fiio q5s vs chord mojo

The 4.4mm Balanced out offers a deeper soundstage, more bass depth and extension and additional musicality compared to the 3.5mm TRS output. The Hidizs DH1000 has a more neutral, somewhat thin and bright tonality compared to the FiiO Q5s. Here you can ask which headphone is better, which amp you should buy, which gear best fit your budget and anything related to headphone comparisons and purchasing. So, stylistically the design of the Q5s does not differ all that much from its predecessor, and so the changes applied here are more function over form. Here are also the input button and 4 LED indicators where you can see the actual input selections which are USB, Line, Optical and Coaxial. When you’ve got the Q5s connected to a mobile phone or an Android-based player that runs the full version of FiiO’s own music app, then you’ll also have access to a couple of additional features and settings. Some people say that Mojo lacks soundstage and Cobalt is better. The fiio doesn’t have a full size USB plug? The Coaxial, optical, and analog line-in input are all handled through a multifunction input port that supports up to 192kHz/32 bit. The bass of the Chord Mojo are mainly focused / concentrated in to the midbass area, but the FiiO Q5s is more successful in terms of speed and control of this area.

The FiiO Q5s is quite successful in terms of instrument and vocals separation as well as the positioning. Compared to the original Q5, the Q5s is more neutral and those micro details don’t come across as being smoothed over. Neither are very accurate. The Q5s is a Bluetooth and DSD capable “All in One” DAC/AMP that continuous to use the same interchangeable amp (amplifier) module design of its predecessor. But, a few years after the Mojo was released, Chord came out with the Poly, which greatly enhanced the functionality of the Mojo. $599. The FiiO Q5s performs quite well in terms of instrument separation and positioning. There’s also a new input selection switch and a couple of multi-functional indicator lights.Under normal circumstances, these lights will indicate which input is currently selected, but if you connect the Q5s to an external power source such as a charger or desktop computer, then these lights become a battery level indicator, so you’ll know when the device is fully charged. Jakość wykonania i konstrukcja. Thank you! Right next to the optical/coaxial out is the analog line out interface (AUX) of the FiiO Q5s which has a Frequency Response of 5 Hz~90 kHz and THD+N of 0.001% (1 kHz).

The dimensions are the same, as is the design of the volume pot, the faux leather pad on the rear of the device, and the 3 playback control buttons have also remained the same. The FiiO Q5s is the upgraded version of the original Q5 Portable DAC/AMP and the new flagship model of the company in this category.

The midbass tuning of the FiiO Q5s are powerful, pronounced and pretty fast. I will try to test it when I got the WM1a of my friend. Bardzo wytrzymałe i masywne body z pełnym „ośrubowaniem” nadaje mu nie tylko wizualnego wrażenia … The Q5s, on the other hand, scores an easy 9.4/10 from me. Over on the top panel things look pretty familiar as we are again treated to a gain switch as well as a bass boost switch. The Bluetooth module has also been replaced which means that the Q5s not only features Bluetooth 5.0, but also supports a number of additional Bluetooth codecs. The modular amp design has also made a return and the Q5s is completely backwards compatible with all previous amp modules. The aluminium is thick and compared to the IFI audio xDSD, there is a big difference handling it. The FiiO Q5s is an All-in-One DAC/AMP which has many things to offer. The tonality on the other hand is soft and slightly warmish than neutral.

But, a few years after the Mojo was released, Chord came out with the Poly, which greatly enhanced the functionality of the Mojo. I do know that chord is super high end and the mojo has better circuitry than the fiio.

Whilst it sounds neutral, it also doesn’t come across as sounding boring. Here is also a small hole where you can reset the device.

However, I still ended up giving it a pretty high rating of 8.5/10 simply because I could not ignore just how versatile of a device it was.

Download link:

The subbass of the Q5s is superior in terms of depth, while the Mojo has a …

The FiiO Q5s has a fairly strong upper midrange emphasis, which gives female vocals good detail retrieval. The midrange of the Hidizs DH1000 sounds more neutral, a bit thin and dry compared to the FiiO Q5s, which offers a warmer and fuller presentation.

Where the original Q5 had separate ports for which you could assign which was to be used for charging the device and which for passing through USB audio, the Q5s is equipped with just one.

It costs $100 less than the M11, sounds as near as makes no difference just as good, and is pretty much guaranteed to give you a really great portable audio experience. But I … The bass performance of the Q5s is very successful, with an additional emphasis that comes from the lower register.

From within the app you will be able to enable or disable the charging function, as well as disabling the LED lights that sit between the main body and the amp module. I did briefly have both the M11 and the Q5s at the same time, and so I did have a chance to compare them, which proved to be quite interesting. CSR8675 SoC in side the FiiO Q5s supports also Apple MFi for enhanced communication with iOS devices. When the details for the Q5s were first released, there were numerous people criticising FiiO for still using this seemingly archaic USB connection, but there is complete method in the madness. The FiiO Q5s shows a neutral tonality with a touch of warmness. Chord Mojo is a DAC/AMP that sounds warmer and fuller than the FiiO Q5s, which offers a more neutral, transparent and spacious sounding presentation. But, in comparing the M11 to the Q5s, I really couldn’t tell you if I would be able to reliable tell them apart. The Chord Mojo is a rather popular device given its sound quality and size.

On the right side of the device are the Previous track (Bluetooth mode), Pause/Play (Bluetooth On/Off) and Next track (Bluetooth mode) buttons. What would you recommend for a good dac amp that has good price to performance ratio ?

The upper midrange of the FiiO Q5s is more pronounced and shows also better extension.

But what if FiiO could perhaps develop one of these amp modules with a microSD card slot? AM3E AMP Module – 2.5mm/4.4mm TRRS Headphone out: The FiiO Q5s features the 2 (Dual) x AK4493EQ DAC (Digital to Analog Converters) of the company Asahi Kasei. The presentation of instruments is quite full bodied, detailed and airy. The Q5s sounds noticeably fuller and also warmer. In terms of sound quality, power output, etc.

The FiiO Q5 is pretty well built, the amp never feels cheap in the hand nor bulky. One thing you might notice is that the USB connection is still just a micro-USB variant rather than the more modern Type-C interface.

So, you might be wondering then – what would it take for this device to score a perfect 10?

In terms of the overall functionality and how to use the Q5s, some things have remained the same, whilst others have been improved and refined. I am not affiliated with FiiO beyond this review and these words reflect my true and unaltered, opinions about the product. The thing is, there doesn’t seem to be any other such solution on the market, and so the Mojo+Poly combo really has no direct competition.

The AK4493EQ integrates a newly developed switched capacitor filter “OSR Doubler”, making it capable of supporting wide range signals and achieving low out-of-band noise while realizing low power consumption. I genuinely have no idea if this would at all be technically possible with how the circuitry is designed, but I think if FiiO could at least implement something like that into perhaps the next iteration of the Q5s (maybe the Q7? The FiiO Q5s is available under the following official FiiO Online Stores; The device comes in a small white box which is wrapped with a white cardboard box that sports the product image and information’s. Look into the Topping NX4 DSD. When it comes to the soundstage performance, the Chord Mojo has the upper hand in terms of soundstage depth, while the FiiO Q5s is more successful in terms of soundstage width.

I have tested the battery life of the FiiO Q5s under the following condition; *Test Gear FiiO FH5 & FiiO FH7, Volume %50, Low Gain.

I also like the sound of the violas which are represented in a warm, emotional and quite natural manner. It shows a slightly warmer than neutral tonality and fairly smooth and musical presentation, without to show any negative situations like muddiness of mixings. IEM’s                          : FiiO FA7, FiiO FH5, FiiO FA7. This seems to sound just as good as anything else FiiO has produced, and so when we consider the price-tag, we can start to see just how much bang for buck value the Q5s has. The upper midrange and treble regions of the 3.5mm TRS are sounding brighter and slightly thinner than those of the balanced outputs.


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