hearthstone dust calculator

thanks, I was dsicussing it with a friend and he said that hunter is the only class that free to play user can use to win games bacause he have the best cheap cards in the games so blizzard would not give him expensive good cards in order to keep alive chances to win to free to play users. However, the proportion of golden and regular versions varied substantially by rarity. But you can safely disenchant useless legendaries from expansions you no longer buy packs from. But I also pulled Scourgelord Garrosh, who seems be 400 dust…. You’d have to ask Blizzard, not us. . It might fit into any slower, more spell-heavy deck in the future – I’m almost sure we will see it next year. An arcane dust calculator for Hearthstone. The Boom Reaver – The Boom Reaver was a cool card to get from Dr. Boom’s Hero Power, but it was never really a good standalone card. The weak stat line of both the Flame of Azzinoths and Illidan himself means that they’re too easily removed by opponents to be a viable threat. Zerek, Master Cloner is not safe to dust, just now is not used. This table will give you a quick overview of the Arena rewards in terms of dust. kinda works in mech paladin

You’re talking about the images? And I'm not even mad, I did this for fun, did you like it?

But there are just too many variables to put significant stock in anecdotes that contradict materials science. Overall it’s pretty solid card in any Midrange Warrior list. And it’s not like pirate warrior is tight on mana in the mid and late game (since you don’t have enough cards in your hand most of the time). As for Moroes, his ok in quest rogue, but he’s utterly useless in virtually every other deck. Tess is super fun to play, but thief decks are memes, it’s highly unlikely those decks will be competitive when random cards from the opponent’s class are so inconsistent. Copyright © 2019 Hengestone Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. but do note that tarim wil rotate out next expansion. Maybe, possibly, in some kind of Dragon Shaman build… But even then the deck doesn’t need that many Dragons (because it has only a single synergy – Lightning Breath) so you will be fine without Nithogg.

Hey guys, i was free this weekend so i decide to make an Excel to calculate the amount of pack that I need to open to complete a collection. ), who is very good at growing big and strong. In this case, both Mukla and Overspark are solid techs against the flood of Even and Cube Warlocks in high Legend, but they might not be as successful in lower ranks. The card has potential, I would not disenchant it. It’s only played in meme decks and there’s a 75% chance I wouldn’t even play the 6/6 anyway.

5 mana is much more clunky than 4 in a deck that wants to close up the games by turn 6-7.

So for example, your minions can only attack his minions or his face. I mean, if my Pyros eats a Hex or a Poly – and that did in fact happen a few times – all I can really do I laugh. We appreciate it!

The average pack's dust value is 104.38. Some of those cards might actually be good and see more common play in Wild, so if you’re playing the other format, do your research carefully before dusting anything. “Compare it to let’s say Warrior’s Bloodsail Cultist and you’ll understand why it’s pretty bad. However, when you invest eight mana into a single minion, you want more of an immediate effect than this card provides. Nithogg – The problem with Nithogg is that it’s just SO SLOW. While there is a smaller player base and less competitive play than Standard, Wild offers a lot of unique synergies with nostalgic cards. Unfortunately, Marinconz only posted aggregated data. They do play Crazed Netherwing, BUT it costs 1 more mana and the 5/5 body also dies, not to mention that you need to have another Dragon to activate it.

You can build decks for every class for Ladder, Tavern Brawl, and Adventure Mode! If you want a similar effect that can’t screw you – you play Barnes. You are better off duplicating your Hench-Clan Shadequills, Arcane Watchers or Ancient Watchers. Hi,whit this update can i ask one question?

Enough people in fact for two versions of the deck (one budget version without Kangor and one with it) to show up on HSReplay. Cookies help us deliver our Services. . With these data, it is possible to determine the chances for these events: The data from Marinconz does not include details of regular vs. golden opened in the packs. Still, I doubt Blizzard won’t make new Hero cards for standard mode. In many cases, you’d get more mileage out of the 400 dust than the card itself.

(Seriously?) However this is just my opinion, best would be to keep all of them as long as you dont need dust right now.

Now if you disenchanted all these cards and want to play in the current Meta you have been scamazed. And that’s exactly the point of this list. align-items: center; Moroes and Yogg are definetly playable in the current meta, hopefully this is covered in an updated version of this article. The average card's dust value is 21.57 dust. Is that ever going to work?

I disagree with you on Mukla, even if it was played in the deck it would be a fringe inclusion that could easily be replaced.

There’s no argument that stone dust has some extremely useful properties.

The last 150 pack openings were opened the day after the YouTube video was created. In both cases, they aren’t the worst cards and they MIGHT see some play in the future. The number of cards of each rarity type you are expected to find in the number of packs you selected. Dragon version, on the other hand, doesn’t have enough strong synergies to work. The problem with Paladin Buff is you nearly always lose card advantage. he pretty much said everything you just said. I’m also free to play and had a similar situation at the early stage of the game. If you plan to only play Standard going forward, then forget about non-Standard packs and move on. This guide really needs to get an update. I had him on arena once and sadly it used himself as a target major times(when opponent was attacking).

Golden cards and the new legendary-opening rule are factored in. Arcane dust calculator? Disenchanting Legendary cards is inherently risky. While these are based on the results of this single, relatively small study, the closeness of the study's results to those of other and larger studies suggests that the below information should still be relatively accurate, at least for the lower rarities.

On June 5th 2014 Steve Marinconz published the following results in an article on Kotaku.com. display: flex; Even in a deck full of spells, it takes a while to finish it, and getting more completely random spells is just… not consistent enough. but as mechathun is rarely used it has low value.

ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᵃˢ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒˢᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵇᵉ ʰᶦᵐ. so that’s about it. I mean, I’m a free to play player and I’ve used your guides for crafting and disenchanting in the past (as recently as your last guide even). These are objective material properties that can’t be refuted, certainly not with anecdotes. – Sindragosa

All types of card pack have the same chances at. Greenskin is definitely not safe. As an example I will use the following likely scenario: Let's consider a case where a user already has roughly 75% of all available cards of a given expansion. Heck, “might be” is an understatement – stats at hand (HSReplay.net) suggest that out of the 20 strongest Odd Rogue builds (last 7 days, rank 10 – Legend), only one of them runs Mukla – build #5. Chenvaala – Okay, here’s the thing – Chenvaala has actually seen some play in Cyclone Mage in Descent of Dragons. If you are not willing to pay real money for non-Standard packs and don't have enough gold to reach the 380 mark, then let go of the idea of having a complete collection and save your gold for the next expansion. And value is not exactly what the deck needs – it needs some ways to close out the games. }. But I will hold on my Lunar Pocket Galaxy and my Flark’s Boomzooka because I really like those cards.

If you somehow manage to get multiple copies of it, it might be pretty tricky for your opponent to get rid of, but most of the time it just doesn’t work. I’m not saying that it’s not possible, but it simply can’t happen “all the time”. They’re all pretty strong, so if you plan to plan Wild in the future, you shouldn’t disenchant them. Plus it’s pretty difficult to drop him and summon a lot of 2/1’s on the same turn, which means that most of the time you will be left with no value. It dies to single, small-mana cost removals. Don't wait up! The author also notes that the sample sizes for the higher golden rarities are too small to be considered conclusive. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page.

And this is really what it often comes down to: When ‘expert advice’ contradicts our direct experience, the human tendency is to stubbornly stick with whatever has worked before. I like the artwork and the emotes are funny.. My 8 year-old likes the fact he can play with all the cards in the game. You’re right, my bad. I pulled Gruul about 2 years ago. But the deck was already completely off-meta then. While yes, it’s a lot of value packed into a single card” Hobbs has been using cho for well over a year on ladder… pretty successfully in spite of making obvious misplays. Nearly every deck in the meta runs some spells, and making them free would completely negate any tempo advantage you’re gaining from extra stats on your 2-drop. Why in the hell would you want to play prince liam in odd pally?!


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