ge wabtec form 8937
You need to make sure the correct adjustments are also made in bivio so when you sell your stock, the correct capital gain or loss will be calculated. 0001193125-20-280427.pdf . Taxable. .35 shares BABA plus $8.93 per share AABA. If your club uses AccountSync to import your brokerage transactions, we research what is needed to adjust your records and then make the adjustments for you. 1 new TDW for 31.4143 old TDW, 78.18% of original basis, .0516 Class A warrants per old share, 11.56% of original basis, .0558 Class B warrants per old share, 10.31% of original basisPress release, UTEK merger with VECO, 5/27/2017, taxable. EX-101.SCH - XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA: Oct 29, 2020: 10-Q: Quarterly report which provides a continuing view of a company's financial position. 9/19/2016, XLF Distribution of XLRE, Special Dividend and ROC, .139146 shares, total Div value $4.44356, Prelim 74% ROC, 26% Ordinary Div. Dividend then reclassified between dividend and non-dividend distribution, GB spinoff of NVTR, 1 for 3, 3/14/2016, 91.745% Remaining basis, GLW purchase of AFOP, 6/7/2016, $18.50 per share, HON Spinoff of ASIX, 10/2/2016, 1 for 25, 99.4706% remaining basis, HOT Merger with MAR, 9/23/2016, Cash plus Stock, $21 plus .8 shares MAR per HOT, $69.75 MAR share value, MDLZ Dividend Reclassifications, Apr.,Jul.,Oct., 100% ROC, HRI Spinoff of HTZ and reverse (1 for 15) split, 7/1/2016, 5 shares HTZ per pre-split number of HRI shares, JAH NWL merger, cash+stock, 4/15/2016, $21 + .862 NWL shares per JAH share, $44.205 FMV NWL shares, JCI Spinoff of ADNT Taxable as dividend, FMV $46.585 per ADNT share,1 ADNT per 10 JCI, 10/31/2016, ex-dividend 10/17/2016, JCI Merger with Tyco, 9/6/2016, Taxable, Share cost $45.69, received 0.8357425 shares and $5.7293 per share of old JCI, KHC 2016 Dividend Reclassification, 82.52% ROC, MDT Dividend Reclassification April 2015 - April 2016, MTW spinoff of MFS, 3/4/2016, 1 MFS per 1 MTW, 22.65% Remaining Basis, NTI Taxable merger with WNR, 6/24/2016,3 possible choices for merger consideration,stock, stock plus cash, cash, OXY spinoff of CRC, 3/28/2016, .093618 CRC per 1 OXY, 99.8345%, PG Exchange for COTY, 10/3/2016, 3.9033 COTY per PG exchanged non-taxable, RKUS merger with BRCD, 5/27/2016, taxable, $6.45 + .75 shares BRCD per RKUS, SAUC spinoff of BDVB (Old tickers DRH spinoff BDBT), 12/27/2016, 1 for 1, 74.4% Remaining Basis, SCTY merger with TSLA, .11 shares TSLA/SCTY, 11/22/2016, SNDK Taxable merger with WDC, 4/13/2016, $67.50 and .2387 WDC per SNDK, $35.42 FMV WDC, SSE Bankruptcy completion, 8/1/2016 $0 sale, STR buyout by Dominion, 9/17/2016, $25 per share, TECO Buyout by Emera, 7/1/2016, $27.55 per share, TUMI Acquisition by Samsonite, 8/2/2016, $26.75 per shares, UA Spinoff of UAC, 4/8/2016, 1 UAC per 1 UA, 50.65% Remaining Basis, UAC, Class C Litigation settlement stock dividend distribution, 1.007098 per 1, 6/29/2016, UA/UAC tickers changed to UAA/UA, 12/7/2016, WCN Redomicile, taxable, 6/1/2016 $65.65 FMV, 1 new share/old share. FMV TAK shares per Schwab, $31.50, TSS merger with GPN, 9/18/2019, .8101 GPN/TSS, VFC spinoff of KTB, 5/23/2019, 1/7, Remaining basis 93.846%, AET merger with CVS, Taxable, 11/29/2018, $145 and .8378 shares CVS per share AET, FMV per TDA CVS $80.715, AIMC FTV Discretionary Merger, Those who opted in received 2.2117 Shares AIMC/FTV, 10/1/2018, BABA/AABA Tender Offer, 8/14/2018. YUM Spinoff of YUMC, 11/1/2016, 1 YUMC per YUM, 69.85% to YUM, ALB Acquisition of ROC, 1/12/2015, taxable cash plus stock, $50.65 +.4803 shares ALB/ROC, ALB share value, $59.7162, BHP Taxable Spinoff of SOUHY, 5/19/2015 . OLN shares took exchanged shares cost basis, DHR - NTCT Exchange Offer, 7/14/2015, 2.4 shares NTCT per DHR share tendered, NTCT took cost basis of tendered shares, DRI Spinoff of FCPT, 1 for 3, 89.39% Remaining basis, 11/9/2015, DTV Purchase by T, 1.892 shares of T plus $28.50, 7/24/2015, FNFG merger with KEY, 8/1/2016, cash plus stock, .680 shares, $2.30 cash, HPE Spinoff from HPQ, 11/2/2015, 1 for 1, 47.15% Basis allocated to HPQ, JDSU spinoff of LITE and name change to VIAV, 8/4/2015, 1 LITE for 5 VIAV, 59.6% remaining basis, KRFT - KHC merger, 7/6/2015, 1/1 plus $16.50, FMV 72.645, MDT Redomicile and Acquisition of COV, 1/26/2015, Taxable, 1 for 1, $76.95 per share, MSGN spinoff of MSG, 10/1/2015, 1 for 3, 25.5% allocated to MSGN, OPK Acquisition of BRLI, 8/21/2015, 2.75 for 1, no fractional shares, PPL spinoff of TLN, .124906 for 1, 6/2/2015, RAI Taxable Acquisition of LO, 6/12/2015 Pittsburgh, PA 15212 - USA

FMV CCMG $102.27, MTCH Special Dividend, $1.99 ROC and $.01 Qualified per share, PNR spinoff of NVT, 1/1, 66.3607% remaining basis, 5/1/2018, PX Merger with LIN, 10/31/2018. The General Electric cost basis will not change and the Wabtec shares are considered covered shares with a cost basis of the closing price on February 25, 2019: $78.06.

FMV $97.99, BIIB spinoff of BIVV, 1 for 2, 2/2/2017, 92.24%, BTI purchase of RAI, 7/25/2017, taxable, $29.44 plus .5260 shares BTI per RAI, BTI FMV $69.25, CTRX spinoff of LOGM, 2/1/2017, .1718443 LOGM/CTRX, 79.54568% Remaining basis CTRX, DIGI Acquired by MAXR, 10/5/2017, Taxable, .3132 MAXR/DIGI plus $17.50 cash, $54.90 FMV, DOW merger with DD, 1 DWDP/DOW, 1.282 DWDP/DD, 9/1/2017, DXC spinoff from HPE, 4/3/2017, .085904 DXC/HPE, 75.10% Remaining basis, ETP merger with SXL, 1.5 New ETP for old ETP, SXL name change to ETP, 5/1/2017, Complex partnership tax issues, FNF Spinoff of BKI, 10/2/2017, 0.3066322 BKI per FNF, 78.66% Remaining Basis, HLT spinoff of PK and HGV, 1/4/2017, 1. 0001193125-20-280427.rtf.

Spinoff of PK, .2 share per share HLT, 75.2068% of remaining remaining basis, HLT reverse split, 1/4/2017 (after spinoff of PK and HGV), 1 for 3, INVN Buyout by TDK, $13 per share, 5/18/2017, JAB Purchase of PNRA, 7/19/2017, $315/share, JONE Stock Dividend, 4/3/2017, .0.087423 per share, MET Spinoff of BHF, 8/7/2017, 1 for 11, 89.6365% remaining basis, MFGP spinoff from HPE and taxable re-domicile, 9/1/2017. If your club does not use AccountSync, it is up to you to make sure the correct adjustments are made. $21.75 and .2675 VECO per UTEK, FMV VECO, $32, VAR spinoff of VERX, 1/30/2017, .4 for 1, 87.69%, WFM purchase by AMZN, $42/share, 8/29/2017, WWAV purchase by Danone, 4/12/2017, taxable, $56.25 per share, XON spinoff of AQB, 1/19/2017, Taxable, .014968 AQB per XON, $24.20 FMV, XRX Spinoff of CNDT, 1/3/2017, 1 CNDT per 5 XRX, 71.5175% Remaining Basis, AA spinoff and reorganization into ARNC, 11/1/2016, 1 share new AA per 3 shares old AA. View HTML.

They send form 8937 to your broker so they can make the adjustments needed on their side and they usually post it on their website.

Actual shares may not have been received by club until later, but entry needs to be made on merger effective date), TT spinoff of IR, 3/2/2020 .8824 IR/TT (TT originally IR), UTX merger with RTN, 2.3348 shares UTX per RTN for former RTN holders, UTX changed ticker to RTX, 4/3/2020, UTX (subsequently RTX) spinoff of CARR (enter 1), 4/3/2020 1 CARR per UTX, 81.3059% Remaining basis, UTX (subsequently RTX) spinoff of OTIS (enter second), 4/4/2020 .5 OTIS per UTX, 67.849% remaining basis, VSLR merger with RUN, .55 RUN/VSLR, 10/8/2020, AABA liquidation information. Merger taxation detailsFair market values, BKS spinoff of BNED, 8/4/2015, .632 BNED per BKS, BWA Acquisition of REMY, 11/10/2015, $29.50 per share, CAA - Merger of SPF and RYL to Create, 10/1/2015 As noted above, in connection with the proposed transaction between General Electric Company (“GE”) and Wabtec, Wabtec has filed with the SEC a registration statement on Form S-4 and a definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A. GE said that it would merge the division with Wabtec Corporation, based in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, in a deal valued at approximately $11.1 billion. Current Reports. Old AA then changed ticker to ARNC, 73.14% basis allocated to ARNCPress release, ACE purchase of CB, Taxable, 1/15/2016, .6019 shares and $62.93 cash per Chubb shares owned before purchase, AMPE distribution of AYTU, 1/6/2016, 1 for 5, .154 Return of capital per AMPE share becomes AYTU Cost Basis, ARG Sale to Air Liquide. FMV of BABA shares received was $177.5208 per share, Bayer acquisition of MON, $128/share, 6/7/2018, BH reorganize to BH/BHA. $31.515 (Edward Jones), HCP Spinoff of QCP, 10/24/2016, 1 share QCP/5 shares HCP. Companies report the adjustments that are needed first in the prospectus they file with the SEC and then on IRS Form 8937. Taxable $55.65 plus .2 shares CCMP per KMG. Transportation Systems Holdings Inc. , a wholly owned subsidiary of GE created for the transaction (“SpinCo”), has filed a registration statement on Form 10. In connection with the proposed transaction between GE and Wabtec, Wabtec has filed with the SEC a registration statement on Form S-4 and a definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A. If you have a question about one that is not listed here, email us in support and we'll help you out. When a company goes through a reorganization such as a split, a spinoff or a merger, your cost basis in your shares needs to be adjusted. Form Description Filing Group View; Oct 29, 2020: 8-K: Report of unscheduled material events or corporate event. The list is by no means comprehensive. Fax: 412-825-1019. Spinoff of Seattle spinco from HPE 1/1, Remaining basis 77.92%. Taxable dividend equal to $30.85 per QCP share received. AGN merger with ABBV, taxable .866 shares ABBV/AGN plus $120.30. FMV $4.95, SPWR spinoff of MAXN, 1 MAXN/8 SPWR, 8/27/2020, SWBI spinoff of AOUT, 1 share AOUT/4 shares SWBI, 8/25/2020, 79.5208% remaining basis, TLRA merger with RUBI, 4/1/2020, 1.082 RUBI/TLRA share, TSG merger with PDYPF, 5/6/2020, .2253 PDYPF per TSG non-taxable (Overseas companies. Just email us at In the transaction, GE … Old AA then changed ticker to ARNC, 73.14% basis allocated to ARNC, Broadcom/AVGO merger, 2/1/2016, SEC filing. FMV of FTS shares $31.91 (Opening on 10/17). … Report of unscheduled material events or corporate event, Quarterly report which provides a continuing view of a company's financial position.


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