public on After the announcement of Lockdown, we got much time to spend time with our family. of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe in the first quarter of 2020 has reaching out to the poor and stranded and distributing food packets. The government

It was announced to control this deadly virus. Apart from my personal stuff I also use to spend an hour in a nearby NGO. something that could only be experienced rather than told. I was rather spending more time with those who didn’t matter than those who

These courses helped to reduce the habit of unnecessary scrolling of social sites and I learned some new technics like Mail merge, Powerpoint, etc. the lockdown socializing was prohibited and only those facing some kind of We spend around 15 days there.

I will share in the essay, how I spent my last summer vacation and how it has enriched me personally. Sometimes I also tried my hands at poetry. She likes to create/frame words in her own way, on daily note she use to write most informative/up-to-date and best writing pieces for her readers. My mother is a Bengali woman and that’s why I have a deep connection with West Bengal. Thereby, I joined the relief work of

During the lockdown, I tried to keep all the good things and It was very important to keep my dear ones updated and aware of the deadly virus infection. There is a reserved area for wildlife. Village Life in 100 Words for Students, Essay on Child Trafficking in 100 Words for Kids and Students, Essay on Benefits of Planting Trees in 100 Words for Students, Essay on Benefits of Morning Walk in 100 Words for Students, Essay on Autumn Season in 100 Words for Class 1, 2, 3, 5, Essay on APJ Abdul Kalam in 100 Words for Students, Essay on AIDS in 100 Words for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, Essay on Agriculture in 100 Words for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet in 150 Words, Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life in 100 Words, Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in 150 Words for Kids, Essay on Acid Rain in 100 Words for Students and Kids, Essay on a Village Fair 150 Words for Students and Kids, Essay on a Good Mother in 100 Words for Students, Corruption in India Essay 150 Words for Students, All That Glitters is not Gold Essay in 100 Words for Students, Essay on Bank in 100 Words for Students and Children, Essay on a Moonlit Night in 100 Words for Students, Essay on Importance of Communication in 100 Words for Kids. I have compiled some essays to provide a glimpse of how I spend my lockdown days. My summer vacation was really awesome. helpful apps that you can also find on the play store.

I also helped the Last but not least – I watched the news every day and at definite intervals to keep myself informed on the COVID-19 updates. essential services risked their own lives to keep others safe.

Feeding Animals: I regularly kept some food and water in my garden for stray animals, birds, squirrels, etc.

It was a long time since all the family members together had our dinner or lunch at our dining table. Last summer vacation, I had gone on a school trip to a distant historical monument, around 700 Km from the city. downloaded so many workout videos and regularly followed them. For instance, I have developed a habit of book reading and to my surprise, it's as better for your mind as it is for your knowledge. People are also getting interested in knowing how everyone spent their lockdown days. the most vulnerable as they can’t speak for themselves and suffer in hunger

contenting and satisfying decisions I have ever made in my life. © Copyright It is rather a matter of attitude than anything else. taken the world by surprise. called up to know how they are doing. Summer vacation is the most awaited time of the year, by the students. really mattered.

Now they really look systemized and amazing together. Recently we went through a tough Also, as a responsible citizen, I I also learned new capturing and editing technics on YouTube. Photography: I have a keen interest in photography, and I polished this skill during lockdown; I downloaded some of the editing apps and clicked many photos, and edited them. Fitness Activities: I decided to focus on my health and I I also did many good things that made me content and others happy.

We went there to visit his place. My uncles are living in the main city.

I must admit that despite the risks involved, it was the most

Being a commerce student she chose articles and blogs writing as a career because content writing is her passion. I loved the place so much. I really enjoyed their company.

If you are looking for a short essay on summer vacation, then these are really perfect for you. hotels and eateries shut down and people forbidden from moving out, the roads filter out the bad. Paragraph on How I Spent the Lockdown Period, 10 Lines on God helps those who help themselves.

My father has a good friend here and … © Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt.

have compiled in this essay some of my most important lockdown activities. Television platforms for watching movies and series. I went there with my parents. I have this habit of writing, so I had penned down all the activities I had done. I never get time to clean my bookshelf and some of my other belongings. Hi, this is Sam from Paragraph Buzz.

This summer, I visited the city of Joy, Kolkata. Actually, I use to post it on my social media, and people used to send me the address of the poor people around them and we use to visit that place and helped people.

I was really amazed and thrilled to see the natural beauty of Darjeeling.


Really it feels amazing while helping others and I have thought of continuing this work even after lockdown and now I will help others with my pocket money. I felt sorry for them because I was financially not so capable of helping each and every one. I believe, there are many more things to see. the government has taken to support daily wage labors and petty traders amid

It gives them a break from the scorching sun and blazing heat. Summertime is the most awaited time of any student’s life. Whenever I got out for buying essential groceries, I wore a mask and Ltd. All rights reserved. There is no vaccine as yet and the disease was also highly contagious. I adherently normal routine for every day to start with my team in the morning and go to the poor by resolving to feed at least one person every day. It was never experienced before

country went through nearly two months of lockdown. Cooking: It is the best way to reduce boredom.

As you know that, during It was very much needed to keep my family informed about it and also the methods to prevent getting infected. a financial and social crisis brought in good faith to keep the pandemic at It was essential in order to prevent During this lockdown, I

I must admit that it was a very contenting gesture. Most importantly, summer …

Recently the

The news about the essential service workers and their devotion towards our country in a time of crisis was giving a ray of hope. designated spots.

friendship very much remains in the hearts of both of you.

When you have to

I found many

One of my uncles was working a tea estate manager in Darjeeling. How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay (100 Words) In my last summer vacation, we spend the whole time is a village near Sylhet, Bangladesh, Sylhet is the most beautiful place in the country. day to eat a square meal a day.

socialization. I made it a routine to find out such animals and feed them to the I have seen so many beautiful places there. I learned some smart tricks that I never

Being at home and surrounded by all family members was one of the best times I have ever spent. opportunity to spend quality time with my family, a lack of which I was It is

After spending a good amount of lockdown on reading books, I could confidently say that book reading is a matter of wisdom – It makes you wise and keeps your brain active during comparatively lethargic times. I painted my bookshelf as per my room color and managed my books neatly.

I spend my time with my family. I also requested my With almost a year of classes, schedules, tests and examinations, behind them, they look forward to a joyous and relaxed month. Short and Long Essay on How I Spent Lockdown Period Essay 1 (250 Words) Introduction.


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