figma tutorial prototype
Depending on your project, you may want the user to specifically have to click the “X” in your menu to close it—in which case, you would select the “X” to add your transition.

No more jumping between tools. You can learn how to use Figma effectively in just 25 minutes with this tutorial. Floating action buttons are FAB. 1,000+ free files you can duplicate, remix, and reuse.

To max out the corners and create semi-circles at each end of the rectangle, just enter a number larger than half the object height. Add your first screen transition.

Press J to jump to the feed. You will be able to create awesome prototypes after you take a look at this Figma tutorial. Mobile-optimized: Details like device frames and momentum scrolling make your prototypes feel like the real experience. This will open your file as a prototype in a new tab. Not only is the platform free—Figma also allows you to collaborate on a file in real with others (like your mentor!With the release of Figma 3.0, you now have access to a raft of powerful prototyping tools within Figma itself. Create your second screen. The tutorial below covers the basics of prototyping in Figma with a practical example and some useful tips for getting started. Now that you’ve found your way around, let’s start making stuff!

In this Figma tutorial, you will learn about arguably the most important things about Figma – its UI elements, which are also called Components.

They carry over into the design file—so nothing gets lost. Here’s an explanation of the interface’s main areas (labeled above): Now that you’ve found your way around, let’s start making stuff!

Figma Community file — A demo of how to prototype 7 UI animations commonly found in apps and on websites in Figma. Using figma to prototype website. You’ll probably find yourself wanting to zoom in and out quite a bit in Figma, particularly once we start working with multiple Frames.

While Figma is more of a UX designing tool, you can also create some great 3D objects with it.


You will also learn how to collaborate with others and share projects in Figma.

Click “Align Horizontal Centers” and “Align Vertical Centers” to get the two objects nicely lined up. We used a 360 x 740 frame for an Android device, and again created a mobile version of our same fictional travel company.

For this example, we created a 375 x 812 frame for an app’s login screen.

With the text layer selected, you can access settings in the Inspector to change the font, as well as font size, weight, and color.

This is a great Figma tutorial that is very useful for making different prototypes; whether it is a slide-in menu, a floating action button or element or various modal elements, then this is a great tutorial to learn just that.

Click the Play/Present icon in the top-right of the Figma interface (it’s just to the right of the blue “Share” button). If you’re working with a Mac trackpad, you can do the same by dragging on the trackpad with two fingers. Everything stays in Figma.

We’ve gone with a bright yellow by typing in a hex code (#EEEE33)—but you can also click to open the color palette, and pick a color that way. For the Destination, select the name of your third screen/frame in the dropdown. This Figma tutorial will tell you some more advanced things and some very useful tips for better use. If you’re interested in learning more about the course, you can tap on the link above or below. We added a stack of menu items, left aligned, and an “X” in the upper right.

Then type something like “Figma 101 App”. Ours is a blue 60 x 60 circle with a drop shadow, with a margin of 24 to the right and below. With these Figma tutorials, you can achieve that even faster and make impressive stuff with this tool. Animations are known to be cumbersome, but Figma made it a whole lot easier. It will tell you that Figma is a great tool for quick, yet effective design projects.

Figma, which is a graphics tool for UI designers, offers a simple yet very effective and high-quality interface that allows designers to work with their colleagues more efficiently. I appreciate if anyone has other suggestions 5 comments.

We will look at the best Figma tutorials in this article. Add your transitions. If you’re interested in learning more about the course, you can tap on the link above or below.

Here, type in the number of pixels you want each corner be rounded by.

save hide report. It is for these reasons that Figma has become one of the most popular tools for designers out there. Embedded commenting: Comment in a prototype. And most importantly, you don’t have to export your designs to a separate prototyping tool.

You can also access Arrange tools using keyboard shortcuts: This being a button, we want the text and rectangle shapes to be centered relative to one another. Check out the Supreme font, What Font Does Twitter Use In The App And Browser?

Click “Bring to front”, and the text will now be placed on top of the rectangle. Try it now! Last, see it in action! 4.

From the beginnings and getting started in Figma to adding content to your design such as frames, drawing, adding shapes, formatting text and much more. All-in-one platform: Toggle between your design file and live prototype.

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You'll have interacted with many a slide-in menu when using mobile apps.


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