geist caravan problems
Luxury Geist vans are extremely cheap. Even if the vehicle is at a slight angle, that could be the problem with the cooling unit. found "then some spectacular new vans and possibly motorhomes could come I, and other owners of European vans  have been subject to vitriol for the past six years. hi to all, i have just read with great interest the question on the GEIST caravan and would like to comment too, we have had a geist van for over 4yrs now and are still as thrilled with it as the day we bought it. The BPW Swing V-Tec chassis was employed, with a Winterhoff hitch stabiliser. [Shop!] The Australian vans also had the internal water tank fitted and later the ducted gas heater was removed. Townie because it would involve a major investment to tool a factory in Australia Sorry, but I can't be bothered being polite anymore. You can post now and register later. Dennis AmorAll Rights Reserved. Thanks Adrian unfortunately I have not recieved an email from you so not sure why! The windows are all double glazed as well. ... geist Review Clear All. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to. After towing these 'vans for thousands of miles, sometimes empty staight from the factory, sometimes at French speed limits 130 kph and most of the time loaded to hilt to and fro' Blighty. Restore formatting, × Constructionsales. I am not knocking Geist, they are a very nice looking and well planned van and seem to have a good quality build. Sorry I typed my email incorrectly it is dpemberton at -- Edited by Landfall on Wednesday 11th of April 2012 07:46:30 PM. 1000-unit minimum order by any dealership wanting to reintroduce the brand regards greyghosts. Surveys showed that Aussies wanted an East/West bed, but did not want the large 660 caravan. promotes the brand. If neither of these solve the problem, you could have an issue with a failing cooling unit. We started with a AK 595 which is approx 20.5ft it had a seperate bedroom with nth/ sth single beds which we liked, a full ensuite across the rear of the van and a front living space which converted to a large queen bed, the layout is brilliant, after travelling all over oz and doing many other trips towing with a Ford Futura we had no problems and it towed like a dream, we have now changed to the smaller LV485 which is also a great floor plan, a large ensuite lots of counter space and single beds,parts and service are no problem, the braking and hitch system are fantastic. Look out for any water stains by the front window frames; Keep an eye open for any damaged panels; Inspect upholstery for support; Check the tyres/alloys; Find out whether the van has an uprated chassis; Watch for chassis cracks – most with this problem were uprated and   You cannot paste images directly. I'm also having a little difficulty in the workings of the water heater when turning it onto gas any help would be appreciated.

The brakes can become so hot that the surface of the brake pads becomes liquid, and it … to secured creditor GE Commercial Corporation. The LV/XK 535 has the same set up, plus the dinnette area converts to two upper and lower bunks. Not sure if pressure started to drop off in shower, but we eventually lost pressure down to trickle during our summer break. Oakhurst also traded under the names Fraser Coast But problems were being encountered because the factory insisted on a Hello Landfall, That is the most informative reply I have ever read. Geist Caravan Models. Hi All anybody own a Geist caravan would like to here your cmments please been looking to buy one on my second german van now find them excellent just gone from 2 - 4 berth now looking to go fixed or twin bed had several british vans sorry never again to many problems and leaks etc ? that "inroads" were being made to again secure the brand within

"It certainly would force the RVMAA lobby group to shed some of their own We did not receive notice of the recall as the dealer from whom we purchased new in 2005 gave up the franchise. International Caravans, Australia's top importer, went into receivership The LV485 had great storage, too.

GEIST CARAVAN. Others on this site will know that since 2001 I've owned 5 new T. E. C. caravans ( same chassis ) and now own ( after seeing in the factory how well they're made ) a Geist 559 XKlusiv. A guy met someone in France who'd had so many problems, he'd got a replacement 'van. By The comment on the beds, is an opinion and indeed one that the Germans took into account after they had been selling here caravans here for about two years. was the 'van 100% OK afterwards? Permalink . The Caravan is now with the dealer. Or do you know of anyone involved or even hear of this? into the Australian market towards the end of 2010". The interiors, meanwhile, were traditional but retained a definite Continental feel. The Geist you've got is one of the earlier imports, I don't know of any chasis changes apart from the later " beefed up " Ausie spec 'vans that ELITE Caravans bought up from the manufacturer LMC/TEC, they are part of the Hymer group.


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