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Gannett Peak: Cold Springs approach Dates: June – September Start: Crowheart – Cold Springs, ~9,500’ End: Crowheart – Cold Springs Distance and Gain: ~25 miles, Altitude gain and loss: ~5,000’ each way Trip Duration: We suggest 5 days, with an optional 6 th day for bad weather or rest. Der Gannett Peak ist mit 4207 Metern Höhe die höchste Erhebung im US-Bundesstaat Wyoming.. Lage. You want to continue on the right (south) side of the drainage and head upward. Party of 6 = $1,700 per person . This is probably considered the "standard" route. Lying deep within the Wind River Range, it is surely one of the most difficult of the 50 state high points due to long approaches and tough climbing. Due to warm temperatures it is important to start early and be down by noon.

Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. Photo by, Enjoying a sunny day at base camp (Titcom Basin) after climbing Gannett Peak (2016-07-14). Great wranglers and pack horses add a true Wyoming element to this trip. Horse Support. Gannett Peak - Wyoming Highpoint is a 78.5 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Dubois, Wyoming that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. You can camp any were along the trail I would sugest camping at one of the lakes between miles 7 and 10 the first night then making a base camp in the Titcomb basin at the end of day 2. The Glacier looked much smaller than pictures from other routes and so we left our crampons behind and were able to navigate around to the East side of the glacier and below the west face of Gannett. The Wells & Tourist Creek routes join above the Cleft, and then ascend Minor Glacier to gain the north ridge of Gannett. From the town of Dubois and Trail Lakes Ranch, the Glacier Trail goes up and down for 20 miles or so before reaching the base of the Dinwoody Glacier.

Description. Overall, awesome trip, and great views from the summit. Gannett Peak - Wyoming Highpoint is a 48.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Dubois, Wyoming that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The east side of the glacier is nearly gone. 17th Aug 2010; Last week Exum guides lead two trips to the highest point in Wyoming, the summit of Gannett Peak. Routes in Gannett Peak. United States, 38 mi. Tracking here:, Wells Creek is the most direct, but the map clearly shows several contours coming together near 10,200' in the drainage, a feature known ominously as "The Cleft". Show all routes Trad Sport Toprope Boulder Ice Aid Mixed Alpine Gannett Peak, South East Couloir 3rd 1-1 I 1 M 1a AI1-2 Steep Snow Gooseneck Glacier Route T 3rd 1-1 I 1 M 1a Mod.

Minor Glacier is situated in the western cirque of the peak while Dinwoody and Gooseneck Glaciers can be found on the southeast side of the mountain. But by far one of the best backpacking trips I have done. Looking at a map of the area, the pair determined that an approach via the Highline Trail from Green River Lakes would be shorter, probably about 36 miles round trip. Then continued onward.

Because of this, its elevation, and extreme weather, it is often considered by mountaineers to be one of the most difficult U.S. state high points to reach, after Denali and possibly Granite Peak. Located near Dubois, this trail is no joke. It lies in the Wind River Range within the Bridger Wilderness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. I do not know the name of this small water hole, but we ate some dinner here passing around the north side of this lake and over a small ridge on its East side. We were camping further from the base of the mountain than we had anticipated. The west face route may be the shortest in distance and elevation gain, but it requires some bushwhacking and it has the most rugged rock climbing of any of these four routes. Bear spray and bug spray highly recommended. We set our alarms early for our summit day that began in the morning. A few friends and I are heading up end of June and trying to decide if we should bring skis or snowshoes.

Like many big mountains, Gannett Peak has many routes.

We woke and ate breakfast, leaving our camp a filled our water at Skinny Lake. We attempt to summit but did not make the top. 40 mph.

This trip was about 55 miles round trip and was quite intense. (2016-07-21).

Depending on the overall length of the trip, training requirements, and whether horse packers have been used or not, it … But the main issue here is that Ink Wells trailhead is on the Wind River Indian Reservation and the tribe will charge you a large sum (usually over $150) for use of their land. Gannett Peak.

There are a few routes to get to the top of this peak. We realized other factors made our choice a good one once we reached Skinny Lake.

The rocks, the grass, the rivers and lakes, and the duration of the hike made me feel like I was on a quest in Middle Earth. Made the summit and it was thrilling. Highlight. Party of 5 = $1,900 per person. This is bear country so bring some spray. We made it a 5 day trip (2 days to base camp, day to summit and 2 days out). He climbed from Elkhart Park via Dinwoody Pass. She did not have a water proof jacket. Mosquitoes and horse flies were thick. Photo by, Enjoying the views on Gannett (2016-07-23). Most often, Gannett is approached from the south via the Titcomb Basin / Bonney Pass route (40 miles round trip), or from the northeast, via the Glacier Trail (50 miles round trip). From Elkhart Park trailhead near Pinedale, the route of approach usually goes past Seneca and Island Lakes to the head of the Titcomb Basin. Wells Creek. Great conditions for the glacier. Created by Scott Stevenson |, Climbing the Direct North Ridge of Mount Stuart in Washington (5.9+ | 2,900ft).

Like many big mountains, Gannett Peak has many routes. Party of 2 = $2,700 per person. The 6,000 ft climb is sprinkled with high mountain lakes full of fish just dying to get out of the water and in to the pan.

Four of the most common are: Any one of these routes will be a three to five day expedition for most teams. There are none. Nice well maintained trail, awesome scenery, lots of wild life. An early speed record was by the legendary Chris Reveley, who posted 17h48m round trip via Bonney Pass. Did not summit first try. Search pbakwin. Eight miles into the hike you will come to Arrow Pass — a long, arduous section that’s all above 10,895 feet. Viewing: 1-8 of 8. Party of 3 = $2,250 per person. Gannett Peak[4] is the highest mountain peak in the U.S. state of Wyoming at 13,810 feet (4,210 m). Lying deep within the Wind River Range, it is surely one of the most difficult of the 50 state high points due to long approaches and tough climbing. Descending Minor Glacier on the west side of Gannett Peak, Wyoming (2010-08-25).

We stopped here and ate some lunch. Saw about 25 people around the base of the mountain maybe 3 on the glacial trail leading to Gannett. Their trip report and photos are here.

Geographically, Gannett Peak is the apex[clarification needed] of the entire Central Rockies, the largely continuous chain of mountains occupying the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Search Routes near: Washington, United States. Minor Glacier has been studied by Mauri Pelto of Nichols College, and is in retreat. After crossing a foot bridge to something called Beaver Creek Park area, we continued South into some trees for about a mile and cut east out of the trees and into a marshy field. Trip should take you 5 days, 4 if youre moving. We went in on the Glacier Trail. © 2006-2020 Gannett Peak is the highest peak in the Wind River Range and the state of Wyoming. But anyone who has ventured into the remote "Winds" on an expedition to Gannett will come away with full respect for this fine and deserving state highpoint. This is the classic route to the Gannett Peak summit. The mountain slopes are located in both Bridger-Teton National Forest and Shoshone National Forest.

I wanted to put a goal in front of myself to prepare for, and Gannett Peak was the perfect choice. The trip typically takes six days and includes lots of hiking in spectacular surroundings. You can cut off a large distance on the Glacier Trail by using the Ink Wells Trail. Named in 1906 for American geographer Henry Gannett,[5] the peak is also the high point of the Wind River Range. The stream that runs through the lower drainage is mellow at the halfway point and has some great camp spots within the trees. There are a few routes to get to the top of this peak. Went back to camp and waited for day two. Photo by, Weather for Gannett Peak at, Gannett Peak at Summits on the Air (Amateur Radio), Trip Report for Fremont, WY by Scott Casterlin, Trip Report for Fremont, WY by Adam Helman, Trip Report for Fremont, WY by Peter and Mary Green, United States State/Territory High Points, USA Lower 48 Peaks with 100 miles of Isolation, Fred Beckey's Great Peaks of the Continent, USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000 feet of Prominence, Combined USA-Canada-Mexico State/Province High Points, U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feet - 48 States, United States Peaks with 100 miles of Isolation, Wyoming Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence, 1992-09-03 by Greg Slayden (Unsuccessful), 2016-07-24 by Mihai Giurgiulescu (GPS Track), 2016-07-25 by Mihai Giurgiulescu (GPS Track), 2016-07-26 by Mihai Giurgiulescu (GPS Track), 2016-07-27 by Mihai Giurgiulescu (GPS Track), 2016-07-28 by Mihai Giurgiulescu (GPS Track), 2019-07-12 by Kyle Van Atta (Unsuccessful), 2020-07-22 by Brian Hutchins (Unsuccessful), Radius Search - Nearest Peaks to Gannett Peak, Greater Yellowstone Rockies (Highest Point), Northern Wind River Range (Highest Point), Land: Bridger-Teton National Forest (Highest Point)/Shoshone National Forest (Highest Point), Glacier Climb: Glacier Trail-Gooseneck Ridge, Glacier Climb: Dinwoody Pass-Goosneck Ridge, 1:25,000 (or larger) Topographic Survey Map.


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