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The 3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle turns up for the first time ever, in the slope of the 2nd pyramid, then inside the King’s Chamber in the diagonal plane. That is documented in the family records of Walter Allen of Pittsburgh, the great-grandson of Mr Brewer. What stopped them? People complain there is a lack of evidence for an earlier culture that could have build the Giza pyramids. 1490b. They know perfectly well that there is nothing "nether" about the word nor is there any known connection with some kind of "world." As described in "The Sign and the Seal" on pp. As a result, the discarnated entity Us-Ir was the supreme "Activator of the Eye" for the lost civilizations of Easterners iabetiu and Westerners imenetiu. But it is only dangerous to those who are not in accord with at least the ideal of becoming a Candidate Activator of the Spiritual Eye, those who are ‘spiritually impure’ in the ‘opinion’ of the four protective Shrines of Tutankhamen. I found that slopes of the descending passages were related to those of the first and second pyramids as precise angle bisections, within an arcminute – which could surely not have been done using ancient Egyptian mathematics. Egyptologists believe that both temples were built by Kh’afr’a about forty-five centuries ago in the 4th Dynasty. The King’s Chamber of his tomb was originally filled with four concentrically nested ‘prototype Arks of the Covenant’ designed to magically protect his sarcophagus from anyone who was spiritually impure. We compare these with the titanic stones at Baalbeck in Lebanon, the only place on Earth with even larger stone blocks carved and fitted into a wall, of a huge flat, raised surface; but do not speculate as to their purpose or who made them. Comment by John Perring, one of Vyse’s team: Alford, Phoenix Solution, p.120; Sitchin, The Stairway to Heaven, 1980 p.276. The eternal splendour of the two great pyramids at Giza involves some kind of relationship between them, and that connection is concretely expressed by two angle bisections.

Such a measure could be due to the sloping ground on which this pyramid was located. The notion that so insignificant a pharaoh was responsible for six million tons of high-precision cut stone being assembled to geometric perfection has to be a joke – a tragic one, because it expresses the amnesia which humanity has, over its past origins. Utterances 207-208, 210-212, 338-347, 355, 357, 459, 593-597, 599-602 and 604 belonged to the East wall of the King’s Chamber, where with some help from the ‘pun decipherment’ of untranslated artificial words and using for the Egyptian letter ‘a our English letter “short o” which came originally through Latin, Greek and Phoenician from the alphabetical ‘ayin or “forearm” Hieroglyphic letter, Utterance 341 contains wonderful information about the Great Sphinx. For example Utterance 302, out of a total of 700, begins (on the North wall in the Queen’s Chamber) with the expression Djed medu for "Said (in the Queen’s Chamber facing North) were the words:" — "whenever the Sharp-pointed Star gleams (two palm-widths before the brow), it is because the Two Sets of Nine Spinal gods have purified in the Ursa Major Polestar, that Star which knows not sweeping. They have restored and preserved much of the original Hieroglyphic texts. The Saqqara Pyramid Texts are filled with advanced knowledge about the Tunnel of Near Death Experiences, which only just began to be rediscovered scientifically in the 20th century from the black-out experiences of healthy young Air Force pilots subjected to high g-forces in a giant centrifuge. But Faulkner has "O Eye of Horus, be high and great on the King," where he thought the Eye of Horus was nothing but some incense. So that he will stand [or remain attentively fixed] to the fore among the Spirits like ‘One who brings about Levitation’ to the fore among the Westerners. One of the strangest unrecognized facts in Egyptology is the really quite obvious connection between the Saqqara Pyramid Texts and the Great Pyramid of Giza. But in the Great Pyramid Texts, the word can be translated. Egyptian units of measure contain this concept, insofar as they convert from area to linear measure, (from remens to Royal cubits) but as far as anyone knows they did not have a precise value as here used. are [also] Polestars. It looks as though something ‘terrible’ really did stop all those tomb-robbers. But Egyptologists have chosen to ignore them and have tarred all of these texts with the same ritual brush.

The square root of two links the Great Pyramid to John Legon’s ground-plan design. 28. there is no need to be discouraged by the educated nay opinions of Egyptologists. Our knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, History and the Hieroglyphs has progressed far enough to reveal unmistakable evidence for the existence of highly advanced lost civilizations. That’s enough about math arguments, which are not everyone’s cup of tea.

It took Carter and his team 84 days of "hard labor" just to disassemble them in order to remove them. My Tunnel is opened, my Tunnel is opened. These anonymous feminine gender rules are really never broken in these texts. All that they know about now is the ritual Eye as a ceremonial offering.

Giza by night: Futuristic lighting effects combine with Millennia old architecture to create a truly awe-inspiring vision. You sit, O Eye, [two palm-widths] in front of a Candidate King as his god, so that You will open his path to the fore among the Spirits. But at that time, Polaris was not a Polestar. Already in the first third of the twentieth century, the great German scholar Kurt Sethe was deciding to dismiss the first 212 Utterances of the Pyramid Texts ostensibly because they were supposed to be just "largely ritual formulae." It could be time for a fresh start. The 'Red' Pyramid at Dashur, like the 'Bent' Pyramid also said to have been built by Sneferu. 819b. As a result, such readers know that any anonymous feminine pronoun s probably refers to this feminine Eye. They are wrong on both counts.

1, 1840, opp. 899a.

But why do these ‘Pyramid Texts’ suddenly appear — and for the most part in just the 5th Dynasty pyramid of King Un-is and the 6th Dynasty pyramids of Teti, Pepi I, Mer-en-r’a and Pepi II? The ancient Egyptians surely derived their notion of ‘sekheds’ from these prior-existing pyramids: that of 4/5 for the ‘3rd’ pyramid, of ¾ for the 2nd pyramid, then of 11/14 for the Great Pyramid. The Third Pyramid of Giza has a descending passage slope angle of 26° 2′ identical within a single arcminute with that of the Great Pyramid ascending passage angle – suggesting that the same construction company built both, (2) and that the exact angle within an arcminute was intentional. Né à Édimbourg, Hancock passe une partie de son enfance en Inde, où son père exerce la profession de chirurgien. (2), pp.59-61, whereby the 2nd pyramid had to be present before the Sphinx was built. Modern day Giza sprawls at the feet of these ancient giants. 749e. was decorated "all around with a gold moulding" (all four Shrines have such a moulding all around the top edge of the rectangular box shapes). ….

Petrie, pp.43, 80: 5776.0” height and 412.4” chamber length. Sitchin, Journeys to the Mythical Past, 2007, 28-31. We focus here upon the Second Pyramid, as having been built upon quite sloping ground, 3-6° of incline. Un-is pi Such a Candidate neser is a flame em in tep upon tjau the wind er at djeru the limit pet of Heaven, er at djer the end ta of the earth. Throughout these texts, Egyptologists have never understood that the astronomical Stars were always being used as precise metaphors for fundamental Spiritual Stars in consciousness which are clearly defined in the known meanings of their names. Buried in Gardiner’s "Egyptian Grammar" is what may be described as a most probable translation method. (12) How did that affect his central thesis? 17. It is important because it contains a definite precessional date of 24,000 BC with awesome implications about the history of Saqqara and Giza. See one of the roughly-daubed cartouches at. 325a. had occasionally "fiery jets" issuing "from the cherubim" … which "burned and destroyed nearby objects" ( … it is because a Candidate has come near you, O fiery serpent, PT 194b), "was able to counteract gravity" ( … Which. 324c. It was covered not only with red quarry-marks but with cartouches bearing the pharaoh’s name, Khufu. Let’s quote Alan Alford: ‘The workmen’s graffiti in the ‘relieving chambers’ of the Great Pyramid had been faked by their ‘discover’ Colonel Howard Vyse, who had copied inscriptions which he had already found outside the Great Pyramid in the temples and the quarries, the presence of these inscriptions being fully consistent with the 4th dynasty ‘adoption’ scenario … What could Hancock and West possibly have seen in the relieving chambers which was so persuasive? That involved the square root of two – and the square root of three! shezep so that accepted o ek may be your control in by Ro the Godhead. Reason surely tells us, that the solid gradient was first, then the charmingly abstract concept, of a right-angled triangle in a diagonal plane came later. The Great Pyramid had a 1:14 ratio between the King’s chamber length and total height (29) reflecting the 22/7 pi-ratio that it encodes. For a mistaken view IMO, see. But as argued by John Anthony West on page 214 of "Serpent in the Sky," "The architectural style and building scale of the Sphinx and Sphinx temple complex are unlike anything else in Dynastic Egypt.". And who is this strange King Un-is anyway, whose very name means that he is "Like one whose Spiritual Eye is opened?" The "sweeping" meaning also looks like the more primitive root of the "perishing" verb and cannot in any case be distinguished by the Hieroglyphic writing.

This was equivalent to having pi as 3.16, no doubt impressive for ancient times, and books compare that to the more exact 3.14 pi value expressed in the Great Pyramid’s slope angle – however, these are very different kinds of problem; only from our modern viewpoint can we move easily between the two. 57d. The same thing is true of the physical Sky as an excellent metaphor for a Heavenly Sky or Spiritual Blue Void. The required rectangular box shape of ‘terrible power’ for any such "monstrous instrument" had to be built into its dimensions, so that a prototype Ark could be activated by and "between the two prototype cherubim" of Isis and Nephthys as described repeatedly in The Great Pyramid Texts for activating the Eye of Heru. Sitchin, Journeys, p.21; Stairway, p.277. (13). However the Star-like point two palm-widths before the brow is a real central point in visual consciousness which every ‘Spell’ in the "Book of the Dead" is actually talking about. 1014a. Hancock claims that the Great Pyramid was built using anti-gravity technology linked to Atlantis and the Ark of the Covenant. 273-6, the Biblical Ark of the Covenant: Three of the four prototype mercy seats are covered with activation texts and illustrations, but they are too far above everyone’s head to be visible from below.

For a brief comment by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert of the Legon/Cook geometries, see The Orion Mystery 1994, pp.53-55. If this is the case, why have we had no modern pictures of these crucial scribbles, no team of experts surveying them, no carbon dating? They are unmistakably reproduced in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara.

161a. His Operations describe his excitement at using his gunpowder, when bits from the back of the Sphinx’s head got blown off. 25 Petrie p.96, discussed in Ralph Ellis, K2, 2001, Appendix, p.105.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza. Egyptologists see only "protective spells" on the West wall of the Saqqara King’s Chamber. The same six levels are described in the Great Pyramid Texts on the South wall of the King’s Chambers. In the minds of Egyptologists, ikhem sek for "Star which knows not perishing" is of course "Imperishable Star."


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