have you seen my movie review
A film that reminds you of why you go to the movies in the first place.

and then the iconic bike shot, for instance – but there are also a number that rely on a little cinematic knowledge. Have You Seen My Movie? The film’s wider story takes a relatively simple, linear approach, with people first arriving at the cinema – from those blagging their way in for free, to lush red carpet affairs – and all the way to everyone heading home after collectively watching the end of Casablanca. }. From the early silents to the latest blockbusters, Smith pieces together nearly a century of cinematic history to create a distinct and visually stunning movie about movies and … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ». is awash with skilful editing, and the more you watch, you appreciate Smith’s vast knowledge and meticulous research. A film that reminds you of why you go to the movies in the first place. One of the surface level pleasures that one experiences when watching the video work of Christian Marclay, is the fun to be had in seeing ‘impossible’ interactions on screen. | Review, The Barren Author: A six-part audio comedy-drama, Ten places to have a meal before the lockdown – also al fresco, London Film Festival 2016: The Illinois Parables | Review, London Film Festival 2016: Short Film Awards. With Lisa Hartman, William Russ, Anne Francis, Scott Hylands. 6 ×  Copyright © 2018 Theo Pape. Buy Movies. Indeed, the film ultimately feels very much like a tribute to the experience of going to the cinema and watching films. Romance, musical, action, horror, noir, comedy - and countless characters watch in the dark with you. Have You Seen My Movie? that is steeped in the joy of going to the movies. Smith has now branched out on his own with a feature length work entitled Have You Seen My Movie?, which very much continues in this tradition of mass assemblage video works that play on one particular concept, but extend beyond simply being a ‘neat idea’.

Regardless of being a vague pastiche of Marclay’s The Clock, the Toronto native Smith manages to successfully hold his own as a creator and artist in his big screen debut, which is already on its way to prestige. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. is the ritual of movie-going, and explores it from a performative and experiential perspective. The effect of all this jumping around between film clips and time periods – one particularly amusing sequence sees Chris Evans as Steve Rogers telling a boorish character played by Richard Burton to shut up – should be jarring and something that frequently throws you out of the experience, but Smith knows how far he can push things, and a complex and near seamless sound mix ‘tricks’ you into easily following the action on screen without disruption.


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