forensic glass analysis case study
The refractory materials lining the glass furnace are gradually eroded into the glass melt over the lifetime of the furnace. She's an experienced registered nurse who has worked in various acute care areas as well as in legal nurse consulting. A gamma-ray spectrometer is used to measure radiation of different energies. Richard Saferstein, Ed., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2002, pp.

North American glass manufacturers annually use more than 20 million tons of raw materials (Carr 1994). McQuillan, J. and McCrossan, S. Unpublished report. In the state of Western Australia it is illegal to access, own or distribute digital content relating to ‘cats’.Jane, the network administrator for the Daily Planet was reviewing network traffic logs when shenoticed that an employee may have been accessing digital content relating to cats. A summary of some of the literature is found in the SWGMAT Elemental Analysis of Glass guideline (2005a): .

Presented at the Australia-New Zealand Forensic Science Society Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand, 1994. 1995; McQuillan and Edgar 1992; McQuillan and McCrossan 1987; Pearson et al. Nevertheless, NAA has been used successfully in the analysis of glass fragments (Coleman and Goode 1973; Schmitt and Smith 1970). Be creative in how you present this data. 1996). Forensic scientists use many of these same techniques in their examinations (SWGMAT 2005e). A. In: Beveridge, A. D. and Semen, C. Glass density measurement using a calculating digital density meter. A conservative threshold will differentiate all samples from different sources but may also indicate that a difference exists in specimens that are actually from the same source. 1980). CRE Report No. Praxis Biology & General Science: What is a Living Thing?

Glass particles in footwear of members of the public in south-eastern Australia—A survey. Locke, J. and Unikowski, J. Edmond Locard John Taylor Development and evaluation of a standard method for the quantitative determination of elements in float glass samples by LA-ICP-MS, Journal of Forensic Sciences (2005) 50:1327–1341. Buck Ruxton The instrument lowers the temperature of the preparation through the match point for the glass. A classification scheme for glass.

How can you link the evidence to a particular owner? The “Trace Evidence Unit: Casework Assignment and Review Procedures” section of the Trace Evidence Unit Quality Assurance Manual (2006) states: A glass association is defined as two or more glass samples that can be fracture fitted together, or that exhibit indistinguishable observable properties and/or range overlap in all measured properties. Report writing b.

The gradient tube should stand overnight before being used so that the liquids will diffuse into each other to form a gradient. Databases of refractive indices and/or chemical compositions of glass received in casework have been established by a number of crime laboratories (Koons et al. Imitations (translucent to opaque): Glass and plastic; chalcedony, jadeite, and lapis; pearls and other organics. . Part 2: The Effects of Fragment Size. Forensic Science Service, Birmingham, England, 1996b. Arbab, M., Shelestak, L. J., and Harris, C. S. Value-added flat-glass products for the building, transportation markets, part 1. Although SEM-WDS is available in the FBI Laboratory, it is not used for glass analysis because of the availability of more discriminating chemical analysis techniques. Conclusions may also be presented in sworn statements, either through deposition or testimony. This is a simple way of determining whether a sample matches a representative source. Williams, H., Turner, F. J., and Gilbert, C. M. Petrography: An Introduction to the Study of Rocks in Thin Section, W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, 1982, pp. What was the outcome of your action? Thickness in the forensic laboratory can be measured using a micrometer or caliper but requires that fragments possess both original surfaces. Fluorescence examinations can also be performed using fluorescence spectroscopy on specimens as small as 0.05 mm2 (Lloyd 1981). Literature Results of Window Breaking Experiments in the Birmingham Laboratory. 3. The variation among glass objects from different sources can be observed and measured (Hickman 1983; Koons et al.

Report of a Survey Concerning the Exposure of Individuals to Breaking Glass. {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Locke, J. GRIM—A semi-automatic device for measuring the refractive index of glass particles, The Microscope (1985) 33:169–178. Arribart, H. and Abriou, D. Using atomic force microscopy for study of glass surfaces: Part 1.

161–213. Moenke-Blankenburg, L., Schumann, T., Günther, D., Kuss, H.-M., and Paul, M. Quantitative analysis of glass using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission and mass spectrometry, laser micro-analysis inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Curran, J. M., Triggs, C. M., Almirall, J. R., Buckleton, J. S., and Walsh, K. A. J. Dispersion is the change in refractive index with a change in wavelength of illumination. Forensic Science Service, Birmingham, England, 1978.

1973), inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (Hickman 1987; Koons et al. On a dark, cloudy night in February, at 9:30 pm, a 19-year-old named Craig Elliott Kalani went for a walk with his dog in his neighborhood but he never returned because a hit and run driver killed him. All rights reserved, Assignment Help Australia UK USA Malaysia : $9.5/Page on All Writing, 13/31 centennial avenue lanecove 2066 NSW Australia, USA: +1(585)6662225, IN: +91-7503070001, IN:+91-9519066910, ‘Issues’ are adequately populated with appropriate evidence, Evidence is characterised (filenames, sector locations, file extensions, metadata, hashes, dates/times, allocation status etc. Unfortunately, the junior forensic investigator who obtained a “forensic image” of the computer only performed a logical acquisition. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida. New Developments in the Forensic Examination of Glass. Method 973.65, characterization and matching of glass fragments: Dispersion microscopy (double variation method). Over the next several years, the concentrations of additional elements in glass by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrophotometry were determined, and 6 to 10 element classification schemes based on comparison with a glass database divided into nine product categories were developed (Hickman 1981; Hickman et al. Our dedication and hard work towards developing quality content has made us competent to provide excellent services to the clients as per their needs. The optical properties of the specimens are measured next. Lindy Chamberlain It would therefore be pointless to measure thickness in one glass fragment if the fragment it was being compared with does not possess original surfaces. Koons and Buscaglia (1999) succinctly stated the case for the use of chemical analysis despite its drawbacks: The forensic scientist should use the most discriminating technique available in the examination of glass or other form of trace evidence because it is the most effective means of both avoiding false associations and excluding two similar, but separate, sources. American Society for Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB). Journalism and Masscommunication Davis, R. J. and DeHann, J. D. A survey of men’s footwear, Journal of the Forensic Science Society (1977) 17:271–285. With the Industrial Revolution came the mass production of glass. How many files of every type were present. Hickman, D. A. Elemental analysis and the discrimination of sheet glass samples, Forensic Science International (1983) 23:213–223. Beverly Allitt Annotated bibliography (Koons and Buscaglia 1999). 2000). A., Almirall, J. R. et al. Sir Alec Jeffreys In: Forensic Science Handbook. 1 Weird Trick To Easily Cure Vitiligo For Good In As Little As 7 Days - Guaranteed! Doyle, P. J., Ed. Latkoczy, C., Becker, S., Dücking, M., Günther, D., Hoogewerff, J. McQuillan, J. and McCrossan, S. Unpublished report. Sociology These furnaces are capable of producing a limited amount of glass, ranging from one to five tons of glass per day (Tooley 1974). The wavelength of the light is matched to the characteristic absorption of the element of interest. (January 2009). Less frequently, it is a question of determination of end use, or glass provenance. Look for clues/hints in the investigation. 1983). John Wayne Gacy Glass falls off faster if the person wearing the clothing is active (Batten 1989; Cox et al. Absorption is proportional to the number of atoms in the light path (Skoog and West 1980). Consider what you are trying to find and what you need to negate. Onel de Guzman Searching for any suspects who may have glass samples on their clothing or in their hair begin immediately, as this kind of evidence is often gone after the first 24 hours. In order to perform forensic analysis of the Tor browser, we simulate all the activities that a normal user performs using the browser. Guttman, P. Assessment of batch raw materials, The Glass Researcher: Bulletin of Glass Science and Engineering (1996) 5:5–6. Careers & Education; Case Studies; Contact Us; Case Studies.

Scientific Working Group for Materials Analysis (SWGMAT). A. B. F. Fluorescence spectrometry in the identification and discrimination of float and other surfaces on window glasses. Unpublished report. Trace evidence (part 3) A forensic technichian investigated the area where the car was parked and found peices of broken glass from a car's headlight lens. With proper sample preparation, a sample can be viewed under very high magnification, breaking it down to its actual physical and chemical components. Presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting, San Antonio, February 2007.

Because there are many materials that can be mistaken for glass at a casual glance, it is first necessary to determine if the specimen is actually glass. For glass, relative dispersion, or dispersive power, is used to quantify dispersion (Koons et al. . Initial examination of glass, Forensic Science Communications. Schmitt, R. A. and Smith, V. Identification of origin of glass by neutron activation analysis in a forensic case, Journal of Forensic Sciences (1970) 15:252–260.

Was it accidental? 1991). Allen, T. J., Cox, A. R., Barton, S., Messam, P., and Lambert, J. Scientific Working Group for Materials Analysis (SWGMAT). [Online]. Evidence Analysis. Chemical composition of the glass is typically measured last. Names of commercial manufacturers are provided for identification only, and inclusion does not imply endorsement by the FBI. Some mixing occurs as the molten glass flows through the furnace, but it is not sufficient to make an absolutely uniform product. 1998c). 6th ed. Other methods for evaluating glass analytical data have been suggested, such as Bayesian statistical analysis (Curran et al. ASTM International. ASTM International (ASTM), formerly known as the American Society for Testing Materials, Standard C1036-06 lists the tolerances for standard thicknesses of flat glass. However, FAAS is a relatively slow analysis because each element is analyzed sequentially. Accredited laboratories follow this same general process, although the details on how it is carried out may differ (International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission [ISO/IEC] 2005). Plagiarism and Grammarly report

There are several reasons for this occurrence. The transfer of glass—Part 3: The transfer of glass from a contaminated person to another uncontaminated person during a ride in a car, Forensic Science International (1998c) 93:195–200. has thousands of articles about every The Distribution of Refractive Index of Glass Fragments Found on Shoes. Davis, R. J. and DeHann, J. D. A survey of men’s footwear. Glass particles in footwear of members of the public in south-eastern Australia—A survey, Forensic Science International (2001) 116:149–156.


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