hamster eye infection

You’ll find out everything from what kind of cage he needs, to how much food he needs, and how to figure out which breed you’ve got. The most common causes of eye infections in hamsters include: If your hamster’s eyes appear sore, then it is often best to visit your vet clinic. A pair of clean, thin ears is ideal, with no bite marks or missing bits. Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis: There are several types of hamster pink eye and those include: viral and bacterial.The viral type will be accompanied by a respiratory problem and discharge from the eyes.

Conversely, hamsters can’t see very well in pitch-dark conditions either. Genetics, as well as the care and stress levels play a big role in how long and how well your hamster lives. Hamsters need a lot of bedding, and the most readily available is wood chips. So it’s best to not get your hammy a cage with high levels. It could be that, but it’s likely something else. They will suckle from their mother until they are 4 weeks old, which is when she will wean them.

Sometimes referred to as “pink eye,” conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the eye's outermost layer. Where and how to keep your hamster’s cage in your home If you want to know more about us hammies, you can read the articles below for more info on how to take care of us the right way. check here   If the growth is smaller, harder, possibly even longer than it’s wide, it could be a skin tag.

Also known as exophthalmos or proptosis, the bulging of one or both eyeballs from the socket is common in hamsters. Hamsters are very small, fluffy creatures. Get a clean cotton pad or cotton bud, and dip it in the liquid. If your hamster is feeling ill, he may even eat and play less and also try to hide away. When it comes to Syrian hamsters, wet-tail is the most notorious and dangerous disease they can contract. A comparison of 4 hamster bedding options You can check the listing on Amazon here, and read the reviews as well. Whatever was bothering the hammy’s eye will be flushed out this way, but it might not be enough, which is why a vet will be necessary. But in those cases you must make sure that those breeders treat their hamsters humanely, and have medical checks run on the parents frequently. If you want to know more about us hamsters, you can check out the articles below ! Just not very much light, and not as much as us humans do. Fur mites are invisible to the naked eye. What a hamster’s cage will cost A few hamster eye problems that can happen if their eyes get dirty

This color pattern helped the Syrian hamster camouflage himself in the sands and escape his predators. Even if hamsters don’t really use their eyes, these problems still can happen, like: Eye infections – where they eye can be swollen, red, hot to the touch. My Teddy never had one, so in this particular case it’s best to check with your veterinarian. The hideout, the food bowl, the water, toys, everything. Are they useful ?

Are they actually scars from fighting ? A mother with a litter of babies was brought to Jerusalem for study in 1930, and most (if not all) Syrian hamsters available for sale today are descendants of that mother and her babies. Syrian hamster toys and cage objects You can use distilled water, or tap water. That means there will be lots of poop, food, and pee in the bedding. You can check the listing on Amazon here. So keeping him in the living room with barking dogs and people running around won’t be healthy or comfy for your hamster at all. You can find out more about how big a hamster can get, depending on his breed. The point is that it must be too big for your hamster to try to shove it in his cheeks. So they can’t really afford to even not be on guard. After you’re done reading this table, you’ll find each of these beddings discussed in more detail in the rest of the article.

It’s got all 3 types of hamster cages, their pros and cons, and how to clean and care for the cages too. It can also happen because of a stray bacteria on the hamster’s food, for example on a piece of apple or broccoli. Open a side of the box, and from then on leave the hammy alone. For example if the hamster is very ill, lives in a temporary quarantine in a different cage, and this one needs cleaning. This is a form of diarrhea, which if often lethal if left untreated, or discovered too late. Then at dusk, when the sun’s  light is much dimmer he can come out, because he can see very well at that moment. In a way, they already do – hamsters barely use their eyes, they use their noses and ears much more. Rest assured, hamsters can live their entire life without their eyesight. Do Hamsters Blink ? So if you’ve got a pair of hamsters living together, separate the infected one while he gets his treatment. Another possibility is an unkempt cage, which should be cleaned once per week. A bit annoying, but still a lovable ball of fur. The loss of an eye or blindness does not affect the hamster too much as their eyesight is very poor and they rely mainly on smell and hearing. You can check the listing on Amazon for this Kaytee aspen bedding, and read the reviews as well. It is important that you and your veterinarian react quickly in order to try and save the hamster's eye(s). But you’re in danger of not meeting his dietary requirements, or overfeeding him. Keep the bedding clean, and change it once per week.

But you must be sure that the hamster parents are healthy before you get your baby hamster. Except stripes. A word from Teddy

Any scented bedding will bother the hammy’s sensitive nose, no matter what the packaging may say. Occasionally a hamster may lose an eye due to accident or illness or the eyes may be missing due to genetic deformity. However figuring out which object form the cage is the cause can be difficult. Eyewash will first be used to remove any impurities; your veterinarian may then administer agents such as pilocarpine to reduce the pressure buildup in the eyeball. Hamsters are this small ball of fur. To a degree that’s normal, but even so it puts much stress on the hamster.

Well, sadly, no. For this reason freezing the hamster’s food and bedding for a minimum of 48 hours should be done. Hello, I’m dragos the main author for this site. Hammies are very sensitive animals. Since hamsters are so fluffy, it can be difficult to tell if they’re skinny or fat. You can delay them by keeping your hamster’s eyes away from UV light. Odd growth on the hamster, especially on nose or ears Again. These symptoms are very common in those hamsters who are suffering from an eye infection. This is because his eyes hurt when it’s too bright, and his predators start to come out and hunt. They also need to be separated into all male and all female groups, to avoid surprise pregnancies.

So a trip to the vet will be basically free. One of the things you need to know about, and the most dangerous to get wrong, is the social aspect of these pets.

Gently wipe the eye once with the solution, be gentle but firm. Not all vets are willing to perform surgery on such a small creature, but some can help. This can and will make your hamster a much happier and healthier pet. Dwarf types – Roborovski, Campbell, Djungarian hammies. We hamsters are a hardy bunch, but we do get sick from time to time, and we rely on you to help us out. Do talk to your vet, see if he has a way to disinfect wood safely. Bacterial and viral infections can spread easily from one hamster to another.

Usually they’re invisible under all that fur. Hamsters rely on smell and memory to navigate their cage, and are not keen on changes. Do I need to spot-clean every few days ?

You’re going to find aspen easily enough, since it’s a very common tree in many parts of the world. Conjunctivitis can be a problem in hamsters, as well as humans.

Especially often this happens if the owner forgets to change the litter in a rodent cage and does not carry out general cleaning in it.

Does your hamster have night vision ? In the second half of the article you’ll find out how your hammy will use his hideout, and how to clean it properly. Do keep in mind that if you live in warmer, more humid climates, the eggs can hatch much faster.

A hamster is a senior once he gets close to his second birthday. Anything, really, since conjunctivitis is just the inflammation of the tissue surrounding the eye. Some hamsters will become stressed and fight if kept in pairs or groups. Once the hamsters are born, they are blind and hairless. Whenever I opened the fridge, walked past him, got up, sat down, or even reached over his cage for something. If you’re using a pre-made mix, it can get to $10, both online and in a pet shop. This is something I did at first, to stop Teddy from chewing on the bars. An obese baby hamster will have a much shorter life span, and have several health issues, including and not stopping at diabetes and joint problems.

I had only a vague idea before I got my Teddy. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. My hammy is a bit of a Rambo type, but I went looking for answers on whether hamsters need light to see, just to be sure. Variations on coat pattern names, like Panda hamsters (white and black), Golden hamsters (the traditional pattern), Black hamsters (all black), and so on Mites are contagious, both the ear mites and the fur mites. A hamster can develop an eye infection fairly easy. So placing a bowl or half of a plastic hideout in that corner, filled with chinchilla sand is going to act like a litter box. You will become a very responsible person when you know you can’t really take him with your everywhere, like a cat or dog, to set up someone to take care of him. Although the cataract cannot be treated it is worth seeking veterinary confirmation as the symptoms of a treatable eye infection are sometimes similar. Just keep in mind that sometimes small pet can mean a cat or bunny. As for the food, there will always be a food stash hidden in the hamster’s nest. The easiest to confuse with a gerbil, since they have a bit of a tail. They’re very sensitive creatures. Pus will possibly ooze from the eye as well, as as such you will need to clean/rinse the eye with a saline solution. This is partly because you can feed the hamster the food you eat as well, or you can get him a pre-made food mix. Once he’s settled in, you can begin taming him, and you’ll become friends fairly quickly. Occasionally a hamster may get a sticky eye where the eyelids are fused together and there may also be crusty deposits along the eyelid. Unfortunately if the condition worsens, the eye(s) will require surgical removal. Eye infections are common in all animals. Hamsters are notoriously hyper, and older hammies are calmer than babies. You will need to regularly check on your hamster throughout the day in order to clean up any oozing as soon as it starts. Take a wet cloth and gently wipe around the eye to get rid of any fluid buildup. The hamster’s eyes Other medications commonly used for exophthalmos include anti-inflammatories and corticosteroids -- and when the eye protrusion is due to an infection, antibiotics. They can’t see too well in the distance, and they’re terrible judges of length, depth, or anything that involves jumping.

But sometimes I wonder if he can even see where he’s going, or he just knows his cage very well.

This means that cleaning his cage isn’t something he likes, but it must be done to keep your home clean. Back to aspen. Tap water is safe for hamsters, as long as it is clean.

First, because hamsters are very sensitive to temperature shifts. I wish I knew some of these when I first got my Teddy (Syrian male hammy). That small amount of light makes it easier for your hammy to see. Most of the time they’re okay and do not need a rinse. But it needs to be sand, not dust. You can find out more about wet tail here, and the chances your hamster has of getting it and surviving. You’re going to get a lot of uses out of whichever bedding you choose, and also find no odor problem. The best way to choose a hamster is to look both for a healthy one, but also a even-tempered hamster. If you just look to a small pet vet, he might only be able to help with pets as small as cats.


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