felt gravel bike review

© A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. The aluminum feels solid and confidence-inspiring while the 47mm tires provide a plush contact patch. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. What’s more, buying aluminum nets better components as manufacturers cut costs on carbon frames with lower grade components. It is somewhere between a standard endurance-focused gravel bike and road-ready training bike. It is a speed-focused, moderately-aggressive adventure bike primed for gravel riding, though that isn’t the only place it performs. Gravel riding is the hottest thing in the drop-bar world. 2020 Felt Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 cyclocross bike. While it might not be as light as other full carbon frames out there, it’ll still come in around 20lbs for a medium.

The Felt Breed 20 offers a fabulous component to price ratio for riders of all abilities. The carbon fork on the 2020 Felt Breed Force 1 gravel bike features plenty of clearance, plus a fender mount. What’s more, buying aluminum nets better components as manufacturers cut costs on carbon frames with lower grade components. The 2020 Felt Breed Force 1 gravel bike is ready to party with new Terreno treads and a new confetti-like paint scheme. The Breed can handle more than a few dings and keep on riding for hundreds of miles. An American color scheme on 2020 Felt Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 cyclocross bike.

© A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. The company offers its flagship lighter FRD frame with UHC Ultimate and TeXtreme carbon as a frameset only. If you continue on, we will assume that we have your consent. With higher tire pressures, The Breed is equally as capable on pavement with plenty of speed for quick commutes or laps around your favorite road routes. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. Felt’s updated Fx cyclocross bike has clearance for 36mm tires max. The Force 1 derailleur is quick to shift and the DoubleTap shifters deliver great feedback. The Force 1 hydros inspired confidence and offered control. The 2019 Felt F1X returns in a 2020 model with a simple, white dress but more complicated name. From a maintenance standpoint, the 1x setup is a dream.

When it comes to SRAM hydraulic disc brakes, servicability should be considered.

With a great baseline of SRAM Force 1 components, The Breed is a fantastic bang for your buck. While the carbon cyclocross models are built around a 386 EVO bottom bracket shell, the alloy Breed models use a T47 threaded shell. The company offers its flagship lighter FRD frame with UHC Extreme carbon as a frameset only.

2019 Sea Otter Classic. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. It climbs well and descends better.

Still developed in California after the acquisition by Rossignol.

The Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 features Zipp’s Service Course SL stem, Service Course SL-70 short reach handlebar and the designed-to-be-flexy Service Course SL carbon post.

As an outdoor enthusiast and a tech nerd, Cole appreciates unplugging just as much as staying connected. It is a speed-focused, moderately-aggressive adventure bike primed for gravel riding, though that isn’t the only place it performs.

2020 Felt Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 cyclocross bike. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'cxmagazine_com-box-4','ezslot_6',140,'0','0']));Without a scale or microscope, you can’t tell the difference between any of the frames because they all share the same shape and geometry. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1, as the name suggests, features SRAM Force 1 components.

Just like Wout’s former bike, the Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 has a full suite of SRAM/Zipp components. Road rides were a bit of a different story, however. The 2020 model shipped with an awesome funfetti paint job.

2019 Sea Otter Classic. One less set of cables to maintain, one less derailleur to index, and one less derailleur to clean. For a bike that is designed to rip around dirt, I’d rather have the peace of mind knowing my frame won’t be compromised after one accident. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Felt-designed clamp features an integrated rack mount. For the average rider, Felt’s components get the job down and keep the price competitive. But is it gravel, cyclocross or all-road bikes that guarantee those good times? Riding The Breed, I can turn anywhere – like the dirt shortcut through the park – and not look back. 2019 Sea Otter Classic.

We got an early preview of the updated Breed 20, now called the Breed | 20.

Read trusted gravel bike reviews from the experts at BikeRadar. For the most part at Sea Otter during the past few years, “Mixed Surface” has meant gravel.And yes, one of Felt’s new bikes is a gravel bike. The model got a paint update too, with white remaining the year’s theme. The wheels are tubeless-ready and fitted with Vitorria Terreno Dry tires, which were practically bald in the rear after the 500+ mile testing period. The Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 is designed to be a dedicated cyclocross race bike, not your do-it-all gravel machine with big tires and huge wide-range cassette.


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