hatchet jaxe waiver
T�;�{ Nope, that’s why we are here. stream Built with HTML5 and CSS3 Copyright © 2020 Jaxe & Jill'sPowered by GraFitz Group Network Website Designs, RESERVE YOUR BACHELOR/ETTE PARTY EVENT HERE. COUPON (8 days ago) entertainment-and-travel Coupons; Hatchet Jaxe Axe Throwing; Hatchet Jaxe Axe Throwing. %PDF-1.5 4 0 obj This is the type of pulse-pounding, adrenaline filled-fun that is great for both team building and amusement! We encourage people to arrive 10 minutes early to sign waivers and complete a quick training session. Don’t be like all the other folks just going out to dinner and hitting the bars – come to Jaxe & Jill’s where it’s drink & food friendly. If you are under 16 years of age, we require signed consent, as well as supervision from a parent or guardian.

We take bookings for 1.5-hour and 1-hour sessions.

We find they are weighted well and work great for learning on. If you are under 18 years of age, we require signed consent from a parent or guardian. That's right! Lumberjaxes is the best place to bring your friends and family! We do have a lot to the south of our location as well.

<> If you bring your own axe, you can get 10% off the price of admission. }�S3G����[!���0ڲB����q|�Y^xQ� ��8@��V�� Our standard waiver needs to be signed by a parent or guardian for any minor (anyone under the age of majority) to participate. If given 48 hours notice, you're deposit is 100% refundable. high mountain hatchets llc assumption of risk, release of claims, and indemnification this document is a release and limits your right to recover damages in case of death, bodily injury or property x��}is7��wG�?�G�u�pT�j��,��Z�3^�̋ �46E=�������(�y(��u�����D"����?��{��|��?��???~�����?n�~���G||s���/�?��?�p����p�����o>ݹ��{�`�?��w=�7��W����r�������_��w����n�+!�A���~�����+���������������̾o�~������{�������w��m����. If you bring your own axe, you can get 10% off the price of admission.

Yes, with parental/guardian consent, we believe that kids should learn the skill of axe throwing. If 24-48 hours notice is given, your deposit is 50% refundable. All of our private events include servers, bar tender, and a Throwing Coach who will teach your guests how to bury the hatchet. <> endobj b�~ۇU�?�����+���,��q�#|��aq@D�^� �� ��[Y��bv���B�=Z�g��_�9�u��,�|=�a"68�$���-�lO�}�-��p?����׷��. We recommended the free, two-hour parking on Ontario Ave, there is usually ample room out front. We accept cash, Debit, Visa Debit, VISA, and Mastercard. Want to de-stress? 2 0 obj

Our floors are rough cut lumber so there may be cracks, therefore, we don’t recommend high heels. We know each kid is different, and as such, we will need to ensure that they are strong enough to throw safely. We’re the world’s greatest hatchet tossing club. Walk in’s are welcome, but we cannot guarantee there will be a target available.

Your business Save yourself the mad rush of securing identical usernames across every social media network.On Facebook and Twitter, our RSS feeds and email newsletters. Training and safety is our top priority during every axe throwing booking and we’ll be sure you’re able to have a fun, safe and memorable time. We have a concession stocked with snacks and ice cold drinks. Our main goal is to bring the rush of a customary Canadian terrace hobby to networks.

, provided it is approved by our staff and is in good throwing conditions. Are kids allowed throw axes at TimberjAXE? We feel that axe throwing, while under our supervision, is very safe.

Contact us for pricing and availability. If our trainers feel you are too intoxicated or are a danger to yourself or those around you, they will ask you to take a break from throwing for a while. Axe Throwing.

TimberjAXE Throwing Sports LTD is fully insured for your safety as well as ours. ����CF0�L̓g���e�$.��v�{'Fp�Q�?__p =��~\�a����n.�b_��SY]��M>���eCN�(�LYd|����AT8�IB:/1�������{�sg+P`_��S+*_�>�'o@�|���p��gN��V�Y�xvj5G�"�غ�g�O׃���g��}�?�����;���Q��0�W�'�d�lF��W�.�o�w�����c�[�S�ߦ�c������r�0�5!�#snx�r��p�OH�5>5f��ɰͨ���C��#�nv�Bؑk�Ki�~n��"�t��H�| �#�)ͫ�}��M��S�e�z3T ��'�D/;55F���rUK+I��E�����m �:��x0���0t��@��̾��UAk��P��[:đ����_�4���,R'ל��PcgL%'�A�ɡ1x0cp��[�����+=�|�?"%�ݦk? There is no cost to watch, but we will require you to fill out a waiver before entering the arena. <>>>

Due to COVID-19, this program is not currently being offered. Don’t see the time you want on our reservation calendar? While we don't serve alcohol here at Timberjaxe, we regularly have patrons come axe throwing after supper, or after going for drinks. Axe throwing requires a certain amount of muscle strength to do it safely. No un-waivered minors may be left on BATL premises without their parent or guardian’s supervision.

Yes, axe throwing, in all its rustic glory, is the best bachelor/ette activity you can plan for the next bride or groom to be. Groups of two may share a lane, but you will still have your own target. Coupons for this location. ����6R���jQ��RAM0��".Ć�8Z��&c�Ɉnl�9t�[9Ǹ����}s�����RsCkwa(���sJ��~3�Ymg�k���,�&#�� H�J�5��� ��a`�;Gt�����s�-�C��m�A*�����@���9�qb3�N�6��d���� No sandals. 3 0 obj Try axe throwing in Pittsburgh!

%���� 3501 Teays Valley RoadHurricane, WV 25526. Call Us For More Information (801) 719-6012.

endobj ... For beginners, we use a 20oz fiberglass or steel handle camp hatchet. While we do not cater, you are more than welcome to line up your own caterer and we will work with them to ensure you have a successful event. We ask that you let us provide the drinks and you may cater your own food or we can provide anything off of our menu for your guests. We recommend calling ahead or booking online to ensure we have space available when you want to come in! Everyone at TimberJAXE whether throwing or just watching MUST sign their own waiver.

You are welcome to bring your own axe, provided it is approved by our staff and is in good throwing conditions.

Depending on your group size we will determine the appropriate number of targets/lanes based on your group size. We also have specialty axes available to rent if you want to try something a little different.

endobj We can also set up tournaments for your guests upon request. Looking for the best team building activity?

Grab a real axe and our trainers will show you how to throw it and challenge your friends in a game of darts…but with axes! Just show up with your group, and get some grub from us, and hurl axes down range. You can book online, email us at frontdesk@timberjaxe.ca, call us or stop by our location and set up a booking. We encourage people to arrive 10 minutes early to sign waivers and complete a quick training session.

TimberjAXE is designed to safely accommodate beginners to professional axe throwers. Everyone at TimberJAXE whether throwing or just watching MUST sign their own waiver. If you are under 18 years of age, we require signed consent from a parent or guardian. Give us a call at 304-416-5555 or shoot us an email, we’ll open our doors outside of normal business hours for large groups. 1 0 obj It's fun, it's easy to get … We find that most ten-year-olds are able to safely participate.

With the assistance of our skilled hatchet tossing mentors, a huge number of individuals have had the option to share our energy for throwing axes. You are more than welcome to bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages for your party/event.

For groups of minors, a parent or guardian needs to stay with the group while they are throwing. (306) 933-AXES (2937).

The waivers are digital and can be signed once you arrive at TimberJAXE. You and your best mates will spend 1 hour becoming intimate with a 1.5lb piece of whirling wood and metal as you learn, practice and then finally square off toe to toe in a group tournament that will result in the crowning of an Axe Throwing Champion. The only requirement we have is that you wear closed toe shoes. Yes, we have a small room available that can fit a group of twenty people which you can be used during your time here. Axe Throwing! This gives you access to all 6 of our throwing lanes in addition to the rest of our facility and games with no other persons but your guests. �)JHL�3F�r�Dkq��̼`p���W*g���Z���PM"��KH+X���ld��ٝ��Z���=6v�V_��� $�,��Z�=_ld0s75��wU�I�ߠ>�k+�n�m9���1^;�����!2$lR��V�бbo�-���7o�fb3��)|9т?�j��ά�F%��Ԉp���W�mJ�����ӷl��VR�)NGٍ�A�g�W�o���>#�o0�3�8GO��{+��ê���^G�J�_x����¹������x�i���c�0a��X�~�S�J�w?��n�C����q�r���85/�5`�H$+''a�bT�dg���3jԒ�`^��"�"->��(S�^�K^��D$��E]�n�!��Me���hM�r�&4�r�:��j6&;�4��gv(�VW�CA)GX�x��8��Ę���Wg���!~��^�xł� �|�l˗B�0��D)+0w��T0����-,�:�n�Z`�`^1n)���FI�Z��e�$��>8�7��WQ� y�o>��#�Ɛ�ޗ���4��h�9쓽q!�wim}q'��hcV��R,Z��w�UH�q��"�ԟQR~M�F�6�����ĉ˓�����p��^�\(�\Z�1X�m��N�9Νn�6�0��JZSy�!�b���:j�8�O�{�$�̓��]ܛ���.l��WڹG��L��4[ܖ��/��,�����G'��v����r;w���݄$A��XḈ���1��|��������g�c�:*�T��Q����`T���:x��^9T��%u�dI�OE٧�n z^�1<1��:�X�a�eb���]_O)�'������>�ζqQ�^;


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