homemade deodorant without baking soda

Have a wonderful day! Did I do something wrong? On occasion, I do wear deodorant, especially if I know I’ll be in a situation where I’ll likely sweat.

Those people on the internet who had a problem with it, used pool grade DE which is dangerous. Thanks so much for a great recipe! I stopped using my ‘secret’ deodorant last December and its been 5 months now that I’ve used Magnesium oil spray only. The first two batches that I made came out fantastic! Female-founded by Katie Sturino Thanks again for your help! It was really hard to spread, but effective! Does anyone have any suggestions for improving the ease of application? That will make the deo more ‘stiff’, but will also increase the odor fighting abilities. This is important in those armpits, right? , Hello! Finally…one thing that sticks out for me here is that my deodorant doesn’t irritate you. I used 20 drops of lavender and 2 drops tea tree oil. I have not had the stench.

I know this was posted awhile ago but I hope you still read the comments. Arrowroot also works great on your underarm skin. Good luck, happy DIYing, and thanks for stopping by. Now take a big bowl and pour its half with water. Yikes! Your comment here is a good reminder, though, that we should all be aware that many ingredients (even natural &/or organic!) This time it was still liquid, so I was able to pour it out. I hope to one day have chickens of my own…I do have the supply of DE ready. Thank you for your input!

Would appreciate your help. Tried homemade deodorant with baking soda and loved the odor control but unfortunately had horrid reaction. Many people use apple cider vinegar in the AM and PM for a week or two to help encourage detox.

You have to get rid of the decaying matter in your body before you can ask your body not to smell. Possible Damages of Waxing Underarms. So, not only does DE help draw out moisture and remove toxins, but it also helps to ease sensitive skin. Yes, I am sure that you must always keep a supply on hand for your chicken coop. Ideas…Thoughts? I order mine in large bulk, but these two options will definitely suit your needs. Just make sure you use food grade DE. I have had nothing but great success with this recipe and I’ve been using it for months. The BS recipes I’ve tried in the past not only give me a severe chemical burn, but also stained most of my clothing an orangy-yellow color. Thanks for stopping by! urine and blood detoxes things that sweat cannot and sweat also has toxins which are detoxed primarily or exclusively through that pathway. StumbleUpon I am glad that you whipped some up! The dilemma was how to keep the deodorant from leaking through the holes in the bottom before it cooled and hardened. 5g almond oil (instead of 10) Yes, please let me know how it works for you with the Kaolin Clay. Changes: Hi Jess, Just wanted to say I received my 2 ounce deoderant the other day and I love it! I’m trying to make a cream with shea butter, beeswax and coconut for my dad but am afraid to send it out to him. This looks like a great alternative for me as I’m suffering from the baking soda based deodorant. Hang in there…it’ll be worth it! You might try New Directions Aromatics, but they do have steep shipping and a fee if you don’t spend $100 minimum. You can pick anyone from them).


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