hoi4 naval combat guide

I love this game a lot. Standard “leg infantry” divisions are the most reliable and cost effective divisions you could hope for. The update is there now. That’s okay. AI has a tough time chasing them down, even humans can struggle with raiding that pops up in a massive number of zones. When applying upgrades, I typically move towards Concealment Experts and Loading Drill Masters for the far-reaching groups like Patrols. A single Destroyer with 3 ASW slots is a fantastic sub hunter when combined with sonar tracking and Radar. People, don't read the numbers - those can change or be sub-optimal - read the thoughts and make your own numbers! Their material needs, however, are quite high, more in a sec. It’s a lengthy example and most times I don’t think you’ll need to lease a naval design. Mines will be laid in all assigned regions at the same time. Bonus! The French navy ripped us apart. Even so, they can be a multi-tool for any situation, and can be refitted to change their role in the seas. This page serves as a hub, providing a list of the articles which are relevant to naval warfare. This means that as of the current patch (1.6.2), destroyers may actually function better as convoy raiders than submarines, because destroyers will not automatically flee the second a small enemy force appears (Note: thanks to Rimmy for pointing this out in his HOI4 video!). great question! This may not feel comfortable with you. Max speed = It's the max speed a ship can have.

While other boats are still reloading I like to have a second tube filled and firing.Torpedo strength upgrades with tech, cooldown speeds don’t often get reduced. Torpedo cruisers are only mentioned once, in passing. Naval warfare is conducted by ships which operate in the world's interconnected seas and oceans. He’d say this: But numerically, how many should you have? The reserve fleet accommodates any task forces which are not yet assigned to a normal fleet.

The recon company provides simpler benefits: speed and reconnaissance. Ships with more advanced engines will use more fuel, so keep that in mind when your fuel is running dry. From a ship. Yes, like all HoI4 combat navy can be min-maxed, and if that's the goal then there are like 5 ship hulls that you'd ever use and build, your guide is useless blah blah blah. This could help you in several ways such as stacking bonuses together for submarine detection or carrier sortie efficiency. General of the Army. And ask yourself, how would Paul Hollywood feel about your shitty Navy bake without icing? Under this scheme, the destruction of enemy submarines would be left to patrol and/or strike forces configured for anti-submarine warfare. This mission assigns a task force to look for enemy convoys in the fleet's operational area. It is worth noting that troop transfers across water are performed using convoys, and can be protected through this mission like any other convoy. There is a balance to find here. The pummeling they offer is only matched by air power. This protection is extended to all of the fleet's assigned regions, although the number of regions that can be efficiently protected depends upon the number and size of task forces performing the mission within a given fleet.

So, say it with me, our mantra! and Bold (+10% Speed). Posted by. Light Attack = It's the attack capability of a ship towards a non capital ship (more on non capital ships later). This is a community maintained wiki. Check your Air and Naval Designers as well as Military Staff, for technology and stat upgrades available within your war cabinet. Anything more expensive is a complete waste. Why wait 2 years for a Battleship if I can build 20 or more subs in the same time with the same dockyards and using less resources? Ships with high speed values can dodge more shots, move faster, retreat and engage faster. Each fleet consists of one or more task forces, with each task force containing a number of individual ships.Task forces are the most basic unit of ship control available to the player, while fleets serve as a useful grouping mechanism for task forces. Because shelling. But it’s water stuff, so we’ll say ‘fleet’ instead of ‘division’. Strategies are not limited to instructions; the reasoning behind each strategy is also given, with links to articles in which the relevant mechanics are explained. I like the guide I would just want to clarify one thing about subs. This is their preferred theater of combat after all. Experience is the key, and Oil is the lock. Once you have a boat (not convoys), set your ship to exercise and set the repair priority to auto detach. In my opinion, you shouldn’t purchase an upgrade that has a time reduction penalty still locked. When equipped with minelaying tubes and given an engagement rule of 'Never engage', they can perform minelaying missions with near impunity. I like using 3 Destroyers to 1 Cruiser (but it’s usually loaded out). heavy firepower, BB Battleship – Moderate to unreasonable costs, slow to moderate speed, heavy firepower, heavy armor. Use light cruisers to raid instead (ones with higher detection, since it also reduces your visibility). It’s the first thing you see and the first thing to get attacked. Generally when creating a variant of an aircraft, it is beneficial to upgrade the category that the aircraft already is dominant in, in order to increase their strengths. The raiding force needs to spot the convoys before attacking them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cruisers are the most versatile of the hull types, with the ability to fill almost any role needed. Why do the DDs have more than a single depth charge?

Cruisers take longer to build than destroyers and aren’t quite as fast, and the heaviest cruiser will most likely lose a prolonged engagement with an enemy battleship.

The more shit you put on it the boat, the slower it goes. For me, HOI4 Navy is like the ice cream buffet after pizza. However, when troop transfers are being performed automatically as part of a naval invasion order, the naval invasion support mission may be a more appropriate choice. A new fleet can be created by selecting one or more existing task forces, then clicking the '+' button at the bottom of the screen.

Right clicking on a task force centers the camera on it. Make sure you're up to speed with all the latest changes as of the 1.9.3. But for someone picking up HOI4 and NOT having MTG? War Machine: Division Theory in Hearts of Iron IV, Upcoming War Board & Miniature Games 2020, Unity of Command 2 Blitzkrieg deploys next week, Möbius Front ‘83 is a new tactical wargame where America must fight itself from another dimension. Best escort is DD1 with cheapest gun, sonar, radar, engine, 1 depth charge. Cam, you say, if I need 4 ‘screens’, and both a Destroyer and Cruiser are 'screens', then is a Destroyer equal to a Cruiser? The rate of minelaying per region depends upon the number of ships in the fleet which are part of minelaying task forces, and the number of regions which have been assigned to the fleet. Hearts of Iron 4 can be unapologetic ally brutal to new wargamers with the sheer amount of systems involved, and especially after several DLCs and patches.

This section provides naval warfare strategies which have been tested in-game for effectiveness.

Carriers are very straightforward as far as ships go: their sole purpose is to launch aircraft that will assist in combat. Organization runs out by moving to other sea tiles, engaging into battle or exercising the fleet.

Newly built ships join the task force they were assigned to or a reserve fleet. Fleets can range from being vital to impractical in the game depending on what country a player chooses.


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