himalayan dumbo rat
When Is It Time to Let Go? dumbo eared himalayan marked rat. Therefore, dumbo rats can be rexed and rexed rats can be dumbo eared. himself. The Siamese you describe are very common within the pet shop community. The points tend to be brown.

General AOCP Disqualifications – White feet; white spot on the body; white on the tail. Russian Blue Point Siamese  From this breeding, you will probably get an assortment of Hooded and They will lose their markings (all except the nose/tail points) as they mature. Instead, this breeding produced two Q My local pet shops carry only randomly bred rats that are primarily used for snake food. Any white will be solely on the underside of the rat. Loading... Unsubscribe from DrRockzo2014? Other blazes may run along the side of the face, or may have squiggly edges rather than the perfect triangular wedged blaze. The North American Rat and Mouse Club, Intl. gray ones with white on the stomach will work. The rest of the rat is usually white, and they tend to have pink eyes. by purchasing a baby between 10 and 14 days old and hand rearing with kitten milk from a pet hospital. Siamese  Essentially, they are Siamese or Himalayan rats Bareback rats are just like hooded rats, only the do not have the color splotches or stripes. The color on its back will either be lightly or heavily dappled, spotted, or splotched; much like an appaloosa or roan horse. Usually, when one thinks blazed, they think of the wedge blaze. Though it takes years, you can I wrote an article on the genetics of the Siamese/Himalayan varieties which appeared in the November/December 1997 (Volume 3, Issue 4) of Rat & Mouse Gazette . PDF pages/forms on the AFRMA site requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. The dark Purchase the AFRMA Official Color Standards Rat book. If it goes all the way to the tail as 1 solid color, it is a complete hood. Note: The pictures on this page are not meant to be true representatives of the

Dumbo Rat structure. Copyright © 1995–2020 American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association This, by the way, proves that the male that produced this litter is a Himalayan Hooded himself. Bareback hooded rats are slightly harder to find, but they are still somewhat common. See the Standards book for additional details on each color.

Common Breed Names: Himalayan rat Alternative Breed Names: N/A Description: Himalayan rats should be white without any stains but with points of dark sepia. He’s in a brass like tiny vintage bird cage.

The fancy rat (Rattus norvegicus domestica) is the domesticated form of Rattus norvegicus, the brown rat, and the most common species of rat kept as a pet.The name fancy rat derives from the idea of animal fancy (the promotion of domesticated animals) or the phrase "to fancy" (meaning to like or appreciate). This is what they look like as babies. Dumbo Rat coat. Photo ©1997 Craig Robbins. AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine. This is what the males you describe are, as are their offspring. HIMALAYAN - Body color to be white, free from stains and even throughout. The PEW with Siamese nose point (I will call a wanna-be Himalayan) Blue Point Siamese  As they grow up, these rats will fade till all that shows are the points on the nose and possibly the base of the tail. Siamese rats are absolutely stunning. who have light points and hooded markings. Berkshires are extremely common.

Your all in one source for fancy rat information, news, tips, and help! A berkshire rat has a perfectly solid colored body, with some white on the belly. There are so many beautiful ratties out there that it is mind boggling! Apply the dumbo X standard ear rules above to determine whether or not the babies are dumbo.

I drove 20 miles to find they had two males with no darkened That’s not what happened when the female Himalayan was bred back to her dad.

Himalayan Rat . Unlike a Siamese rat, a Himalayan rat usually only has 1 or 2 points; the nose, or the nose and tail base. Seal Point Siamese  Courtesy of Open Web Design. When these rats are young, the Hooded markings appear as light beige, sometimes with a slightly darker nose or tail base. A broken hooded rat is perhaps the most common. I’d love to you would get all Siamese, so why the wanna-be Himalayan? This article is from the Winter 2003 Over the years, we have found a few that made wonderful pets, the rest were skittish, and one was downright psychotic.

rats. If one of these Himalayan is bred back to They will lose their markings (all except the The points tend to be brown. These rats are actually Himalayan Hooded. How could she produce that litter when she was bred to her

You will see that the white will run up the sides of the rat’s body, sometimes reaching up towards the spine.

They have solid colored heads, front legs, shoulders, and a portion of the back. Here are some scenarios: Dumbo rat is standard furred, while the mate is a simple rex (full coat, only 1 rexed parent). AFRMA Show Regulations & Standards book. You will get an assortment of Hooded, albino, and light beige babies. Is My Rat Dying? Read the article on Burmese Rat Genetics. If a Siamese rat is bred to a PEW, all of their offspring will be Himalayan. (PEW) female the proprietor claimed was Siamese. Usually, a Siamese has brown or orange tinted points. albinos, a pale tan Hooded, a pale tan Hooded with no color on the head, and one with just a spot on its back.

This, by the way, proves that the male that produced this litter is a Himalayan Hooded Himalayan  may be different. They have an off white, cream colored body, with points on the nose, ears, paws, and tail base. All text, artwork, and photos are copyright to AFRMA, and/or the author, artist, or photographer. For complete details of these Standards including points, faults, and disqualifications, please refer to the They are minimally marked as compared to the Siamese. The points to be a rich dark sepia (as dark as possible). A himi Dumbo rex hanging out for a minute. Russian Blue Agouti Burmese  “Himalayan allele at the albino locus in the Norway rat”. Based on Design by G. Wolfgang (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Caramel/Fawn Ruby Eyed Top Ear and Black Veriberk Top Ear With Star! Usually, you do not see Siamese rats as commonly as you would see Himalayans. You will want to keep the ones with the most color and the least white. ... Dumbo rats as pets - Ask a Vet with Dr. Jyl - Duration: 3:27.

(Any Other Color Pattern; Siamese and Merle; see Fancy Rat Genes for genetics. When these are old enough, breed them together. Keep two Hooded rats of opposite sex with the most color and the least white. Merle. except where otherwise noted.

The rat may be capped, hooded, or nearly barebacked. Eyes red. If you don’t have it, click HERE, The following are the rat AOCP colors as recognized by the American Fancy

They can assist you in finding breeders who have the animals in which you have an interest.

Himalayan Rats. If you don’t have it, click HERE. Unauthorized copying of any part constitutes a breach of copyright law.

I’ve had best results animal’s color. This male was then bred back to his daughter (out of the pink-eyed The colored hood stops about 1/4 of the way down the back, and continues as a stripe down towards the tail. A wedge blaze comes to a point on the forehead, but begins on symmetrical sides of the muzzle. Burmese Dumbo rat owned and bred by Connie and Ken Van Doren. small line of tan) and one that had a tan spot on the back. They have black or red eyes. A broken stripe or splotches is a broken hood. To have a combination of two or more colors other than white arranged in a recognized pattern.

Rat and Mouse Association. Instead, the back is entirely white with the exception of the colored hood.


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