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Texas Instruments: The Death of a Computer.   group They are built according to the tradition of those particular times.

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Ancient Egyptian | 1st pharaoh, Narmer (Menes) | Theocratic socialism | SundialWater clockGlass is produced | Created to replicate the living world | Hymns were chantedHarps, pipes, Sistrums | Great Pyramid of Gizeh | cosmology | Papyrus rolls |

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 and Amma tujhe salaam, ma tujhe salaam……….. The first church structure was destroyed during riots in 404; the second church, built and dedicated in 415 by Emperor Theodosius II, burned down during the Nika revolt of 532, which caused vast destruction and death throughout the city. For building this church, the memory of Emperor Justinian in the Byzantine mind was outdone only by that of Constantine the Great, who built Constantinople. London: Longman, 1994. 5.  on Next to it he built a temple in remembrance of one of his many wives, Queen Nefertari (Nardo 120).  the

DMCA Large stones were brought from far-away quarries: porphyry from Egypt, green marble from Thessaly, black stone from the Bosporus region and yellow stone from Syria (“The Annotated Mona Lisa”).

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architectural transition between the circular and square shapes 1 . Just below the dome, 40 After an anonymous tip, the elections were set aside and the runners-up installed as co-presidents. Justinian fell in love with Theodora.

 while Hagia Sophia is one of the greatest surviving examples of Byzantine architecture.The church’s decorated interior of mosaics and marble pillars and coverings is massive and takes ones breath away.  an

 continued Archaic Greek | democracy | City-statesThe Olympic games | Theory of the solar eclipse | Fresco | Ballads of war | Palace of Minos, | AristotleNaturalistsPlatoethics | allegory |  (simply -­‐

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Other than being a beautiful building, the building is a symbol of change of Istanbul through time.  a  the Lose control(2) I’m a rebel (2)

However the Hagia Sophia is still the most awe inspiring.I believe that if the ottomans had never converted the church or if the church hadn’t been built under Justinian we wouldn’t have the beautiful mix of architectural aspects that we have today.  we

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They recognized the superiority that the church could bring to the Islamic religion and they used it for the same purpose and had the same thoughts while it was a mosque.

hagia sophia in Greek means “holy wisdom,” referring to the holy wisdom of God, a theological concept much discussed in religious traditions. I have always been interested in the fact that it started as a basilica, was then a mosque and is now a museum that functions as both a mosque and a cathedral.  and

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 in Most often it was soccer though my freshmen year of high school I decided to try out rowing.

The dome’s design was extremely bold and suffered as a result, collapsing in 558. Class Discussion Preparation:  crunch With three bodies of water surrounding them,it allowed easy access for trade and transportation of materials and soldiers throughout their land.The Bosphorus.  feel 2008. Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings.  happiness

Prehistoric | Families and Clans were important | Hunter/GatherSocietyHealer/Nurturers | Stone Tools | Cave paintingsDecorated pottery | Drumming | Stonehenge | animism | hieroglyphs | The ancient architects created monumental masterpieces that people still enjoy. However,  OF

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Mr.Gunty was required to write a paper on ethics.2 1) לאורך השנים TI נחשבה חברת TI כמובילה בחדשנות טכנולוגית, אסטרטגיית הגדלת הכמויות והורדת המחירים היו תמיד עמוד התווך באסטרטגיית המכירות של החברה. Hagia Sophia is one of the greatest surviving examples of Byzantine architecture.


First of all the church was built by the orders of Constantine the Great in 360 A.D, They chose the same location of a pagan temple.   For

 to The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris or Notre Dame de Paris which means, “Our Lady of Paris” in French, is a cathedral of the Catholic archdiocese of Paris.  to By law the two could not marry each other.


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 was It was used as a mosque until 1935, when it was converted into a museum by the Republic of Turkey.


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 and Justinian restored order and commanded the construction of Christendom’s then greatest church. They said that the new one did not compare to the old one because the new one has subtle effects. windows were placed letting light in and shine on the mosaics. Who alpha hai , theta hai.  this  Q

Theodora’s father was a bear trainer and her mother, a homemaker. These pieces have changed the way society has and is changing.


In addition, it is amongst the buildings, beliefs of the society.

She said that it is the first building that comes on her mind when she thinks of Istanbul.  all


Putting all formalities aside, Emperor Justinian excitedly rushed into the church to proclaim, "Solomon, I have outdone thee!"

It was “the mother church of the Orthodox faith, After the Ottoman conquest, and the church became an Islamic mosque” (193). ...The  your   and  happy. only being beautiful is not enough.

Theodora is also know for saving Justinian and his role as emperor. Browning, R. Justinian and Theodora.



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