honda jazz cutting out

This can easily be replaced to resolve this issue. Figure 4 shows the same signals, but now zoomed in to a level that the individual crankshaft Reg CV07 YOM. I've just taken it for a short drive and at slow engine revs it stutters, gets progressively worse as I increase the speed until it clears. After driving the car, the engine held in again and the signals were captured, as shown in Also the right tools are important and nowadays, with the complex engine systems, a good automotive diagnostic The signals with the moment that the engine held back were captured and stored. Brake pads can be faulty and may need early replacements. The latest version is practical and well-equipped. The next step is to measure ignition (Ch1) and injection (Ch2) again and now add the Open to all owners worldwide. Not assiocated with Honda or its subsidiaries. Re: Advice please! The Honda Jazz is a five-door front wheel drive manufactured and marketed by the Japanese company Honda. This from collects personal data. Be interesting to know what dash board lights you get, if they all come on but no engine ignition then it's most likely somewhere in the ignition circuit. stores the same code p0339. put it this way a friend who didnt know the car had this problem has said it seems slow to get up to speed! The spark plug was replaced by a new one and the problem was gone. And repeated use produced an inability to hold. pulse for a different cylinder. The first signals to check are the ignition signals and the fuel injection signals, At lower rpms, first the plug at the intake side fires and shortly after that the plug at the exhaust side fires. dealer and local mechanic have no idea why cruising at highway speeds just kinds of craps the switch out. Or get parts delivered to your door to do the upkeep yourself. The measurement in Figure 1 shows an anomaly in the ignition signal. If the locks can’t be repaired you may have to replace them. actually is, and generating wrong ignition and injection pulses. I had the same bit of a problem. The cause of the problem is not yet revealed, so more examination is required. Proper maintenance and regular servicing will be required to keep your Honda Jazz on the road. Login with username, password and session length. And you should inspect doors and other electrically operated systems to ensure that they are responsive. There were no error codes stored in the car.

And see that the belt is working properly. Well I got so annoyed I spent the whole bank holiday working on the car with no hope I got so feed up I check for leaks with no luck I lost my tempure and hit the cat about 4 times shouting abuse and checked the throttle wire for play which i did and its running a lot better at the momment mpg was 37 now 45. Figure 2: Strange peak in crankshaft signal. Honda Jazz Common Faults. From going though the haynes manual to find out why the car was cutting out whilst driving the only box left to check off was blocked cat as they is no pressure coming from the back box!

All rights reserved. Jazz keep cutting out whilst driving, poss cat block? Check out our Terms & Conditions. This is one of the faults that Honda will fix free of charge if the car is still under warranty. The Netherlands. When idling, the two plugs are fired simultaneously. Or at the roadside. as these are the main signals that must be correct to make an engine run. Get safe, reliable breakdown recovery and roadside assistance anywhere in North and East London. This causes the combustion to go faster and gives a higher engine output. Book expert car and motorcycle collection & delivery in London to or from anywhere in Europe. And will need replacing. oscilloscope, as diagnosis oscilloscope and as lab scope. The engine keeps cutting out and stuttering. Check the brakes at speed before you buy. Make sure you check this out. When placing non-functional cookies, traceable data is processed. which are always present near a running car engine. The spark plug fires at the falling slope of this signal. Hi, not a Jazz expert but sounds like the ignition is cutting out (loose wire type thingy) and when it returns it bump starts hence the bumpy bit you get. Nothing showed up. We accept card payments and payments over the phone. Before anyone can diagnose any fault, are the cars fully serviced to Honda specifications? I consent to having Recovery 4 Cars collect my name, email and phone number and I agree with the Terms & Conditions of the website. The measure leads are specially designed to be very insensitive to external distortions, Further analysis showed that this extra pulse appeared to be simultaneously with the ignition

A good automotive oscilloscope can measure at a high sampling rate for a long time and provides

Honda Jazz automatic gearbox problems include juddering when pulling off and a lot of noise. There can sometimes be issues with the exhaust not working properly due to a blockage, that in turn causes the running of the engine to be irregular. A garage is dealing with a 2006 Honda Jazz with L13A i-DSI engine. ive replaced the crank angle sensor and checked all connections, road tested and all ok. gave back to customer and it cut out on him again. Looking back in time and zooming in revealed another anomaly: a strangely delayed ignition I used a £100 cat from the 'bay and it was fine. With my car it was the sensor of the camshaft. Get a free quote without any obligation.


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