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The fragments of the destroyed mobile suit eventually found their final, peaceful use as a playground for young children, on the same island where Athrun and Kira fought. When in 'MA cruise mode', Aegis has higher speed and acceleration, while in 'MA attack mode', it can … - Limit Burst = Prevents stuns during Normal melee attacks, increases Melee ATK. [Standard Capsules] *4 pull rate is the same 5% as Pick-Up, just more evenly distributed. Back = Armor, DEF, RES It is either applied in flat amount or in percentile. The damage boost gained from this Part Trait is applied before attacking as long as the activation requirements have been fulfilled. Unlock new paint presets and emblems through Collection rewards by going into the Collection box at the right side of the Home menu. Therefore EX Skill such as Trans-Am Raid will conflict with other EX Skills with unique textures: Hyper Mode -> Trans-Am Raid = Hyper Mode's buffs are removed due to Trans-Am Raid's unique texture conflicting with Hyper Mode's. 4☆ Aegis Gundam. Guide to GBGW on building your Gunpla. Gundam Seed. There are two types of cinematic EX Skills, mainly divided between Melee-types and Range-types: - Cinematic melee EX Skills have the 'dashing' scene immediately after use and must connect its hit on one target to fully initiate its attack animation. No Name & Shame or Cheater Callouts. The more powerful EX Skills typically have longer cooldowns, providing a greater potential on the player’s control, but powerful EX Skills are often not very efficient on the hands of auto-controls for their unsparing uses of EX Skills. The Gunpla may not consume boost gauge from using Steps by certain chance. Ideally, having six Part Traits on a Gunpla is the most optimal build with the remaining three on EX Skills, but building a Gunpla with practical Part Traits is an already difficult task with a complex progress of mix and matching of Parts; a feat only achievable with a huge collection. - Increases Shot ATK by 10%. Shot when holding down shoot, Guards during Steps.

Squad Cost limit is raised alongside with Player Level and its problem slowly becomes negligible as you reach a higher Player Level.

A more niche defensive Part Trait compared to 'Power reduced', but nonetheless useful. Boosts the amount of Recovery done with Recovery-Category of EX Skills. Hovers towards enemies and holds onto long-range, runs away from enemies when approached and actively avoids melee unless auto-triggered, rarely uses Steps, occasionally uses Sp. - Strong Melee attack after a Step by double tapping, Charge (fills Job Gauge 5%/sec) replaces Guard. There are two types of stuns: short or long. Shot Power boost only affecting Sp.Shot attacks. Short-Range behaves similarly to Defender/In-fighter, Mid-Range to Out-Fighter/Mid-Shooter, Long-Range to Long-Shooter/Supporter. Hovers towards enemies and holds onto mid-range, engages into melee when the enemy actively approaches, rarely uses Steps, occasionally uses Sp.

Cost remains proportional to Rarity regardless of its base Rarity: Cost of ☆4 Z’gok [80] = ☆4 Nu Gundam ver.ka [80]. The general consensus believes that this Part Trait adds a homing capability with all forms of projectile-based shot attacks.

USE: Player1 (EX Skill Effect up 20% & Combat Stance y) + Player2 (Archer Stance y), EFFECT: Player1 ( [Combat Stance y+20%] & [Archer Stance y] )  ,  Player2 (Combat Stance +20%y & Archer Stance y). 4☆ Force Impulse Gundam. Therefore, it is speculated that each increment of Pierce & Power grades’ should increase their potency in direct %: D- / D / C- / C / C+ / B- / B / B+ / A- / A / A+. In MA mode, it has two different sub modes, 'cruise' and 'attack'. AMSiA / AMIA "GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam" (2003): package rear view.

The only exception for collecting more than five is with the ‘For…’ Word Tags where it provides 1% boost to every Parameters on all the Parts with the same Word Tag. Athrun returned to combat shortly after, piloting the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam. Increases the recovery speed of Gunplas boost gauge. Reduces the cooldown of an EX Skill after it has been used at least once.

- All ranged weapon attacks become effective from long-range, Sp.

Requires the player to use an AI Pilot with the corresponding Job License to activate the trait's effects.

Visit the Tutorial Missions to practice through each Job Licenses’ specialities. Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare : Full Part NU Gundam - YouTube If any of P/T/S Parts does not reach a tally of five, the Gunpla will have no attribute which consequently does not gain any bonuses or weaknesses.

Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Part Tier List - Search and compare for tiers, parts and pilots. - Cinematic range EX Skills goes into action immediately after use and is considerably more successful in hitting the target, often with a channeling / splash attack. Please refer to the GBGW Guide article dedicated in clarifying between different effects of Job Licenses.

Designated as the commander unit of the Alliance's G Project due to its enhanced communication and analysis capabilities, Aegis also has heavy attack power as well as Phase Shift armor and can transform into a mobile armor(MA) due to its X300-series frame. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow, Advanced Mobile Suit in Action (AMSiA / AMIA), GAT-X105+AQM/E-X03 Launcher Strike Gundam, YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type, ZGMF-LRR704B GINN Long Range Reconnaissance Type, ZGMF/TAR-X1 GINN Tactical Air Reconnaissance Type, TMF/A-802 P-Mod.W BuCUE Waltfeld Custom Type, MBF-P03secondL Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L, MBF-01 Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Perfect Form, MBF-P01-ReAMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu, UTA/TE-6 GOOhN Underground Mobility Test Type, GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike Gundam E, GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X03 Launcher Strike Gundam E,, 2 × "Igelstellung" 75mm Multi-barrel CIWS, GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam (Atmospheric Equipment). These grades are only the rounded milestones of total % of the Pierce/Power values, and the actual numbers can change behind the scenes with Upgrading without changing the grades. ATK values directly increases the damage potential with all attacks while other defensive DEF & RES values reduces damage taken against attacks. The Collection progress is permanently recorded after obtaining a Part, so don't worry about loss in its progress. There are currently 8 different Categories of EX Skills: [Left to Right, Top to Bottom] The Part’s Growth value on Part Level corresponds to its base Rarity, while the Part’s Growth value on EX Skill/Part Trait is usually dependent on the potency & uniqueness of their effects. A Gundam enthusiast who enjoys quality visual media and making videos on Youtube. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. High-speed movement into the enemy and Guards immediately in front of the enemy (repeats this process after each combo), rarely uses Steps, occasionally uses range attacks during high-speed movement or at melee range.

- Limit Burst = Unbreakable & always active Guard. Shot Power boost (refer to this GBGW Guide's Combat -> Weapons -> LR Weapon on the explanation for Close/Mid/Long Range). Spec-wise they're identifiable with: long invincibility frames, high Pierce/Power values, powerful Secondary Effects and long initial & after-use cooldowns. To lock/unlock the player’s favourite Parts, find a toggle-able star icon at the top right corner in the full page description (auto-locking ☆4/5 Parts when obtained is available in Options; turned on by default). It is particularly effective against powerful single-hit EX Skills. Each symbol is indicating a full collection of Parts of that specific Gunpla which in turn unlocks its Paint set, Emblems and Glows when available. The three different modes (MS mode, MA cruise mode and MA attack mode) also means that Aegis's pilot needs to have higher skills to be able to use the suit effectively. Rank, Rarity, Parameters, EX Skills, Traits and Word Tags. Requires more extensive testing with other effects. Hovers towards enemies and holds onto long-range, runs away from enemies when approached and actively avoids melee unless auto-triggered, rarely uses Steps, uses Charge whenever range weapon magazine is depleted, retreats back to long-range after forced to do a normal melee combo. Parts with higher Rarity will have more Cost and higher max Part Lvl thresholds: ☆1 = White, Cost 20, Part Lvl 10 Prototype Commander-use Transformable Assault Mobile Suit, HG 1/144 R-05 GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam (2011): box art. The inverse of 'Piercing boosted' Part Trait where it decreases the enemy's EX Skills' Pierce values when attacking the player's Gunpla. Buff (39% Melee ATK) + Buff EX Skill Effect up 10% = Buff (49% Melee ATK). Its shield was later found and sold at the black market auction for junk, which was listed by Lowe Guele and friends. Range weapon such as Long Rifle with 8 total shots would gain 2 more shots with 25% magazine boost. The Gundam Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In Missions, every stage has a line of "Main Enemy Main Word Tag:" during the Sortie Squad interface to identify the enemies' Word Tags. - [Mobile SUMO Gold Arms]’s ‘IF Bunker’ as Beam-Shot that combos both a range & melee attack in a single use. Proficiency starts on Lvl 1 with 0 Cost reduction and gains 1 per increasing level. At 10% increase, Job Gauge will fill 1.1 times faster from all sources. Hovers towards enemies and alternates between mid-range and melee, frequently uses Steps at any range followed by Strong Melees, always uses range attacks whenever the enemy is within range but running out of ammunition will cause a high-speed movement into the enemy. Reduction values are calculated by taking the % of the base CD value: "Last Shooting Lvl1" Base CD 120s + EX Skill CD reduced 24% = 120 - [120x0.24] seconds = 91.2 seconds. He ejected before hand and was found injured on the shore by Cagalli Yula Athha.

☆4 = Pink, Cost 80, Part Lvl 60 - All ranged weapon attacks become effective from mid-range, Sp. Job Licenses can be chosen at the Gunpla-Build interface, underneath the CPWR indicator. Requires the player to activate the Gunpla's Attribute by equipping at least five Gunpla Parts with the same Attribute. Tossing the shield at any enemy, regardless of them being standard enemies or ace units automatically stuns and decapitates them, mirroring Tolle's death in the original series. LR  = [Shot ATK]

These Part Traits' effects scales better with lower base grades due to their flat +% boost on top of initial numbers. AI Pilots gains Cost reduction bonuses as their Proficiency is increased after a set number of battles. They are essential traits when considering for building DPS-type Gunplas. - Debuff

The player’s targeting cursor will turn Blue for Attribute advantage, Red for disadvantage, and White for neutral: Attribute advantage should be utilized against powerful enemies and adds another layer of strategy for the players to consider in Missions. Aegis also has a large sensor unit at the top of its head and unlike most suits, its main thrusters seem to be located in the side binders on its waist. Buff EX Skills are known to stack with other Buff EX Skills to achieve an outstanding increase in Parameters.

After the war, as part of the "Actaeon Project" MS development plan, another Aegis Gundam was manufactured and piloted by Phantom Pain pilot, Emilio Bloderick. - No Limit Break. - Analyzing the Parts: CPWR, Max Value, Rarity, Cost, Attribute, Parameters, Growth, Part Trait, Word Tag, Job License, AI Type, Proficiency, - Extensive information on EX Skill mechanic, Starter Tips, Missions, Capsules and Shop.


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