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The gold miners of the Yukon put everything on the line in the hopes of striking it rich. This season really delivered. In a special 2-hour event, Ghost Adventures travels across Ireland's countryside, uncovering the origins of Halloween, abound with ancient Celtic legends and haunted locales infested by ghosts, banshees and satanic entities. Many locals believe the malicious spirit is responsible for a series of horrific deaths, and an exorcism may be the only way to save their souls from its dark clutches. Exclusive interviews with park staff, including Jeff and Lauren Lowe, reveal encounters with shadow figures, voices and mysterious light phenomena. Ami prepares for a critical medical check-up, but Billy has concerns about progress on the homestead while they're away. Atz Lee and Jane rush to the aid of a neighbour who has lost access to fresh water on her homestead.

Kindred Spirits: Season 4 Behind the Scenes. The discovery of a bloody battle on the grounds of the park leads Zak to believe a residual energy could be responsible for the manifestations. The cat’s out of the bag: Joe Exotic’s Zoo is haunted, and we're giving you access like never before with Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo. Learn about our investigators and paranormal specialists as they interview eyewitnesses and historians at each haunted location, arming themselves with the stories of the ghosts they will later provoke and confront during their dusk-to-dawn lockdowns. Trucking legend Steve and his dog Bella take a huge load cross-country from Alice Springs to Perth. The staff believes a horrendous shooting on the property in 1995 may be responsible for recent sightings of moving objects, flying shadow figures and a ghost girl. Zak and the crew travel to Globe, Arizona, to investigate a former bordello that was a hive of sinful behavior in the early 1900s. Ghost Adventures Season 21 Episode 12 - S21E12 Ghost Adventures Season 21 Episode 12 - S21E12 Ghost Adventures Season 21 Episode 12 - S21E12 You’re just a few clicks away from the show you want to watch. Privacy Policy. Watch More Full Episodes from These Networks. Zak and the crew investigate a demonic entity terrorizing a small California town. Buy Episode 1 HD $2.99. Helpful. Parker expands to a second cut and puts his trust in a rookie foreman. In a spine-tingling Halloween special, Zak and the crew take part in a historic investigation as they come face-to-face with the most evil doll in the world. Season 23 • Episode 12. For the first time, the Kilchers film themselves. This could be a big money deal for Bruce. Meanwhile, Monica's Hunker Creek cut is hit by flooding. The World's #1 Nonfiction Media Company. I'm still thinking about the investigation of the mansion in Pasadena. The current owner believes dark and sinister forces have overtaken the property, leaving her vulnerable to possession.

Engine issues see Russell struggle to hit a delivery deadline. Please check local listings for the most up-to-date episodic air order. Amy and Adam detail their Crock Tavern House investigation. Playing next. The intense lockdown reveals a childlike entity with a … A dramatic change in the Russian crab industry rocks global markets and sparks new competition. Bruce heads to Finland looking for props, including Cold War Russian anti-aircraft guns, for a new blockbuster movie. The crew investigates the dark energy surrounding an Arizona bordello. Aaron's plan to build a "junkyard Porsche" to take on Richard's 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S goes awry when the pricey conversion kits don't fit. The World's #1 Nonfiction Media Company. After months of rebuilding Earl Campbell's '49 Cadillac, there's a last-minute issue. Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room. Exclusive: "Ghost Adventures" Crew Investigates Joe Exotic's Infamous Animal Park, Ghost Adventures: Bloodshed in the Bordello, Essential Equipment for Paranormal Investigators, Get a Sneak Peek of Ghost Nation’s Ultimate Reunion Before Halloween, 10 Criminal Cases Cracked Open by Paranormal Research, 10 Can't-Miss, Scream-Inducing Moments on Portals to Hell, Ghost Nation Is Back: Go Behind the Scenes of the New Season, Ghost Adventures: Industrial District of the Damned, Ghost Adventures: The Chinatown Poltergeist, Cocktails Built for Travel Channel Binge-Watching, Sneak Peek Photos from Season Four of 'Kindred Spirits', Get an Exclusive Look Inside the New Show 'Trending Fear', 5 Mind-Boggling Investigations Featured on ‘Lost in the Wild’, Go Behind the Investigation of 'Expedition Bigfoot', Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse, 'Destination Fear' Explores America's Most Haunted Abandoned Locations, 'Ghost Nation' Investigates Haunted Homes Across America, Serial Killer Spirits: H.H. All rights reserved. Steve Shippy investigates the haunted past of a small town in Michigan. Eivin and Eve take their kids crabbing. 42:00. Zak and the crew investigate reports of a mysterious gray entity haunting an ancient plot of land in West Haven, Utah. Tony battles the cursed cut and greenhorn Fred Lewis calls in a mining legend.

Holmes Murder House, Serial Killer Spirits: Ted Bundy Ritual House. Zak and the crew investigate a 120-year-old building in Salt Lake City's industrial district. Sam the Mad Scientist unveils "The Kraken:" a diesel powered monowheel vehicle. A famous UFO case occurs above Alaska when an unidentified flying object pursues a Boeing 747.


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