hay bales for sale kent

Competition horses when in full work will benefit from high value haylage. They’re also surprisingly light and easy to move should it start to rain! By rich I would say, very sweet and baled reasonably wet, it is can be excellent on some horses particularly youngstock or Broodmares whose nutritional requirements are high. Good haylage can reduce your hard feed requirements.

Conventional quality hay bales are also available please call for details. An observation re Haylage to try to keep to the same batch or to bales from the same field made at the same time. We can deliver from one bale to full lorry loads. You won't find a more versatile party prop. T: 01303 844000   M: 07802 371547   E: rupert@ukeuro.com. She has been with us for 12 years, and is vital with regards to the back office and consequently the smooth running of the Stud and the Farm. Rustic wedding? 14 bales left weight approx 1000lbs One of our most popular party props, hay and straw bales are super strong, surprisingly comfortable and so easy and fast to set up.

They have a gorgeous warm white light and will make any occasion feel very special. If you would like your hay/ haylage/ grass tested then please do not hesitate Sally at the Healthy Horse Company www.thehealthyhorsecompany.com, Top quality haylage for sale square bales especially for horses.

2020 New Season top quality hay made on our own family farm . We are also suppliers of supplemental vitamins, minerals and balancers. 2nd cut Hay for Sale Chatham-Kent 09/09/2020 4x5 round bales of alfalfa timothy mix hay for sale. They'll look great, stay chilled and guests can help themselves to a refill, keeping the party in full swing. Rich haylage though can also be blamed, on occasion for causing colic. T: 01303840060   M: 07725832447   E: will.greenwood@ukeuro.com. This reduces the opportunity for colic to occur. Call 07725 832447  for details of the above.

Over feeding can lead to handling problems if the horse is not in full exercise and work. Main decision maker and source of all knowledge. Our straw is also available as seating for events and weddings.

He handles all  haylage, hay and straw enquiries and deliveries.

We have proven time and time again that horses on a bespoke targeted nutrition and balanced mineral diet enjoy healthy skin and coat, strong hooves, a healthy digestive system, a strong immune system, a healthy functioning metabolic system, strong tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles, healthy young-stock, better performance and attitude to work. E: larkie@studukeuro.com A very valued member of the team. call 07802371547 or email, Advertise your horse, locally, nationally and internationally at www.studukeuro.com, Landscape equine facility design & construction, Straw, hay and wood pellet Import and Exports. Tunbridge Wells,

If you require a contractor to cut and make hay or haylage we can also quote for this, along with topping, rolling, spraying, fertilizer spreading and hedge cutting.


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