gwr castle class
The class was named after kings of the United Kingdom and of England, beginning with the then reigning monarch, King George V, and going back through history. To replace some of the earlier locomotives, he put broad gauge wheels on his standard gauge locomotives and from this time on all locomotives were given numbers, including the broad gauge ones that had previously carried just names.

It was renumbered and renamed 100 A1 Lloyds and was withdrawn in 1950. Re-instated to work last King journey under BR from Birmingham via Southall to Swindon. Following successful testing the whole of the class was subsequently modified and, as a result, their final years in British Railways ownership saw the very best of their performance, particularly on the steep South Devon Banks at Dainton, Rattery, and Hemerdon. The GWR 4073 Class 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe is a steam locomotive of the GWR 'Castle' Class, built in March 1936.

Electrical pick-ups on locomotive and tender wheels for very smooth running. [10] [11]. Scrapped by Swindon Works, Acquired by Woodham Brothers Scrapyard, Barry Island, South Wales in December 1962. It is owned by the Didcot Railway Centre. G.W. 29.36 square feet In October 1925 a second Star class, No. Lot 234: Nos. Not only that, but possibly the greatest sounding locomotive ever built?! The Great Western Railway (GWR) 6959 Class or Modified Hall Class is a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotive. 7008–27, delivered May 1948 – August 1949.         1950         (7028 - 7037) to lot number 375. Opening smokebox door and superb detail including cab interior.

1,830,386 miles (2,945,721 km) on withdrawal.

There is now a Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual available. AU $73.63 + shipping . Options for fitting removable famous train headboards. and dia. Running numbers 4073 to 7037. However, in 1947 experiments were undertaken with a four-row high-degree superheater in No. Number 7028 Cadbury Castle was a Great Western Railway 4073 Castle class 4-6-0 steam locomotive built at the former GWR Swindon Works on 19 May 1950. Pullman dining. More about Weekend First. It was re-named "The South Wales Borderers" at a ceremony in Paddington Station in April 1937 following a request from the Regiment. AU $73.63 + shipping .

The tender attached to the class as originally built was the standard low-sided tender taking six tons of coal and 3500 gallons of water. [5] The bulk of the increase in power over the Castle class was initially achieved through raising the boiler pressure to a maximum of 250 pounds per square inch (1.72 MPa) and by increasing the cylinder stroke from 26 in (660 mm) to 28 in (711 mm). In February 1952, two engines, 4082 Windsor Castle and 7013 Bristol Castle, swapped names and numbers: 7013 was disguised as 4082 to run George VI's funeral train and the numbers were never swapped back. Scrapped by Swindon Works.

5013–22, delivered June–August 1932. 888, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 9AE, United Kingdom.

Box No. The first "new build" Castle, number 4091 Dudley Castle, was withdrawn from Old Oak Common nearly 9 years later in January 1959. Superheater tubes, no. GWR Castle Class “Totnes Castle”. There have been two serious accidents involving the class. 5029 is being put forward for a future mainline standard overhaul, but is yet to commence. Built  1923-24     (4073 - 4082) to lot number 224, Details: Castle class, 7000 to 7037     Windsor Castle     The Gas-Turbine Castle

This website is best viewed in a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox. It had a maximum diameter of 6 feet 0 inches (1.829 m) tapering to 5 feet 6 1⁄4 inches (1.683 m). Churchward for mixed traffic duties. GWR 4073 Class 5080 Defiant is a steam locomotive. In summer 2018 she was moved briefly to Tyseley Locomotive Works in Birmingham to make an appearance at their open weekend before moving to its planned home at the West Somerset Railway where the engine was to be restored. Boiler type

Currently owned by the, On 15 January 1936, a freight train became divided at, On 4 November 1940, an express passenger train hauled by No.

4079 hauled a small number of railtours on the main line in its early preservation years before departing for Australia in 1973; it double-headed with 4472 Flying Scotsman during its visit to Australia for the Aus Steam 88 celebrations. 163.76 square feet This page was last edited on 11 August 2020, at 16:53. Flue tubes, no. The bar-frame bogie was of standard Swindon design and the superheater was the number 3 type as used in the 'Star'. The locomotive fulfilled the LMS requirements so well that the latter first requested the GWR to build a batch of Castles for use on the West Coast Main Line, and, failing that, a full set of construction drawings. 14 x 5 1/8 inches 14 feet 10 inches The layout of the frame and the spacing of the wheels was the same, but the cylinder diameter was increased from 15 to 16 inches although the boiler pressure remained at 225 pounds per square inch. The nickname for this class, almost universally used at the time these engines were in service was Dukedog since the locomotives were composed of former Duke Class boilers on Bulldog Class frames. From September 1955, double blast-pipes and chimneys were fitted, initially to No. The 'King' had a tractive effort of 40,300 pounds and yet was still in the 'Star' and 'Castle' tradition. They incorporated most of the characteristics of contemporary GWR express passenger locomotive practice and Stars turned out of Swindon works from 1910 onwards were equipped with the Swindon No. Home Page    Locomotive name database    Preserved Steam Locomotives In 1937 it was decided to transfer the 'Earl' names from the 4-4-0 Dukedog or Earl class to Castle numbers 5043 to 5063 and details of the names are given in the locomotive details lists. They were the largest locomotives built by the GWR, apart from the unique Pacific (The Great Bear). As a means of increasing the tractive effort to bring it closer to the 40,000 lbf (180,000 N) requested by Pole, smaller 6 ft 6 in (1.981 m) driving wheels were used compared to the standard 6 ft 8.5 in (2.045 m) on the "Castles" and the first six locomotives to be built had their cylinders bored out to 16.25-inch (412.8 mm) giving a further 990 lbf (4,400 N), thereby enabling the ‘Kings’ to achieve a tractive effort of 40,300 lbf (179.3 kN).


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