how dark should a pregnancy test line be at 5 weeks
Are you trying to get pregnant after the Depo Provera shot? Answer: If both lines appeared within the first 10 minutes of taking the test, it means pregnant. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. I know this is a tad (ok a lot) crazy, but I can't stop taking tests and worrying that they're not dark enough.

Marissa (author) from United States on March 09, 2019: Renay, I would wait a few more days and test again. Evaporation lines happen when urine dries on the test, so the best way to avoid one is to throw the test away as soon as the reaction time is over. Hey i just had a baby a year ago and this morning just found out im Pregnant.. Any suggestions any help cause my family is really not supportive, Hi mam. Or go to your doc and get your levels tested. I take a test monday night a it showing two line one bright and one faint.Am I pregnant? Some pregnancy tests have more sensitivity than others. Human chorionic gonadotropin in pregnancy diagnostics. Answer: If you read the test within the allotted 10 minutes, then yes, you may be pregnant.

First Response is currently the most sensitive home pregnancy test on the market, detecting hCG levels as low as 6.5 mIU/ml, while most home pregnancy tests can only detect a sensitivity of 20–25 miU/ml.

But I’m having symptoms of early pregnancy,I’m pregnant? Prepare for the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Guide for Moms and Moms-to-be, Surprise! Am I pregnant?

Grab the digital test that tells you how many weeks you are.

:). Answer: If both lines appeared within the first 10 minutes of taking the test, then it can mean pregnancy.

Answer: Pregnancy hormones can still linger for a while. Hi! Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming.

BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. I had my 1 frozen embryo (6AB) transferred on June 1st.

After two days I had one red line on my pregnancy test. If you're still not sure or if the line appears the same, you can contact your healthcare provider to have a blood test. I am pragnent?

You may see online forums filled with photos of pregnancy tests asking for help from people to read them. The first two were negative. You're most likely pregnant, even with a faint line. A faint line on a home pregnancy test may or may not mean that you’re pregnant.

I know this is a tad (ok a lot) crazy, but I can't stop taking tests and worrying that they're not dark enough. Thanks for any feedback :).

I took five to six pregnancy tests. Am I pregnant? Pregnancy tests that show a faint line create confusion. The examples given in pregnancy test instructions or on the box are merely examples. Copyright © 2020

I am experiencing cramps that feel as though I am going to start period any time. Plzz tell me what to do ? A faint line still indicates a positive pregnancy.

Could I be pregnant? Like pp said any line is a good sign :).

Answer: Did the two red lines appear within the first 10 minutes? The Dollar Tree tests I used were pretty light. I recommend waiting at least three days after your missed period to test again if you want to be sure, but a faint line still indicates pregnancy because there was enough hGC to produce a line, just not enough to produce a dark line. Meet other parents of June 2017 babies and share the joys and challenges as your children grow. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis.

Answer: some women do not get dark results on home pregnancy tests.

Depending on when you tested, waiting to retest may be the best option. It should help you decide if it is too early to take a pregnancy test or not. I've also had tiredness/tender breasts that seems to go on and off. My husband and I have been trying for nearly 2 years, and this is our first positive, so I'm really hoping it sticks. Every pregnant woman is different; but in general, waiting 3 days after a faint line before you test again should result in a darker line on your test if you are pregnant. Question: I have very faint line and one dark line. "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): The Pregnancy Hormone,", August 22, 2017. Answer: Sometimes you use up all of the HCG in your system on your first test, and it takes a while to build back up, especially in early pregnancy. . Sometimes this second line is so faint, you can barely see it. Am I pregnant? Question: My pregnancy test shows two faint lines. I have pcos and I took a pregnancy test about an hour ago it came with 2 lines but the 2nd line is light am I pregnant.

What does this mean? This will avoid confusion later on if an evaporation line appears. Answer: If you took all three tests at the same time, chances are that the HCG in your system just ran out at that time. My C-line is dark and my T-line is light?

Question: I am three days late for my period.

If you still need to know for sure, contact your healthcare provider to ask for a blood test. I took a pregnancy test this morning and left in on the counter. So all that stressing over the darkness or faintness of lines? Evaporation lines are very common on home pregnancy tests and are known for creating confusion about whether or not you are pregnant.

Many women ask if it's possible that they're pregnant even though they got a negative result on a home pregnancy test.

What is the result if the c line is a slight line? Drinking water will dilute the urine and may result in a false negative pregnancy. I assumed that the lines would get less faint as the pregnancy progressed, but my positive lines remained the same.

Marissa (author) from United States on January 02, 2019: Marissa (author) from United States on December 28, 2018: Sharleka, did they test your levels again? Well, the 2 digital were just “Pregnant” and “Yes +” but still the line ones are all weak, but I can’t stop peeing and drinking. Does this mean it's negative?

If you’ve had a faint line, try to wait at least 3 days before testing again. Question: I have one red line in the pregnancy test kit. Sometimes the lines appear after that which is called evaporation lines, or they can disappear. I suggest you speak with a doctor.

If you think you might be pregnant it’s really hard not to take a test right away.

If you wait a few days or even a week, the line may appear darker.

This is not a sign of a problem with the pregnancy or the pregnancy test, assuming it came up within the time limits of the test. So make to sure read the results in the allotted time frame, not after!

Hie I m Riya ..and I m 20 in April I had aborted the baby..after the abortion in July I had sex and then I missed my periods.after my periods 10 t0 12 I have tested it appears 2 times a faint line on test kit ..and today the bleeding started ..what's the reason the bleeding is happens .is it a miscarriage or late period..or am I pregnant or not? BabyCenter may earn a commission from shopping links. Normal. Just so you know, we may earn a commission if you buy something we've linked to here. Rachael, if only one line appeared, it usually means not pregnant.

You might be concerned with how to read the test results even after you have read the instructions. Every month I replenished my supply of pregnancy tests and took one after the other, trying to decipher the faintness of the lines, and how they showed up.


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