frigidaire refrigerator knocking noise
Its a simple top freezer model. Iv had side by sides (what an absolute waste , with running water that kept running, water lines that mysteriously frm the pressure would spray my walls, floors til I set a camera up to figure out what the heck wz going on & lots of food loss!!! Then, give them (the Service Techs Repair companies) a call and discuss the problem with them. That provided no improvement. It's nerve racking. ft. refrigerators, Includes necessary hardware for installation. The metal cover inside, rear of freezer compartment has two 1/4" screws securing it to the back. Frigidaire apparently believes this is an acceptable customer solution to their design problem. Grab that audio clip I posted, sit back and grab a Beer to go with that Popcorn. I had checked a few times immediately after the sound to see what was happening with the fridge. Already ordered? And there is no ice maker on this fridge. When the coils began to cool down (or) when the defrost cycle heater begans, that metal panel pops and bangs. This is my second Frigidaire and fourth ice maker. I am looking for answers. The noise is coming from the evaporator. Samsung repairman said it is the new normal for trying to make refrigerators more efficient. Its not the icemaker or fan. To test whether or not the evaporator fan is spinning freely, rotate it a few times with your hand. I'm worried it could be something wrong....? (Manufacturer of Frigidaire) It is their fix / solution for the popping problem. I also stated that I have had many refrigerators and never had one that made a popping noise. Pull the refrigerator out from the wall and remove the rear access panel to access it. Nowadays, there are so many products of frigidaire refrigerator making knocking noise in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for frigidaire refrigerator making knocking noise in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. The fan was stuck that cools the coils on the back. From what I read, it has to do with the physics of the heating element touching the cooling elements and they just invented a fix. When I took about 1/2 of the Ice out of the Ice Maker, the Popping noise quit. The Frigidaire Portable Personal Fridge keeps your food and drinks the perfect temperature while at home and on the go.

Mine was here when I bought the house and I've lived with it for over a year, but it's ultra annoying. Maybe it will not be too expensive. I have become accustomed to it but find it amusing when I have guests that think someone just did a drive by on my house. The Frigidaire 6 can retro mini personal beverage refrigerator is a cool and fun way to keep your favorite beverages and snacks cold. I have had mine replaced - with no success. Yeh service guy said it was because of the Freon moving through the tube and that it was normal for ALL refrigerators.

I have had the exact same problem as everyone else here. There were many pops for about 30 seconds when the compressor first started. My old 23-year old GE TFX 24R refrigerator never made a sound and I'm so disappointed in these new refrigerators. I'd be relieved if all I was hearing was the ice maker motor. We will not repeat it here to save your time.

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It worked normally for a month or two,then began the popping noises. There are still occasional soft popping noises but 95% of the problem was the off but plugged in ice maker. Email. Then slide the upper basket frame back into the top rails. Social media campaign? (Manufacturer of Frigidaire) It is their fix / solution for the popping problem. Any lawyers out there want to assist quid pro quo? Bought a Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator July 2014 and it has been keeping me up ever since!

...we all have name brand refrigerators that make loud popping noises. This loud popping gives me a heart attack every time! Bill - I have the same issue with my bottom freezer latch when opening. Have Frigidaire add nitrogen to your refrigerator according to Service bulletin Electrolux Service RF 0901. I showed the service flash to two different Frigidaire warranty company reps who came out during the warranty period and both refused to perform the work and stated the popping noise was "normal".

Not a single pop since then. Simply click here to return to. Never again!! It has been perfect from day one. It can be viewed by copying and then pasting the address below into your browser: Please take a look at the attached link, it provides an explanation and cause for some of the popping noises that have been described below: Yes it was covered under warranty. Here's a link and you can E-mail them.

Our plan is to call for service again at Frigidaire. The model number and name for the following item is: Frigidaire 240328203 Hinge Bearing. 2020 © I loosened the screws just a little to take the stress off of it, but not enough to fall out. I found out that if the ice that accumulates on the evaporator coil is not defrosted it will continue to accumulate as it accumulates and expands it will press on surrounding surfaces and as a result loud popping noises will be produced. The last tech changed the Evaporator, put in a Heat Exchanger kit (I assume kit means all the associated parts and tubes) and basically ripped all the tubing and the dryer out. Click here for more on Frigidaire Refrigerators. This is the company that performed the procedure on my Frigidaire: (Solid State Service, Phone number 405-384-4541).

Overall it sounds like a fundamental design problem where the system was not optimized. This will be our last Frigidaire purchase! If I had known, I would have kept my old refrigerator until it died. They were mostly single loud cracks (like a fire cracker) about 5/6 times a day, and occasionally two pops in a row. Once you’ve removed the screws, pull the cover off the wall to reveal the evaporator fan. A factory serviceman is coming to look at it tomorrow but I don't have high hopes.

Unless the fan assembly breaks, this is simply a mechanical phenomenon that you can live with. (Pink, 6 Can), Frigidaire Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge Cools & Heats, 4 Liter Capacity Chills Six 12 oz Cans, 100% Freon-Free & Eco Friendly, Includes Plugs for Home Outlet & 12V Car Charger – Blue, Frigidaire IM115 Ice Maker for Refrigerator, Frigidaire EFMIS129-BLACK 6 Can Retro Mini Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler for Home, Office or Dorm, The Best Temper Glass Screen Protector Lenovo Yoga 910, The Best Toner Cartridge For Hp Laserjet M1212nf Mfp, Fits with various FRIGIDAIRE brand models.

Oem part # is 5303161099. The popping noise sounds similar to the noise that was coming from my refrigerator. Authorized part. It appears that Frigidaire is certainly aware of the issue, as they constantly state it is a "normal" sound. Thought I'd check the internet to see if its fixable. If everything looks good, you can move on to the next step. Then, give them (the Service Techs Repair companies) a call and discuss the problem with them. Hang in there. Chris...I had a refrigerator that was not defrosting properly.

LGHC2342LF3 Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator - Auger wont shut off, FFU21F5HWD Frigidaire Upright Freezer Compressor, Frigidaire FFTR1814TW0 experiences rapid clicking from freezer compartment, Mini refrigerator / kegerator making steady knocking noise, Frigidaire PHSC39EGSS0 compressor doesn't seem to be running. It took 4 different repair companies before I found Cannon Appliance out of Lakeland. Ty for your comment, but I don't use the ice maker nor have it hooked up to water, so I don't think we have the same problem. I started calling the companies and explained my situation. Thanks much for the service bulletin info. A Minneapolis-based warranty repair service sent a tech out to examine our Frigidaire side-by-side that is making the popcorn noise frequently. Had a technician over - so of course there was not a sound! I want to call a tech in, but from what I've read nothing seems to work. Didn't know it came with a popcorn maker. I just bought the fridge; it has a warranty. Wouldn't you know that the warranty just expired about 2 months ago! Real loud. Directly behind that wall is where the evaporator coil is located.) And it has to do with the fridge not being level and that somehow affects the condenser (or whatever) inside. I called them a few months later and told them my refrigerator was working fine and they told me that since they had become familiar with and were aware of the bulletin, they had successfully performed the procedure on several refrigerators. Here are some of best sellings frigidaire refrigerator makes knocking noise which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items. I am having very similar problems its my refrigerator. I hope it helps. Also, remember, most refrigerators run defrost cycle twice a day. Frige is running great and quiet as a mouse - Thank you Cannon Appliance out of Lakeland Florida. The model number and name for the following item is: Frigidaire 241600905 Damper Control. Sears Appliance Tech. Skip to Step 3 if the sound is on the outside or coming from behind the freezer. Since the refrigerator was going off warranty I thought I would try another repair attempt. I have a small Freezer on top frigidaire (model# fftr1821t) After the thing starts to run it made crazy popping sounds for a few seconds. Our 10 year old upright freezer started this "popping" about 6 months ago.


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